I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


    • Jarrah
      Welcome! I think No. 18 went very early yesterday morning to Luci but you can still enjoy him. there are other guys still looking for a home though. 🙂

    • Hey Jeffrey
      Great to see you. I thought that your choice would have been long gone but he was waiting for you.

      When next you visit Toronto you have to try the new EDGE WALK on the top of the CN Tower. It’s 356 meters off the ground (or 1167 ft.) If you do it send me a picture. 🙂

      • no way in hell….
        we saw a picture of someone on it in our local paper and I was freaked out by the picture. Not a fan of heights especially when there is no building around me.

        • There’s a word for you Jeffrey and it begins with ‘C’ 😀

          I did the dizzying climb to the top of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney 4 years ago when I visited Australia which was a similar experience, except there were rails. 🙂

          PS I’m afraid of heights too. lol


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