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  • Can’t believe it! Friday evening and my choices are still available – I’d like to spend the weekend with the guys in number 7, please!

    • Celeste
      You lucky woman. Those guys at no. 7 are really HOT. I don’t know how you’ll manage two of them but I’m sure you’ll try. 🙂

  • Oooh! This is the first time I’ve ever properly submitted a claim. Going against the ‘less clothing is more’ rend and begging you for no2. Those eyes! That jaw! *swoon*

    • Hi Helen

      No. 2 was taken at 6.07 this morning but there are other hot bods just waiting for you to take them home. lol. You have to get up real early for some of the choices. 🙂

  • Now that I’ve got a break from RL stuff for a little while, I’ll take 11. He can sit here and help us agonize over why it’s taking New York so long to approve Marriage Equality.

    • :grumble: I picked no 11 this morning but :curse: internet at work does not like wordpress.
      I wanted to have him for my birthday! But since it is for the good cause…

    • Jeffrey
      It’s great to see you again. I wondered if you had deserted us.

      If Marriage Equality isn’t approved you’ll have to come to Toronto to exchange your vows. However, I know it’s not the same. 🙁

      I hope that No. 11 will cheer you up at least for the weekend.

      • I’m willing to share with Ingrid. The yelling and screaming if it doesn’t pass may be a problem for him. We were married 2 years ago in Massachusetts and NY does recognize it. It still would be nice if New Yorkers didn’t have to cross a border, international or otherwise, to get married.

        • Jeff
          I really hope that things work out. It seems that the religious exemption, if I understand it correctly, may fix the outstanding issues so that the bill can pass. Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

          I’m very happy that you were able to get married anyway even if you had to do it in another state.

        • Congrats Jeffrey!!

          Marriage bill signed Friday Night!! :jump: :bananadancer:


          Congrats for sanity prevaling in NY!!

          • I’m so happy and shocked about this. Non-discrimination took years to pass in NY because the republicans wouldn’t allow it to the floor for a vote until there were a majority of republican state sentaors who supported it, even though there were already a majority of the total state senators who supported it. I think it took about 10 years and when it did come to the floor, it got about 75% of the vote. Our fear was that they were going to play the same game again with marriage. I’m glad they didn’t.

            because we were married in MA a couple of years ago, we can’t get married again here. So the celebration is for all LGBT NYers who no longer need to travel to get married.


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