Happy Birthday Canada

Today is Canada’s 144th birthday and Canadians from coast to coast are celebrating with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka William and Kate, whose 10-day visit to Canada has been eagerly anticipated. There’s much to celebrate about being Canadian and we’re all proud of our heritage, living in such a beautiful, tolerant country. Last year Her Majesty the Queen was here for the celebrations and William and Catherine are wonderful representatives of the Queen in 2011.

The Pride parade, which will take place in Toronto on Sunday, is one of the largest in North America and it’s an indication of how far this country has come in accepting not only all cultures and races, but diversity in all its forms. Gay marriage has been legal here  nationally since 2005 although many provinces had accepted same-sex unions even before it became law federally. Canada is no utopia for those of us who are proud to call this country ours, but it comes pretty close.

Today also marks the withdrawal of Canadian troops from active combat in Afghanistan and the families of all the soldiers who served with dignity, bravery and pride are looking forward to welcoming them home.

This is a great country, second in total area only to Russia, stretching from the Yukon to Prince Edward Island and every province in between, with a rich history of immigrants who helped build it. Canadians are known for being some the most tolerant people in the world, so if you have never been here you’re missing out on a wonderful experience. Visit our ten provinces and three territories. Our border with our neighbours to the south, the United States of America, is the longest in the world and the friendship between the two countries is something about which both countries can be justly proud.

Happy Canada Day. Let’s all celebrate with Canadian beer. 🙂


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  • Happy Canada Day Wave, we are actually going to a Canada Day dessert party tomorrow in Canberra, Australia. A Canadian friend hosts it every year.

    I recall molasses cookies, beavers tails (the doughnut version!), pumpkin pie, pancakes and nanimo bars being on the menu among other yummies…

    • Hi Beck
      Thank you for the good wishes on Canada Day. It was wonderful – sunshine 27C and beer. I hope your party includes lots of Canadian beer which I’m told is the best in the world. 🙂

      The food sounds like something out of a diabetic coma. lol

  • Hi Elaine
    Thank you for the good wishes on Canada Day and in return I would like to wish you a happy July 4th. 🙂

    On Fire? What a great idea. I think I’ll re-read it. 😎


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