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I’m so pleased to announce that Jaye Valentine has agreed to be an author contributor on the site, which means that he’ll be writing for FREE. With his partner Reno MacLeod Jaye writes delicious books that are neither traditional nor mainstream (that’s a huge compliment) 🙂 and the plots range from religious themes, cross dressers, BDSM, urban fantasy and everything in between. 🙂 I won’t tell you what it took to persuade Jaye to join our team, but I will say that he’s very expensive although no money changed hands.

Here’s Jaye’s bio for those of you who don’t know him. You can see why I thought he would be such a wonderful addition to all the crazy people who contribute articles and reviews on the site. Nuff said. lol I know you can’t wait for his first post in his new capacity.

Wave asked me to write a short bio for this introduction, and of all the things I have to write in the course of being a world famous D-list author, bios are my least favorite. I keep revising my official bio (the one that nobody reads in the back of the books), and it keeps getting shorter and shorter. Soon my bio will simply say ‘Jaye Valentine wrote this book,’ which sounds more like an epitaph than a bio. Anyway, here goes.

The first piece of fiction I ever wrote was a very short story featuring Star Trek’s Mr. Spock doing extremely naughty things to a deliciously submissive Captain James Tiberius Kirk. I wrote the story, by hand, with a pen (I KNOW! I’M THAT OLD!) in the back of my 7th grade science class composition book. And then proceeded to forget about the story, turned the book in to my science teacher on a Friday afternoon near the end of the school year, and on my walk home from school that day I had THE most epic ‘oh shit’ moment of all time.

The fact that I had a monumental crush on my science teacher, Mr. Jones (not his real name), didn’t help my state of abject horror any, and I was petrified about how my ultra-conservative family would react. I spent the entire weekend in my room pacing, terrified about what I’d be facing on Monday morning in school, visions of the Parent/Teacher Conference From Hell running through my head nonstop. Monday morning finally came after the longest, most agonizing weekend ever. Of course, on Mondays my science class was the final period, so I had to suffer the entire school day before facing my doom. I slipped into the classroom with my head ducked down and slid into my seat, thankfully in the front row so I didn’t have to worry about classmates craning their necks to stare at me.

After recording attendance, Mr. Jones went behind the big counter in the front of the classroom, where the Bunsen burners and microscopes sat, and he pulled out the stack of graded composition books from a shelf underneath. I didn’t dare look at him as he passed my desk and returned my composition book to me. I opened the marbled black-and-white cover with shaking hands, expecting to find a scathing request for a parent/teacher conference, but what I found instead shocked me even more.

In Mr. Jones’s neat, blocky handwriting was a great big, bright-red A+.

That incident set the tone for the rest of my writing career. 😀 Reno and I had our first story commercially published on Halloween in 2008. We’re still going strong, and the second half of 2011 is shaping up to be an exciting time for us.


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • Congrats, Jaye! Or would that be congrats to Wave for conning you into this? 😉

    I’m looking forward to your contributions, and absolutely loved this little tidbit about your science class.

    • L.C.
      I swear I didn’t use any inducements. No conning was involved either. Jaye really wants to do this (I think). 🙂

      I think he has many more anecdotes in that huge ummm… brain of his, like his little story about Spock and Kirk and I can’t wait to see what he is going to write about next. 😯

  • Just had to say that story made me laugh (and cringe with you until end of day Monday). Looking forward to your future posts, Jaye.

    Oh, and I always read the author bios at the back of books (except if they are more than a page and a half, in which case I usually start skimming).


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