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As you can see, the site is now up. Christian worked all of yesterday, last evening and this morning to purge the malicious malware that was inserted into the files by hackers. From what we can gather, the site was hacked on August 24th, two days before Google issued a warning, therefore I would urge all of you to run your anti virus software to thoroughly check your computer for viruses and malware.  We definitely don’t want to be the source of virus infection to any of the computers of those who check out the site. If you don’t have anti virus software (which everyone really should have and run regularly if you’re on the Internet) a list of free software is available here:

Obviously the architects of this kind of malicious damage are very sophisticated and technically proficient. Hackers have managed to penetrate incredibly sophisticated security systems and install malware and viruses at Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook and government sites, to name just a few –  so no one is immune. I can’t stress strongly enough the necessity for you to run your anti virus program(s) on your home computers on a regular basis, daily if possible. If I’ve missed anything, Aunt Lynn will be posting more detailed instructions on how to protect your computers when she’s up (she lives in California so she’s 3 hours behind EST where I’m located and 8 hours behind Christian).

Thanks for your support.


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  • I’m glad you’re back up and running. 🙂 to tell you how much I love your site, I actually refrained from buying a few ebooks this weekend (it was so so difficult) because I wanted to see what you guys said about them first. 🙂 what would we do without all of you?

    • Brian
      It’s great to be missed but not for that reason. lol

      It was an awful weekend and I’m so happy that we have Christian and Lynn.

      The reviews that didn’t make it last week will definitely be on this week – everything is just taking a little longer.

      Don’t forget to run your anti virus program to ensure that your computer is clean.

      • Oh, now I feel bad. I didn’t mean it just like that. 🙁 you guys are great, not just for the site. No worries, I checked my computer. But thanks again for reminding me. No more bad weekend for you (passes you a glass of Crown Royal) Cheers!

  • I’m mostly a lurker around here, but I so missed this site while you were down, and I am very glad to see you back up and running again.

    For what it’s worth, I’m here just about every day, and all my scans came up clean.

    • Hi Dana
      We love our lurkers although we wish they would decloak occasionally.:)

      I’m very happy that your scans were clean. The last thing we would want would be to infect someone’s computer.

    • Hi Jo
      We should all send Christian virtual bottles of red wine – his favourite drink. I always thought all Germans drank beer. 🙂

      It was a harrowing 2 days that I don’t want to live through again.


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