Be Brave (Angel and the Assassin #2)

Title: Angel and the Assassin: Be Brave
Author: Fyn Alexander
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Genre: BDSM, Contemporary M/M, Suspense
Length: Novel Plus
Rating: 4.75 out of 5 stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Amoral assassin grows a heart while Angel learns killing skills; both still enjoying love and Daddy kink in dungeon sex.

Blurb: MI6 assassin Kael Saunders was supposed to kill Angel Button after he witnessed a kill. Not only did Kael refuse to hurt Angel, but he took him home and fell in love with him. Living together now in a loving D/s relationship, Angel wants to follow in his daddy’s footsteps while Kael is determined to keep his boy out of the dangerous world of international assassins.
During an assignment Kael finds a little girl who is caught up in human trafficking and determines to rescue her. When he is taken prisoner Angel sets out to find his beloved Daddy and bring him home.

Angel and the Assassin Series


The second Angel and the Assassin is perhaps the more accessible of the two, in fact you could say nervous readers should start here…

Six months after Kael, an MI6 agent specialising in killing, saved eighteen year old Angel from a life of neglect and loneliness, and the BDSM leather Daddy relationship has continued very successfully. How they meet in Angel and the Assassin is reviewed here. Angel is still a redemptive, humanising force in Kael’s life, while Kael is giving Angel love, security and an education, traditional and otherwise.

Like the youth he was, Angel needed constant reassurance and displays of affection, but he still so often managed to say exactly what Kael needed to hear.

Then there were the other times when Angel was so immature it drove Kael nuts.

At the end of the first book Kael had reconsidered his profession because he wanted to keep Angel safe. Consequently Kael is now teaching agents languages and special skills rather than being in the field. The thoughts he had about Angel becoming an agent have been changed to a protective wish for Angel to go to University instead.

This book opens with a field trip during which Kael is assessing SIS trainees, showing how close Angel and he are—a real loving partnership—but also how much Angel has grown up and learnt new skills.

“How did I do today, Daddy?” He whispered.

“You’re amazing,” Kael; kissed his forehead. “A couple of those guys have been in the army…and you not only kept up with them, you surpassed them. That’s my boy.”

When Conrad stops Kael teaching languages as his methods are too vigorous for his class, Angel is able to put him right,

“What I’m trying to say is that when someone tells you you’ve got no people skills and you throw them up against a wall, that kind of proves their point.”

It becomes obvious very early on that while he refuses to admit it, Kael’s job keeps him sane—without killing his emotional strength is impaired. When Kael starts taking assignments again, his equilibrium returns.

This is what I do. This is who I am.

In this book we very cleverly and frequently see how outsiders see and react to their domestic relationship. Freddie and his husband Adam are pleased for Kael, as is his boss Conrad, while an interfering, rejected neighbour calls social services. Interestingly perhaps this mirrors readers’ possible unease with elements of the first book. n fact we see a lot more of the world outside the dungeon in this episode. Angel has a school friend Jack, and Kael’s friendship with Freddie and his family is developed with humour in Kael’s unexpected birthday party:

“Did you want to do the whole jumping out and shouting ‘surprise’ thing?” Adam asked.

My Daddy shoots people who surprise him.

Kael’s relationship with Conrad has softened considerably, and although Conrad still visits the dungeon, Kael won’t fuck him because of Angel. An interesting development is that uber-confident Kael also shows some slight worries that Angel might be interested in Jack.

The role women play in both characters lives are explored in this book. Kael’s mother is loving and totally supportive, while Angel’s has done nothing but emotionally and physically neglect him. The only other strong relationship Kael has had is with Misha , a woman who started as his mentor but became the friend whose death provoked him to start a diary. One of the most successful of the trainees, Mattie reminds Kael of Misha. Generally Kael is uncomfortable around women—they hit on him—and children, they make a mess. However it is Angel who suggests:

“…It’s probably good for Daddy to realize that the world will not fall apart just because food gets spilled on the floor. “

Kael’s love for Angel has completely changed his life, as his unexpected birthday cake wish shows:

Make me worthy of this boy’s love. And don’t let anything bad happen to him ever again.

Whatever Angel’s humanising effects on him have far reaching consequences when Kael comes across an abused and sexually trafficked nine-year-old girl, and he insists on setting off to keep his promise to rescue her. Once again there are captives and rescues involving Mattie and Angel armed with the skills he has learnt from Kael.

The quality of bravery is very much valued in this book; it is a virtue that physically and emotionally both Kael and Angel come to personify. Although Kael is seen in a vulnerable situation in this book, I was pleased he did not lose his heroic status in any way. I really felt that in this book Kael transformed from an anti-hero into a more traditional heroic role—especially as this is how Angel has always seen him,

…Daddy always there, ready to protect him and direct him.To keep him safe and expect the best from him. He never felt lonely anymore.


Warning: Heavy BDSM and Daddy Kink


  • 😎 Hi Raine!

    Just getting back to say thanks, I read both of these and really liked the author. I thought Mrs. Chambers was histerical and I’m glad the author added humor to this one! Kael was able to see the humor too so that was great. I liked both stories. I was more eeked at reading a story of an active assasin then the Daddy kink especialy at the very end, but its fiction!! :ugly: ^^

    I of course had to go buy Precious Jade then!! You are bad on my :cash:


    • Oh Reggie thank you for letting me know what you thought of the books. It is actually a relief when you have recommended something and you find you not on your own out there!

      I’m in the same financial state as you this month too many must buy writers around. Though I have to say there haven’t been many books I’ve enjoyed as much as these two.

  • Raine,

    Precious Jade has already been reveiwed on here, but I would love your opinion on it anyway. Email me when you have read it and let me know what you think,



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