Title: Impromptu
Author: Carole Cummings
Cover artist: Carole Cummings
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Amazon: n/a
Length: 32 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: A beautifully written short story about an evening of lovemaking which I liked, but when I was finished, I wanted to know more about these two men


Ailin knew there was something wrong with Garreth the moment his lover arrived with a storm trailing behind him. The man who’d just walked through the front door wasn’t his normally bright and brash Garreth, as if he’d been ensorcelled into someone darker and maybe even a little dangerous. But while Ailin finds the difference disconcerting, he’s also finding it surprisingly, shockingly erotic.


I freely admit that I wanted this short story to be special and unforgettable for me, because I love the Aisling series by this author so much and I thought that story was very well-written. Additionally, I think it actually shows perfectly why more often than not I am starting to get frustrated when I read short stories. I like short stories, do not get me wrong, but it is just too often I feel that some authors bite more than they can chew with the short form and/or whatever moment from the life of their characters the author chooses to share with us is a forgettable one. I start to wonder who the characters are and what brought them to this point in the relationship, but of course short stories cannot really explore the whole spectrum due to page length.

I thought Cummings was quite successful here, though, for a short story. Ailin’s POV shares with us how different Garreth’s coming back home is today from how he usually appears to Ailin and whatever he shares reveals some part of Garreth’s character to us. It is brief like ray of sunshine and then back to darkness which is who Garreth is during the evening which is described in the story.

I was also pleasantly surprised how the author managed in few sentences to let me know how much these two are in love. It was just beautiful and at the same time it left me curious as to why their relationship is still at this stage.

“Garreth had left so many shirts and linens and pairs of trousers there over the years that Ailin sometimes wondered if Garreth had anything at all to wear at home. Ailin used to keep them aside, used to have them laundered and wrapped and set them in the guestroom that Garreth rarely ever used when he came to stay; now Ailin only had them laundered and hung them on the right side of his own wardrobe. Sometimes it was nice to see them in there, even when Garreth wasn’t about, as though they were part of Garreth that belonged here with Ailin. The part that never really left, even when Garreth had to.”

So of course after reading this paragraph I started to wonder and think why after all these years they are still not living together. It is pretty awesome when the author makes me use my imagination in such short story.

Of course sex was hot, but I was more amused with all the teasing the author did about Garreth’s being somebody else that evening. I was so sure that the story was going to be a paranormal short. 🙂

My only issue is a positive statement: I was left frustrated because now I want to read a novel about these guys!



  • I’m embarrassed that I didn’t even know about this story, and I call myself a Carole Cummings fan. Sigh. I definitely intend to read it. Love her work.

  • Oh, I loved this! And I’d be delighted to read more with these two — they are so hot together and the rest of their lives have to be pretty complex.

    • I completely agree with you Pam – I would love to read more about these two guys myself :). Thanks for commenting.

  • I’m not very objective when it comes to Carole’s writing, so it won’t be a huge surprise that I liked it. Both Cole and I agree that the sex scene in the story is one of the hottest – EVAH! 😀

    Carole commented on GR that these characters had their own novel, but it was lost in a computer crash few years ago. I hope she’ll be inspired to write more about them.

    • I am not very objective about her writing either :).

      OOOOOO you know what they say about manuscripts not burning ;). I am so hoping she will write more about them one day hehe.


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