Recommended Reads — May 2011

Here are the Recommended Reads for May 2011. If there are incorrect links, please leave a comment in the post. Enjoy!

Bob the Book by David Pratt — 5 stars (Leslie)
Trammel by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox — 4.75 stars (Jenre)
Between Sinners and Saints by Marie Sexton — 5+ stars DIK (Wave)
The Soldier of Raetia by Heather Domin — 5 stars (Sirius)
This Rough Magic by Josh Lanyon — 4.75 stars (Leslie)
Alphabet Soup by CB Conwy — 4.75 stars (Feliz)
Cherry Pie by Samantha Kane — 4.75 stars (Jenre)
Paper Planes by M. Jules Aedin — 4.75 stars (Wave)
The Definitive Albert J. Sterne by Julie Bozza — 5 stars (LadyM)
Enter Oblivion by CM Harris — 5 stars (Maddy Cain)

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