Paradise Found

Title: Paradise Found
Author: Hunter Raines
Publisher: Carina Press
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M/M, BDSM
Length: Novel 39K words/167 PDF pages
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Review Summary: If you like M/M/M romances I think this book will hit your hot buttons as it did mine. Intense, sex on a stick, and three men working that clutch!


Paradise is just an illusion…

Or so Philip thinks as he vacations on exotic Anguilla. He should be celebrating the end of law school and the start of his successful career, but he’s tired of living a lie for his family’s sake. For just one night, he lets down his guard with two men he thinks he’ll never see again. He isn’t the only one with secrets.

For years, Cameron Drake has suppressed his need for dominance, afraid of hurting his lover, Mark Wilder. But when Cameron’s hand meets Philip’s ass, there’s no more pretending. Mark can’t face his conflicting feelings about the ménage; does Cameron want more than Mark can give?

The three of them may have been perfect together but consequences follow them back to their real lives. Will their desire for another encounter shatter the illusions they’ve built to protect themselves or clear the obstacles to paradise?


Cameron and Mark had been together for three years and the sex had become dull and uninteresting. They had no idea why everything went south, so Cameron decided to try a last ditch effort to bring back some excitement into their relationship by taking Mark on an exotic vacation. However, as soon as they arrived on the island of Anguilla they saw Philip and both of them fell for him. Philip had just graduated from law school and he should have been on top of the world celebrating, but instead he was miserable. He was at the resort with a bunch of  friends to have fun before joining his father’s prestigious law firm where he would follow the family tradition of marrying a suitable woman and having 2.5 kids, just like his brothers. He was dreading going home because this was not his dream. He was gay and the thought of marrying a woman went against everything he believed in or wanted.  

Mark had been eyeing Philip for three days since they arrived, and when Cameron saw him in the bar that evening he too was drawn to him and suggested that they hook up. Mark immediately agreed. The only thing they had to do was get Philip on board with the idea of a threesome. For Philip, Cameron’s proposal was a no brainer since he and Mark were both hot and this would be a one time thing as he wouldn’t be seeing them again at the end of the holiday. He was seduced by the thought of being with Cameron and Mark but mostly Cameron drew him by his intensity. He realized that he needed what Cameron was offering, and he ached to do his bidding no matter how dark and depraved. “He saw himself sandwiched between Mark and Cameron, the creamy filling in a sex cookie. He could almost feel their bodies crushing his, their perfect cocks pressing into his needy groin and ass, grinding against his sweat-slick skin”. Okay!

Their one night stand turned into more than any of them expected. Cameron was more into Philip than Mark had anticipated and he brought out a side of Cameron – a dominant personality that he had never shown Mark. It got worse. Mark and Philip were also hot for each other in ways they didn’t anticipate, both emotionally and physically, and it seemed that Cameron’s and Mark’s  relationship would really be headed in the wrong direction if they continued to see each Philip. So Mark did what he thought was best for him and Cameron even though it was the hardest thing he had ever done. He asked Philip not to contact Cameron during the remaining days of their holiday and also made him promise not to try and find him after they left the resort.

The plan should have worked except neither Cameron nor Mark could forget Philip, and their relationship continued to deteriorate. Philip was just as miserable when he should have been on top of the world. His father welcomed him to the firm and he worked so hard to make a place for himself that within a very short time the possibility of making partner was very real. But there was a huge problem. His father was a bigot and he was suspicious about Philip because he didn’t have a girlfriend, so he demanded that he find a woman, any woman. Philip became his father’s personal whipping boy and the situation was so intolerable he paid escorts to attend functions with him to get his father off his back. This worked for a while as he built up his professional credentials, but he missed Cameron and Mark so much it was eating at him. Should he honour his promise to Mark and leave them alone, despite the hunger that was driving him night and day? In the meantime Cameron also burned for Philip who tested all his boundaries. Incredibly there seemed to be a bond between them after just one night, because it seemed that Philip was a natural submissive. He came alive when he was with Philip and the electricity between them was off the scale, something Mark noticed but couldn’t replicate no matter how much he tried. Mark also longed to see Philip again even though he knew it would be dangerous and might be the end of what he and Cameron had together. Then months later, out of the blue, two tickets to Anguilla were delivered to Cameron for another vacation!

