Kelan’s Pursuit (Shifters’ Haven #3)

Title: Kelan’s Pursuit (Shifters’ Haven, Book #3)
Author: Lavinia Lewis
Cover Artist: Posh Gosh
Publisher: Total E Bound
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Genre: Paranormal M/M, Werewolves
Length: 99 pages
Rating: 3 stars out of 5

A guest review by Lasha

Summary Review: Unfortunately the third book in this series is a repeat of the first two. Nothing original and getting predictable.



Book three in the Shifter’s Haven series. Books one and two reviewed here and here.

When werewolf Kelan Morgan finds his mate, he couldn’t be happier—until he discovers Jake’s life is in danger from an unknown shifter.

While werewolf Kelan Morgan is visiting his brother in New York, he’s both surprised and delighted to find his destined mate in a bar. Jake Bradfield is everything Kelan ever wanted in a mate. But Jake is not a werewolf—he’s a human who was hurt in the past and has sworn off relationships.

Kelan works hard to convince Jake they have a future together, but just when his persistence is paying off, Jake is almost killed by a shifter with a grudge. If Kelan wants the happy ending he always dreamt of, he must find the elusive culprit before he attacks again.



I was looking forward to this book, as the characterization of Kelan in the previous two books was awesome. However, this novella failed to deliver anything new and original to the series (except a couple of new characters) and left me feeling like I was reading the previous books, just replacing the two main protagonists from them with Kelan and Jake.

Kelan’s Pursuit starts off with Kelan in New York City helping his brother Cody and his mate move their stuff, so they can return to their pack in New Mexico. (In book two, Cody was an artist in NYC.) They go to a gay club and there Kelan meets Jake, his mate. The two have hot sex but as soon as Jake finds out Kelan is a werewolf, he throws him out and tells him not to return (new concept for werewolf mating books — which I liked). It seems Jake had a werewolf boyfriend in college who left him when he found his true mate and Jake has a grudge against all werewolves since then. But that doesn’t stop our hero, Kelan, and he intends to woo and claim his mate and take him back to his ranch in Texas. (BTW, Kelan if you have an older, straight brother can you please give him my number? I love yummy romantic men!)

The conflict comes when a former fling of Jake’s (Cary) shows up and his psycho ex boyfriend/mate starts to stalk Jake. Cue protective Kelan and the novella comes to a dramatic conclusion.

The biggest problem I had with Kelan’s Pursuit and why I dropped the rating down to three stars when I gave the other books higher marks is because there was nothing new in this one. Boy (werewolf) meets boy (human), they mate, bond, bad guy shows up and fight happens…cue the end and addition of new characters for future books. While the writing is still crisp, the plot by this point is predictable. By book three in the series, I felt there should have been some growth and depth in the story, otherwise why read it if you are getting the same old, same old.

So for me, book two is my favorite, then book one and now this. (Sort of like my taste in the Star Wars trilogy. Maybe if Ms. Lewis threw in some Ewoks next time?) There is a fourth installment coming called Aaron’s Awakening, which will tell the tale of Aaron — the wild child from book two, who was a hoot — I only hope that the author changes up the next book and moves away from her formulaic plot.

Recommended only to people who like this series or are avid werewolf genre fans.

Shifters’ Haven Series


I’ve been reading romance books since I was 12 and when I found m/m books a few years ago I fell madly in love with the genre. My favorites tropes are: GFY, police partners in love and May-December romances. I also adore paranormals and in my spare time away from Jessewave, I review pararmormal m/m books at my own blog. Give me a good shifter book and I’m a happy girl!

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  • I’ve been looking for something different to read, and I do like (well written) werewolf books, so I’ll either check this one out, or because I have not read any of the previous books in this series I’ll start at book one.
    Thanks for the review, as I would not have been aware of this series otherwise.


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