Canal Parade Amsterdam August 2011



I asked Ingrid to write a post about this year’s Gay Pride Parade in Amsterdam because she did such a wonderful job 2 years ago, and she didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the pics she took. You should be nice to her because it rained all day and she braved the weather just for you. :biglove: Here’s her picture soaking wet. 🙂



The first weekend of August it was once again Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam. This year’s theme was “All together now”, not only this weekend but all year round in all places.

As always there were lots of activities, drag queen olympics, dance and street parties, a church service and of course the highlight of the weekend – the canal parade.

More then 80 boats took part in this big party. As always there were lots of people watching the spectacle, 350,000 according to the organisation.

The parade showed a variety of boats from across the country, serious and party ones. I will show a cross section.

For the American and British readers, on the official boat from the Dutch Defense department were two special guests, Lt. Daniel Choi and Lt. Cdr. Mandy McBain.


I loved this gimmick on the boat from the GGD Amsterdam (free STD clinic amongst others). They waved condom shaped nets around


Another great statement was the boat from “Young and Out” They asked attention for all things happening around coming out but also tolerance. Of course asking for tolerance is a major theme concerning the whole Pride weekend.




Also the ‘oldies’ had their own bit of fun on the water




A wink from God to you





This year’s winners. According to the jury they had the best, most fun, colourful boat. The boat was from city of Rotterdam and had all sorts of people from across Rotterdam on board.











Ingrid didn’t make a video this year but here’s a link to a number of videos hosted on Youtube that she sent me.

She didn’t forget Christian and all of you pervs either:


Now for Christian and visual orientated women and men around the globe some party pics.




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