Drag and Drop (An Avondale Story)

Title: Drag and Drop ( An Avondale Story )
Author: Etienne
Cover Artist: Reese Dante
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
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Genre: Contemporary M/M, Mystery/Suspense
Length: 280 pages
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Further adventures of George and Mike—solving murders, buying property and making friends.

Blurb: After surviving the threat of a murderer and finding love with each other, George Martin and Mike Foster, best friends since childhood, are settling into a happy life. George’s new promotion to the youngest captain in the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office keeps him busy, and his current case is no exception.

The body of a fifty-year-old drag queen is found in the locked dressing room of a bar. As George delves into the subsequent murder investigation, he uncovers a dangerous trail of murdered drag queens and young gay men that intersects with another case involving porn films, torture, and worse. He struggles to make sense of the murders, but it’s Mike who asks the question that leads to a break in the case.


I reviewed Bodies of Work, the first in this series here. This one is described as “Further Adventures of George and Mike” and indeed it is business as usual. Consequently if you are a fan of these guys, this is one for you. I realised from reading the comments after my original review that for some readers the appeal of these stories actually is the never-ending everyday details of George’s professional life and his domestic relationship with Mike. This combination translates into a comfort read. A category of book which I feel is hugely individual to each person. Mine include incredibly disparate manifestations within this genre, and are often equally dependent on mood, food and weather.

So to catch up with George and Mike. They are doing very well; a lot more property is bought or improved, more wine drunk, meals eaten, exercise taken, new friends made and old friends helped. Mike’s comment, “Maybe we can help out friends and generate a little cash flow at the same time.” is very much the mission statement for their lives.

George’s career is going from strength to strength. The case he and his team are working on expands from being a series of drag queen murders into an even nastier situation involving torture and snuff films. The police work is shown in meticulous detail with strong practical realism. In comparison to the first book I felt the violence of this case had been increased. The details of what one of the victims suffers is spelt out in a police report and is actually more shocking because of the usual blandness of the language describing it.

I waited a while before reviewing this one to see if my impressions would change on a reread. However although it was okay hearing about their Irish Setter, Zeb and Zeke’s sex life, and Carl coming out,  I haven’t grown to love these books. That I actually found George nice but rather smug, and their organised lives irritating is probably down to my own sloppy character defects. So if you enjoyed the first one, you will have fun with this one, and the third in the series, Break and Enter was released late last month.


  • Raine,
    Thanks for the review. I havent read any of this author’s work. Ive yet to find one that appeals to me.

    • Hi Hannah,

      I’ve only read the two I’ve reviewed and Etienne’s style is probably not for me. This is where I part company from the guys! 🙂

      Though, after Bodies of Work it was really interesting when other readers told me why they did enjoy his work.

      Thanks for the comment.


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