This book hit all of my hot buttons. A relationship in trouble, two lovers who don’t really know each other despite being together for several years, and a new man who made them rethink what they really wanted. To add to the complications, they were both attracted to the same man, which was totally unexpected!  

What really impressed me was the writing and the intense scenes between Philip, Cameron and Mark which were off the scale. Philip was the catalyst who made Cameron reconsider his decision about being a Dom. He realized after having sex with him the one night how much being dominant was a part of his psyche, and what denying it was doing to him and his relationship with Mark. Secrets about his past kept haunting him and he knew he would never be happy unless he made peace with both sides of his nature. But what would that do to Mark when he told him about his previous life?

I liked the characterizations except for Philip’s father who I thought was way OTT. Not only was he a bigot and a bully but he was also gross and treated women and Philip like so much meat with no brains. I felt that Philip should have stood up to his father sooner but then I guess the story would have been a lot shorter. The plot worked for me as Cameron, Mark and Philip acknowledged as the story progressed that loving had no limits and their lives were what they chose to make them – no one else mattered, and anyone who could not accept their relationship would just have to deal. Philip’s character  grew the most because he had the most work to do on himself, and as he gained confidence he evolved from the scared, inhibited man he used to be. However, would he be  Cameron’s and Mark’s lover with an equal place in their lives and hearts? The sex sizzled and the passion was hot but it wasn’t just the sex that made me love this book –  the emotion that Mark, Cameron and Philip felt for each other really came through. I will definitely be looking for other books by Hunter Raines because I enjoyed Paradise Found so much.

Definitely recommended.

Paradise Found is available from Carina Press now for pre ordering and will be released on June 6.



  • LOL ok here comes the kick in the shin Wave 🙂
    I like m/m/m and BDSM stories so this book would have been right up my alley. But after a few pages in I started skipping parts even the sex ones, 😯 . I didn’t feel there was any connection or tension between the characters, so I wasn’t invested in any of them and could have cared less if they ended up together by the end of the book. The BDSM part of it made me laugh out loud and shake my head, not so much the “scenes” if you could call them that, more like the whole club visits. Would have giving the book a few less stars than you 🙂

    • Hi mrb
      It just goes to show that people have different tastes. 🙂 I really liked the book and the characters – maybe they appealed to something in me. Sometimes when I read reviews of books I have read I wonder if the reviewer had read the same book I did, which is probably what you’re wondering. So no worries. lol.

  • Thorny

    Please come back and let me know what you think. Feel free to kick me in the shins if I steered you wrong this time. lol

  • OK I’ve never read this author nor any M/M/M stories, but I’ve pre-ordered it because this REVIEW got me seriously…interested 🙂

    • Hi Thorny
      I’m probably one of the few people who like this book so far according to a few readers on Goodreads. However, I really like it and I LOVE M/M/M so I hope you like it.

  • Thanks so much for the wonderful review, Wave!

    I’m so grateful to you for taking the time to read Paradise Found, and write such an in-depth, well thought out review. Much appreciated! 😀

    • Hello Hunter
      It was my pleasure. I enjoyed the story and the protagonists a lot. Thank you for such a well written story – M/M/M books are difficult to get right and I thought this one was done really well.

  • It sounds very good Wave. Think I saw it on the coming soon pages and made a internal note to check it out later on.
    Good menage books are hard to find

    • Ingrid
      I think you will really like this book. I loved the characters and it wasn’t one of those M/M/M menages where two characters shut the other one out at the end or he was just an add on. They were all an integral part of the relationship. If you do get the book come back and let me know what you thought about it. 🙂


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