Half Year Statistics to June 30, 2011

The last time I wrote a report on how the site was doing, statistically, was in early January and I decided to switch from quarterly to half yearly reports. Maybe next year I’ll give you a bigger break and only do one report. 🙂

As usual, Christian, our Webmaster worked his butt off (I’m not touching that one) 😆 to prepare these statistics and what an incredible increase in numbers, thanks to you.

At the end of June this year (2 years since we moved to this site) there were 119,246,645 hits and 2,061,495 visitors and you accessed 19,571,278 pages. Compare that to 6 months earlier when for the period July 2009 to December 2010 there were 65 million hits,1,151,652 visitors and 8,790,897 pages accessed.   WOW you sure read a lot. I can’t count that high. These numbers are all due to you and the wonderful reviewers and guest bloggers who provide the reviews and entertaining essays.

We bid goodbye to a few guest reviewers (Lily, Stacey, John and Val) but I’m hoping they will return. A couple of our reviewers are temporarily absent (Tj and Buda) but our new reviewers (Damon, Raine, Lasha, Leslie S, Sirius and Lady M) are doing a fantastic job and should take a bow. My new partner Aunt Lynn is keeping the site on track and making improvements in many areas to serve you better and Christian remains our ace in the hole because without him the site would not be here.

Our two guest author contributors Josh Lanyon and Ethan Day have been joined by Jaye Valentine and I would like to thank them for giving their time and talent to the site in order to mentally stimulate and entertain you. To our other guest bloggers who drop in occasionally “thank you.” Virtual chocolate and champagne works wonders. 🙂

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the other readers/authors who write reviews, some of them almost since the site started: Jenre, Kassa, Lynn, Cole and Leslie as well as Victor J. Banis and Maddy Cain who review occasionally.

Now visitors access the site from 174 countries, some as far away as Iceland, Greenland and Antarctica and of course the largest numbers are from the U.S. Thanks for checking out our reviews and we welcome your comments. For those of you who like details the charts are below and if you wish to enlarge them just click on them.

I’ve run out of chocolates but the virtual champagne is on the way.





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  • Congrats to all who make this site such a great daily visit for me! Very rarely I buy a book without coming here to see if I can find a review (or many times to discover something to buy, he he he )

    :biglove: And I also love to read the other articles and comments as well.

    I think I am somewhere to “unknown” on the pie, ’cause I’m from Romania that didn’t appear on the country graphic 😀

  • that Tunisian crochet in the round might be good- you use a double pointed crochet needle and two strands of yarn. I made a little potholder for the handle of one of my frying pans. That should be about right- 😀

    But I just read that half the staff of McMurdo are women! Go, girls!

  • Is it too late to get stage fright? Those numbers are scary. XD

    Congratulations, guys! Thank you for your hard work. And… that Antarctica visitor deserves the story of her/his own. 🙂

    • Stage fright??? What’s that??? 😯
      The numbers ARE scary but on the positive side they’re incredibly encouraging. Thank you for a great job Lady M.

      I’m hoping that the reader from Antarctica will contact me so that Sarah Black could send him/her a few books and maybe a pair of socks. 🙂

      • Man, there are a lot of stations on antartica!I’d only heard about McMurdo before. I bet there is nothing as exciting as a helo coming in with supplies! With a couple of handsome flyboys on board! I’ll start the socks and the story–

        • You’re so funny Sarah. I really hope I hear from our reader in Antarctica – everyone wants to send socks, but I’m sure if he’s a gay man he would much prefer the handsome flyboys. lol

          You really should learn how to knit cocksocks Sarah – I hear it’s all the rage. Damon says he wears one under his kilt. 😮

  • Before I joined the team, this site was the first thing I checked in the morning when I got to work – before my email. 🙂

    Great job you do! Congrats!

    • Lasha
      I should correct your statement – we all do a great job, which includes you 🙂 The readers certainly appreciate the site and I hope that continues. lol.

  • Wow those figures are a bit scary- sorry, glass half empty mood today………I’ll start again.

    Wow those figures are amazing Wave, I know how much the site helps me find great books, left to my own devices I am so less successful!

    • Raine

      You help to get those numbers up. lol.

      Thank you for all your hard work on behalf of other readers and if you find great books yourself, that’s even better – I love to help you spend your money. 🙂

  • I only found this site this year so I am very glad to be along for the roller coaster ride. Thanks for all your work Wave and friends. :biglove:

    • Hi Merrian

      Wherher you’re new or have been with us for a while makes no difference, we’re just as happy to have you as part of our “family.”

  • Holy frijole! I had NO IDEA how many people were stopping by!

    Wave that is f@&king amazing and speaks so highly not only of your ability to keep the site fresh and funk-eh, but also of the growing interconnection of M/M as a genre! Love it!

    Before I had written a word of Hot Head, when I was a crazed book junkie who loved gay romance, I would comb through the interviews and articles like a junkie. I learned so much about this genre BECAUSE of the site and the incredibly generous people who make it happen under your aegis.

    :hearts01: :bravo: :blove2: :bravo: :hearts01: :bravo: :loveyou2: :bravo: :hearts01:
    A huge round of applause to y’all for keeping everything running so smoothly and making sure there’s always something here I’m excited to check out… I’m perpetually leery of distractions and yet I ALWAYS check the Wave for reviews or Op Eds or even smexy softcore photos and jacuzzi shenanigans. I can’t think of more than 5 sites that evoke that kind of diligent attention… and that power and pull is down to you and your impeccable team. :skoal:

    Many many congrats!

    • Hi Damon

      Aren’t these numbers amazing? Whenever Christian does his report I’m floored by the loyalty of the “regulars” and all of those other bloggers who come by. As you said, M/M is growing at an incredible rate and this site is one indication of just how it’s taking hold of the readers and the epublishing industry.

      The statistics speak to the talent and dedication of the incredible guest reviewers, as well as all of those authors who give of their time to write posts. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate every one of them. You are now part of that team and thank you for giving of your time.

      Aren’t those green men addictive? You will have to pay Christian for misusing his guys. lol

      Thanks again for stopping by Damon. I know how busy you are in the summer. 😀

  • Wave,I rarely comment, but I do have to tell you that this is my favorite site on the internet. You are all so kind to your followers. And because of this site and my inability to control myself, I have 200 books filed under TBR on my Kindle. I look forward to visiting here everyday. I would also like to thank you once again for taking the time to email me and give me the help I needed downloading books to my Kindle. That was very kind of you and I really appreciate it. Thank you for all the time and effort you and all your reviewers and guest put into making this a great place for readers like me to visit.

    • Andrea

      Thank you for the kind words. 🙂

      I’m really sorry that you have so many books in your Kindle but I have a lot more than you and these are books that I actually bought and haven’t read as yet, so you’re in good company. lol.

      You’re welcome about the help on the Kindle. When I first bought mine many readers stepped up and helped me so I’m just paying it forward.

      The guest reviewers and author contributors thank you too for your kind words. Have a good evening.

      • LOL, you guys turned out to be so nice and helpful and not scary at all, shout out to Lynn as well with so many thanks and to Christian for being so helpful 🙂


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