The Hood of Justice

Title: The Hood of Justice
Author: Mark Alders
Cover artist: Angela Waters
Publisher: Extasy Books
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Genre: Comedy/Action/Adventure/Romance/fantasy
Length: 148 pages (according to publisher’s website)
Rating: 3.75 out of 5

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: This funny twist on the Super Hero theme made me laugh, but made me a little uncomfortable too.


Rookie police officer Casey Watson is dedicated to his job, works long hours and tries to make a difference within his district fighting crime. He is a can-do man, keen and eager to keep the city safe at night. Together, with his rough and tough work partner and good buddy, Bruce O’Connell, they make a great team.

Casey also has a magical foreskin.

When he cock docks with any perpetrator, when his foreskin tingles to let him know the criminal he has apprehended is guilty, the magic within his amazing foreskin makes any man tell the truth. What’s more, they forget how and why they told as soon as Casey climaxes, too.

But if anyone finds out about his foreskin’s abilities, he could be suspended, kicked off the force at the worst. Can Casey continue to perform his duties while using his foreskins abilities? Or will he have to reveal his secret to not only protect himself but Bruce as well?


I have to admit that the main reason why I requested the book is because I thought that the blurb sounded horribly bad and I wanted to see for myself whether it was, indeed, that bad. Well, I am glad I read this one for sure, because I enjoyed it much more than I expected to, although at times I was still a little uncomfortable. I have to say that this is the first book I have read by this writer and I was told that his books are usually quite original and funny. I definitely agree with this assessment as the book WAS original and quite funny, too.

You have read the blurb, so needless to say that if after reading it you are expecting our hero to follow police procedures, well you should not be reading this story, otherwise you may be very disappointed then.

Basically I got the impression that the author mainly wrote a spoof on the Super Hero theme, and our Casey is a super hero with a very special ability, which the blurb describes quite accurately. I did laugh while I was reading this story — and more than once — however I freely admit that several times I had to remind myself that this is humor and not a serious story about how the police work. Let me be clear, the main reason why I had to remind myself is not because Casey happily decides to abandon rules and regulations since he can catch criminals much faster and efficiently using his special ability instead of using said rules and regulations. After all, we all know that Superman and Batman and many other famous ones catch criminals with their super powers instead of following rules and regulations, so of course our young super hero uses his special ability — quite successfully too.

I have to say that this story actually does have pretty good action/adventure plot, which I liked, it is not just Casey going around and catching random criminals that way. No, we have the evil one to catch and our heroes being in danger and actually I REALLY enjoyed the beginning of love story. I think I was really afraid that the love story subplot would come out too satirical, too farce-like, but it was surprisingly gentle and tender, considering all the circumstances how it began.

My biggest issue, and I think my limit where I had to smack myself over the head, was when Casey had to take the suspect’s dick out and well, initiate the cockdocking. For me, funny or not, it felt too close to rape and those were the moments where humor fell flat for me. I think that if all of them were drawn to Casey like flies to honey in a completely voluntary way, I would have enjoyed the story much more and would have been more amused. However, that was not the case.

Recommended, but personally I will have to rely on the reviews when I seek out this author’s other books, to see if the humor in each one is right for me.


  • Hi Mark, thanks for commenting. Yes, definitely I learned that I should not be expecting mainstream from you. I think originality is a wonderful thing. I am not sure that I will be reading Casey’s new adventures without checking out the reviews first, however few days ago I finished your “Borders of the world” series and yeah I loved Vernon. I am *very* afraid of spiders, so to make me not only love the character but to enjoy his lovemaking with human was not a small task. Trust me, it was not a small task. So yes, I will be checking out your other books, I will just trade carefully 🙂

  • Mark asked to post his comment since he’s having problems with WordPress:


    Well, I just got to this, sorry, guys! I have been busy renovating (yes, I said that dirty word all home builders shudder at, especially ones who tackle it themselves) Plus I have been writing and dealing with real life issues…anyway…

    Thank you, Sirius, for the review: Actually a lot better than what I thought you were going to write 🙂 Yes, the story is a spoof. I created Casey because I was challenged by a dear friend of mine to write a superhero adventure. Now, being an intactivist, I thought what better way to help spread the word about how wonderful the foreskin is, than to have a magical one.

