Friday Guys June 10


guys no. 17


guy no. 16


guy no. 15


guy no. 14


guy no. 13


guy no. 12


guys no. 11


guy no. 10

guy no. 9


guy no. 8


guys no. 7


guy no. 6


guy no. 5


guy no. 4


guy no. 3


guy no. 2


guy no. 1


guy no. 1A


guy no. 1B


guy no. 1C


    • Ally will take any of the guys as long as he’s young. 🙂 You lucked out with No 3 who is just starting his movie career and I’m sure he’ll be very happy to spend some time in your bed. Enjoy. 😀

  • OMG did my boy #12 really not get picked?? Almost but not quite? Yay for me! EDJ sucked BALLS today (in a not-fun way) so that sweet thang will go just fine with my Mommy’s Time Out Pinot Grigio *g*

    • Hey Ally

      No. 12 is indeed still available because Hannah didn’t choose. How was the Pinot Grigio? Enjoy it and No. 12.

      I miss you.

      • It was yummy. Lisa Bea told me I should try that brand so I did and she was RIGHT 😀 I miss you too!!! Just got the latest book in to my editor and am waffling over what to write next so maybe I can hang out more. LOL.

        • I saw your latest title on the Samhain site but there’s no blurb and no cover. When you get the cover please send me a copy and I’ll ask Christian to include it on the “Coming Soon” carousel.

          Since you’re in between books you should write a blog post for the site. 🙂 email me if you’re up for it – you haven’t done one lately.

          Also send me the label of that Pinot Grigio. I’m in a drinking mood. 🙂

          • Will do! Cover ought to be approved any time now 🙂 The Pinot Grigio really is Mommy’s Time Out, that’s the name. LOL. I’ve never seen it in the grocery store, I found it in the local wine store. Thirteen bucks, not bad.

            It’d be cool to do another post for y’all! I’ll email, thanks 😀

            • Ally
              I have never heard of that label and it’s probably not available in Canada. However I’ll try to find it. “Mommy’s Time Out”???? What kind of name is that for a winery? lol.

  • Late, but looks like some of my hotties are still available!

    I’m a sucker for dark haired guys with stubble, so I’ll choose #2 please.

    Great bunch of guys, Wave!

    • Hi Gaye

      How nice to see you. No. 2 is indeed still available and that stubble will work if it doesn’t give you razor burns. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • I am not too late to pick up no 4. Dunno what he is wearing but it needs changing. Like sometime on monday

    • Hi Ingrid
      Maybe no. 4 is modelling a different type of underwear that’s easy to get out of for a rush job. You can change him as many times as you want but bring him back in good condition on Monday. 😀


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