A Weapon Of Opportunity by Kiernan Kelly

Title: A Weapon Of Opportunity
Author: Kiernan Kelly
Publisher: Loose Id
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length: Novel (240 pgs PDF)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Kassa

Summary Review: An interesting paranormal story.


NYC Detective Hunter Vance has enough problems trying to do his job and catch a crafty, opportunistic serial killer, but complicating matters is the presence of the ghost of his deceased partner, David Brown. David was always annoying and pushy, but now he’s perpetually horny as well, continually driving Hunter to distraction.

David’s dead, but he has no intention of going anywhere. In denial all his life, dying blew the closet door wide open, forcing David to face the fact that, not only is he gay, but he’s in love with Hunter. Now he’ll do whatever it takes to correct his past mistakes and experience making love with Hunter, even it’s if only vicariously through voyeuristic participation in Hunter’s one-night stands.


A Weapon of Opportunity is a whimsical, entertaining story with good characters and a quick paced mystery. In some ways the story is similar to others – the ghost lover and detective are reminiscent of Drew Zachary’s series and the astral projection is eerily close to a current horror movie Insidious. Despite those reminders this story remains interesting and enjoyable to read from start to finish. I heard somewhere this is the start of a series and if so, then definitely one to watch.

The plot starts with Hunter, a detective, working on a series of murders. Hunter’s dead partner David is a ghost but still integral to helping Hunter solve cases. Together the two are investigating a new murder with no clues and no witness. Yet a ghost at the scene tells David that a boy, a live boy, saw the killing. Trying to piece together the various elements, which sound more and more ridiculous each time, Hunter and David race to stop a serial killer while trying to protect a little boy. At the same time their emotions for each other bubble to the surface and won’t be denied or ignored.

In many ways the plot is very out there and requires a good suspension of disbelief. Each new element introduced is more outrageous and reaching than the last but the skillful writing keeps the reader engaged and wanting to believe. So much so that most readers shouldn’t even be bothered by this. The story slowly increases the supernatural content at a very good pace that doesn’t overwhelm readers nor tax their willingness to believe. Instead it feels like a natural, albeit stretching, progression. Many of the elements are familiar as I’ve said but they’re combined in a way that makes the story interesting all on its own.

Part of the reason is the good characterization. Told in alternating third person perspective, Hunter and David come across as well developed and have a push/pull dynamic that feels very classic to partnerships. David being dead actually adds a nice element of humor and irony to the situation as the stoic Hunter is forced to deal with things in a different way. Their romance is surprisingly well crafted and engaging. I wasn’t sure how a ghost and a human would get it on but they not only do, it’s incorporated to the story very well so the build up makes sense and works. The additional character of Cooper, the young boy, is wonderful and his charm comes across in every scene. That youthful enthusiasm and innocence is a very good foil to the darkness of the serial killer. Again this may feel familiar to readers but the writing keeps the story interesting.


The resolution is very nice and ends the story well, something that easily could have ruined the story but told from David’s perspective this adds a nice layer of texture to the setting. A Weapon of Opportunity easily stands on its own but if it’s the start of a series then I’m very intrigued to see where the characters go from here. The problems inherent in having a ghostly lover make for interesting and often comedic situations so there’s definitely more material if the author decides to continue. In some ways the writing is very typical of Kelly and there’s a smooth polish and ease of reading that compliment the story. The charm and humor will please and satisfy readers so this is an easy story to recommend.




  • I’ve read a lot of m/m ghost stories. It’s always interesting to see how the author deals with the limitations to a relationship between a ghost and a living person (or “how do they get it on” like you said 😀 ) and how s(he) manages to come up with a happy ending for the characters.

    A Weapon of Opportunity went right up to the top of my favorite gay ghosts. It was funny, I loved the characters and the mystery kept me in suspence.

    A sequel would be fantastic!

  • It has a slow start…wasnt sold to the story but as it paces on…it is pretty good considering a paranormal action plot. I dont mind reading its sequel (if any )

  • Thank you so much for the thoughtful review, Kassa!

    I’m not sure if Weapon will be a series (it was written as a stand alone), but I can only surmise that if people are talking about it as a series, then I ought to give serious consideration into continuing it! 🙂

    • Welcome!

      I’m sorry to be talking about a sequel out of turn but I do think it’d be a great series to do more than one.. how about that? 😀

  • Perpetually horny ghost? SOLD!

    I haven’t read Drew Zachary’s series or seen the movie Insidious… so this will be all new to me. I like that has comedic relief. I’ve been reading too many serious books lately.

    Thanks for the review Kassa.

  • I enjoyed the story, but I wasn’t completely sold on the relationship. I did find it funny though and I liked Cooper a lot. I didn’t know that this is the beginning of the series – thank you! I will definitely try the sequel(s).

    • I agree that I’m not completely on board with the relationship. However I think to buy into the story at all you have to suspend some (or a lot) disbelief so in that context I could go with it. It’s not perfect but I thought it was explained well how it could have happened if you believe that kind of thing.

      I truly hope I’m not lying saying it’s a series. But I can’t remember where I heard that but it stuck in my mind.


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