We’re Both Straight, Right?

Title: We’re Both Straight, Right?
Author: Jamie Fessenden
Cover Artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length:  62 pages
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Lasha

Summary Review: Utterly cute gay-for-you romp about two horny college guys who cross the line from friends to lovers in an unusual way.


Zack and Larry have been best friends since middle school and are now college roommates. But when Larry hears that other guys they know are getting paid to have gay sex on camera, he convinces Zack that they could pick up some quick, easy cash by being in one of these films…together.

If Zack thinks making a gay porn film with his best friend is disturbing, he is absolutely horrified when Larry proposes they “rehearse” for the film so they won’t be nervous in front of the director. As the they fumble their way through a checklist of sexual positions and acts, Zack finds himself seeing Larry in an entirely new light—a very sexy new light, and possibly a romantic one, as well. But does Larry feel the same? Or is this all for easy money?


Larry and Zach are college roommates. Larry is the dorky nerd and Zach is the more social of the two. One night after a frat party, Larry tells Zach he wants to do a gay-for-pay porno because he needs the extra money to fix his car. Zach is not amused that Larry would want to have sex on camera with some stranger. Larry, on the other hand, has no intention of doing it with a stranger and tells Zach he wants him to be his partner in the venture and they can split the cash – after all it’s only blow-jobs! Zach objects for all of ten minutes, then gets on board with the plan. The two men “practice” for their big on screen debut (frottage, hand-jobs, kissing) and the more sex they have together, the more they crave it and then Zach starts to have feelings for his best friend. But is Larry only in this for the money?

When Wave gave me this book to review, I was excited. I adore the tropes in this book: Gay-For-You, first time college experimentation, sex on camera and best friends turned lovers. We’re Both Straight, Right? has all this and more. I loved the characters of Larry and Zach. Zach, the poor put-upon friend who will do anything for Larry, and Larry the geek who has crazy ideas and drags Zach into them. Plus, the other positive for me is that Larry and Zach actually acted like guys! Horny, immature, silly guys. Take Larry. During one of their practices, Larry farts after getting a hand-job from Zach. Loudly. Like a room clearing fart. Larry, typical guy, thinks that’s hysterical while Zach leaves in a huff. Growing up with two brothers and serving alongside 20 guys in my military unit for over three years (I was the only girl), I can relate to fart humor. Unlike some other male characters in m/m romance, Larry and Zach were very realistic. They acted the way real guys do and I appreciated that.

As for the plot – handwave. I mean besides the Corbin Fisher web site, does anyone really believe all those guys doing porn for the ‘first time’ are really straight? (If you do, I have swamp land to sell you in Florida). The plot in the book was fun, totally unrealistic, but fun. Mostly the book describes the sexual awakening of Zach and how his feelings change towards Larry. There is a lot of sex in the novel, the practice sessions are vast and the final scene when they film the movie is hot. Again I am not sure any guy (or girl) would have anal sex for the first time on camera in a room of strangers…but suspend disbelief and go with it.

We’re Both Straight, Right? is one of those light-hearted reads that you will either love or hate. If you like the tropes I described earlier, this is a must-buy for you. If you want a little more realism in your romance novels, then you probably won’t enjoy it. Myself, I loved it from beginning to end. Personally I am hoping Larry and Zach will make another porno, so I’ll get a sequel. Larry the Nerd becomes Larry the Sex God when he’s on camera!



    • That’s exactly how I would describe it. Absolute fun. I need a book like that sometimes, all the angst gets old after a while.

  • Lasha

    Plus, the other positive for me is that Larry and Zach actually acted like guys! Horny, immature, silly guys

    Like you, that fart really got me. lol. Isn’t it amazing that guys don’t fart in M/M? Of course the rest of the story was just as funny and as you said, there was no plot – only fun and sex.

    Great review. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the book.

    • In the sequel I want Larry to fart at the Thanksgiving table after they tell their families they are together. It’s not a holiday for me without gas and a coming out! 😀


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