    I deliberately made the brief like I did. I wanted to make sure those who had never read my work be aware of what they were getting in to. After all, as Wave said, don’t expect mainstream with this writer ;p

    Anyway, there are more Casey Watson adventures, and yes, some will be quite humorous and others will cut close to the bone. But after all, even us ‘different’ authors must challenge ourselves…after all, writing should do that, for both the writer and the reader.



  • I’m a huge fan of Mark Alders’ books. I love the (sometimes over the top) humor, the sweet characters he creates and the unique world-building in his books.

    If you want to give them a try but don’t feel up to spiders or non-con cock docking, you could give the Schism Universe series a try. Those books are more conventional and at the same time very good.

    • Thanks Enny I actually just decided to be brave and bought Borders of the world series, all three books. I am not actually repulsed by spiders (contrary to roaches – shudders), I am just afraid of them, so hopefully cute and cuddly one will make me love him :). Will let you guys know.

  • LOL Sirius thanks for the review! I admit I was very intrigued by the blurb but since humorous books often fall flat for me I decided not to try it… though I was so curious! I’m glad you shared your thoughts with us though I doubt I’ll read it, it does sound a bit too out there for me 😆

  • Sirius great review !
    I read this book not long ago, and totally agree with your thoughts about the romance. The author has VERY unique sense of humor, and as Wave said
    ‘not always for faint of heart” but, all of the books I’ve read by this author, so far- have strong , well written protags.. it’s just not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak 😯 The spider line was difficult for me ( can’t stand them!) but the story was great ! would recommend if you can get past it, be warned is series of three books starting with ” The Incubator” thanks again hope you check out some of the other stories.

  • Sirius

    I love Mark’s books so I will definitely read this one. His writing is hysterical and definitely not mainstream. As I told you when you requested The Hood of Justice, Mark’s writing is not for the faint of heart and those readers who are looking for sense and sensibility. lol

    At least you enjoyed part of the book. 🙂

    • Wave I am glad I have read it for sure, it expanded my horizons and made me want to look for his other books. I will just make sure I have read spoilers you know? Thank you.

  • I’ve read and enjoyed the author’s Pembroke Chronicles which have the same sense of fun and humour, as well as action/adventure and a sweet romance – plus the concept of ‘cock docking’ :).

    I’m not sure about this one though. I think I might also feel uncomfortable if one of the heroes has to forcibly dock his penis with that of a suspect.

    Thanks for the great review, Sirius!

    • Jen, I am definitely going to check out Pembroke Chronicles then, I think his writing is lovely. Thank you for commenting, let me know what you thought about the book if you decide to read it.

  • It sounds hysterical – I haven’t read any Mark Alders yet, but this is going on the TBR pile right away. I find few things more satisfying than a tender story in the midst of crazy comedy 🙂

  • I still can’t bring myself to read this one, although I believe you about the love story. This author sold a four-meter-tall spider alien as a romantic hero to me, so, yes, I definitely believe it. Still, this one remains on my “possibly at one point in the future” pile.

    • No, not going to happen, I am never, ever,ever,ever, going to accept a very large spider form as romantic. If I can actually hear the sound of arachnid feet in my bedroom thats when they die!

    • Oy, I am with Raine, somehow I do not see myself accepting giant spider as romantic figure, but this author is definitely very talented, so I cannot exclude the possibility that I will be convinced lol. I hope you will enjoy this one if you decide to give it a try.

      • LOL, ladies, I can see you hate spiders. But, trust me, Vernon is a doll. Even the people who didn’t like the book for various reasons thought so. 😀

        • Okay LadyM, I will check this one out, although so far Vernon reminds me of Vernon Dursley lol, what is the name of the book? Cute and cuddly, huh?

  • I was fascinated and repelled by the concept of this one, but you have just sold me on the description of the love story as gentle and tender. I’m going to check this one out. Thanks Sirius.

    • I did think that beginning of love story was gentle and tender, yes and was very surprised in a good way how the change of tone was done so smoothly and then back. It was not jarring for me at all. I have to say though, it is action/adventure first and beginning of love story second, so just beware.


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