Reckless Behaviour (Impressions #1)

Title: Reckless Behaviour (Impressions #1)
Author: Talia Carmichael
Cover Artist: April Martinez
Publisher: Total-E-Bound
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 89 PDF pages
Rating: 2 stars out of 5

A guest review by Lasha

Summary Review: Convoluted plot with too much sex and not enough character development.


Aidan Vaughn lets himself be swept into a night of passion with a sexy younger man. After their one night of pleasure, Aidan believes he’s seen the last of him. But fate has other plans. The hot young man is crossing his path again and is making his intentions clear. Aidan considers him off limits, at least by his own rules. Yet, Aidan finds himself wondering…was once really enough?

Enrique Matthews is not one to pass up opportunities. And he sure as hell wasn’t about to with this one. It didn’t matter if it was luck or coincidence that he found the hot older gentleman with whom he’d had one memorable night. Now he had to convince Aidan he wanted more than a one night stand. Will determination and seduction get him what he desires? Enrique was willing, able, and limber enough to engage in a little…hell, a lot…of Reckless Behaviour to get what he wanted…this sexy man for his, now and forever.


This could have been a great book. Premise: older professor has a one-night stand with a younger man, only to find out later the guy is one of his students! Hot, right? I said could have been great, but ultimately this book failed in its execution. As I told a friend, I cannot believe I am complaining about too much sex in a novel, but Reckless Behaviour used sex to gloss over the lack of character development and an utterly confusing plot.

Told from Aidan and Enrique’s POVs, the initial encounter is sexy, but everything after that seemed forced. I never quite understood why the two protagonists liked each other because with as much time as they spent on sex, we see little interaction on the page between the two men outside the bedroom. I found Enrique had more chemistry with his two best friends, Niall and Braden, whom I was never quite sure if they were straight or gay.

The main problem for me was Enrique. He was supposed to be a genius, high IQ, graduating with FIVE doctorates and he’s only twenty-four! Speaking as a two-time graduate student with two masters degrees, I found this to be ludicrous. Not even Doogie Howser could have that many degrees at that age considering the fact each PhD can take up to 3-5 years to complete. (Enrique was supposedly getting his advanced degree in physics. Now I know about this program as my niece is getting her PhD in that and she is 26 and has been in the program as a TA – like Enrique – for 3 years. She is not even close to finishing). It seemed to me the author was trying too hard to prove how smart Enrique was but forgot about how long it actually takes a student to finish one doctorate, let alone five in the American university system.

My other pet peeve was that characters cursed in British slang. There were a lot of “Bloody hell!” in the dialogue, which for alleged Californians seemed out of place. Also, you needed a flowchart as the introduction of new characters was staggering and added to the confusion and lack of focus in the actual plot. Then, after the initial struggle of Aidan’s conscience about dating his graduate assistant is overcome early in the book and Enrique and him are having hot monkey sex there is little external or internal conflict to keep the story going. The only shining point for me was Enrique’s friend Niall who seems to have an unhealthy obsession/hatred with Aidan’s first boyfriend, a rock star named Roarke McBride. It made no sense in the overall plot this hatred of Roarke’s music by Niall, nor was it explained, but it was the first glimpse into a character’s personality that I saw in the book and really enjoyed. (I foresee Niall and Roarke hooking up in a later book from this tidbit.)

I am sorry to say that Reckless Behaviour did not live up to its potential. I wanted to like it, but ultimately it failed on all levels. I cannot recommend this book. However, maybe the second installment will be an improvement. Aidan’s brother, Kincaid – who was actually sort of cool in this novel from what I could see – is getting his own book. A Tender Roughness (Impressions #2) is due out June 20, 2011 by TEB.


I’ve been reading romance books since I was 12 and when I found m/m books a few years ago I fell madly in love with the genre. My favorites tropes are: GFY, police partners in love and May-December romances. I also adore paranormals and in my spare time away from Jessewave, I review pararmormal m/m books at my own blog. Give me a good shifter book and I’m a happy girl!


  • Wow! Did you say 5 doctorates? Did he start university at 5?

    This story did have potential but I can see why it ultimately fell far short of the mark. I do love SOME sex in M/M romances but not when it totally obliterates the plot. As Gaycrow said, fancy names for the characters. 🙂

    Great job on the review though. 🙂

  • It’s a shame when we come across a book with a promising story that doesn’t quite reach its potential.

    I shouldn’t be picky, but just reading the names of the characters in the story is a little off-putting. One of my pet peeves is unusual character names. I can take one or two, but Niall, Braden, Roarke and then Kincaid? I’d struggle with those. 🙁


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