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What did you read on your summer vacation this year? Ingrid gave me a wonderful idea for a post. She’s on her summer vacation right now visiting France (almost everyone who lives in Europe seems to be vacationing in France). Feliz just returned from there yesterday and LeslieS is going tomorrow. I’m so jealous as it’s been a long time since I’ve been there.

That wonderful picture in the post is not of France but of Greece where Ingrid visited on her last vacation and it shows her on a sailboat reading Sean Kennedy’s Tigers and Devils. 🙂 She told me that she also took along Longhorns by Victor Banis to read as well. Imagine reading about Aussie rules football while sailing on the Mediterranean or about the old wild west while the sea softly rocked the boat (her words). 🙂 Damn! That woman sure travels. 😆 😡

I know that summer is not yet over because yesterday it was 30C (86F) here, but the cooler days will soon make summer a thing of the past. So if you have been on your summer vacation or just to the beach, even your backyard if you can’t afford to go away, what did you read this summer? When on vacation do you take along some old favourites? Do you read different types of books when on vacation? Is summer vacation the time for that really BIG book that you have been setting aside because you knew that once started you wouldn’t want to put it down?

Tell us about what you read to give us some ideas of books for our future summer vacations. I’m not going on vacation until the fall so I’ll share with you then what I read. Ingrid promised to tell us what she read when she returns from France in about a week. 🙂

Looking forward to reading about your vacations and the books you read.


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  • I actually read this post when it came out on my phone :yes: but wasn’t able to comment. I remember thinking silly Feliz for not taking bathing suits! I had three 🙂

    Didn’t take any books pictures this year but I did take 273 others.

  • I am baaack! To France also, Normandy (21C, windy and some sunshine)and the Dordogne. I went camping as well. Yesterday I drove 1160 km in one day by myself. My navigator made me drive the Blvd Peripherique in Paris because it was the shortest way *sigh* but….. I did see the Eiffel tower and the Sacre Coeur.

    I read Dancing in the Dark and Dance with the devil by Megan Derr. City Falcon by Feliz, Lone Wolf (Shelly Munro), Not in the NFL (Terry O’Reilly), some other fluffy stuff and I am still reading Cryptonomicom by Neal Stephanson in paper.

    I didn’t read as much as I would have liked because I got a rather busy program and only two weeks.

    It is nice to read about your vacations and reading habits. Thanks everyone

    • Hi Ingrid
      It’s great to have you back and hear about your vacation and what you read. You have the best ideas. As you can see, I used your comments in your email to write this post and look what you created. 😀
      I think I’ll do an annual post in June to get holiday ideas from everyone.

      Thanks also for the list of books that you read. I read Not in the NFL and I’ll be reviewing it next week. Lone Wolf is on my TBR.

  • I have an idea for next summer when you guys go on your vacations. In June I’ll ask you to post the countries/cities that you will be visiting and I’ll ask the locals to provide tips for places to visit including quaint out of the way locations that only someone who lives there would know. But it won’t be free because you’ll have to tell us about your holidays when you return. 😀

  • Vacation? What vacation? All I got was a bunch of knights, a medieval campsite and lots lots lots of rain 😉
    Okay it wasn’t too bad, but it did indeed left me wanting to go toa tropical deserted island with a bunch of books and some prety hot man servants.

    My summer reading this year wasn’t really interesting. A lot of short stories with some hot smexxin’. What did stand out was a non-m/m series by Toni McGee Causey: Charmed and Dangerous (also called Bobbie Faye’s very very very bad day), Girls just wanna have guns and When a man loves a weapon.

    Boy, did I ever identify with a main character! ‘Cause when Bobbie Faye has a bad day, she really has a bad day and damn are we a like much (except I don’t have a governor running like mad when he sees me, although, my co-worker…)

    Reading these books made my days so much bearable!

    • Larissa
      You know you’ll never get me to read het books. I’ve had my fill of them. 🙂 They do sound like a lot of fun though. lol

      Sorry you were so annoyed about the knights this year 😯 but maybe next year they will learn to behave. 😀 That tropical island is the place to be.

      Now that you’re no longer the knights’ handmaiden I hope to see a lot more of you on the site.

      • Well it was non-erotic because I’m not interested in those any longer either. It was romantic, but in a good way. And damn Bobbie Faye sure can kick some ass.

        It wasn’t all bad, the show went great, but all the work was too much combined with a fulltime job.

        Anyways, yes, I should be around a bit more now. Though I have a tendacy to hide with a book in my bed 😉 But i missed this place and you! 🙂

  • First, I want to go with Ingrid on her next vacation!
    This summer I’ve been reading old favorite & new favorite authors:

    Josh Lanyons “Come Unto These Yellow Sands” – a beautiful story all around

    Helen Saito “Under Contract” a society where sex slavery has been legalized (intense but very good)

    “Lines in the Sand” Lyn Gala (loved it!)

    Tuareg by Sarah Black (loved it!)

    Timing by Mary Calmes

    Life Lessons 1, 1.5 + 2 by Kaje Harper (I love Mac & Tony and look forward to book 3)

    • Don’t Ingrid’s vacations sound wonderful? She should take all of us. 🙂

      I’m not sure that I like AU books about sex slavery but I read a few others on your list and loved them. I have to get on with Life Lessons 1 & 2 soon before 3 is published. 🙂

  • I’m one of the Europeans that didn’t go vacationing in France 🙂 Hubby and I went to the UK (partially because of the GLBT UK Fiction Meet) for a week of camping.
    We had a great holiday (a week without the boys is heaven 😀 ), and we had lovely weather too (while the kids kept texting about rain at home).

    What I read? Well, aside from a bunch of HSD stories (36), I read ‘Fragile’ by Monika Krasnorada, ‘The Lord’s Tale’ by Sue Brown, ‘Muffled Drum’ by Erastes, the British Flash anthology, ‘Left of Center’ by Zathyn Priest, ‘Language Lessons’ by Jay Bell, and ‘Over the Mountain of the Moon’ by Reiko Morgan.

    I have to admit that I read most of these during the trips to and back (and on the Ferry). Plenty of time to read while hubby’s driving. I love my ereader 😀

    I was in the middle of reading the Matthew Shardlake series by CJ Sansom just before we went to the UK (finished the second part the night before we left), but I really didn’t want to bring any actual books with me … and I still have to get back to that series …
    So many books on my to-read list.

    Typing this list reminds me how terribly behind I am on updating my GoodReads sigh

    • Hi Blaine
      Another camping fan – you and Jen’s family should join forces. 🙂 You were lucky with the weather because most of the readers from England talked about the rain and cold they had all summer.

      Except for Muffled Drum I haven’t read any of books on your list. I can see I have a lot of new books to add to the pile.

      • Hubby and I have mostly been lucky with the weather while camping in the UK. We do occasionally suffer rain, but never enough to ruin the holiday (and no rain this year at all)

        I actually met Jen during the GLBT UK Fiction Meet, so she might have seen our VW campervan at the parking lot. It’s a rust bucket, but great to spend our holidays in 🙂

        I think that next to Muffled Drum, Over the Mountain of the Moon is my favourite book on that list, with Left of Center as a very good third 🙂
        The Lord’s Tale is the third in a series, btw.

        Oh, and the CJ Sansom series is non m/m, but an absolutely brilliant mystery series (set mid 1500s)

  • Those of you who know me or read my blog will know that I go on camping holidays. I go three times a year – once at the end of May and at the beginning and end of August. Due to the vagaries of the British weather I don’t take my book reader when I go camping because I worry about it getting wet so I store up paperbacks to take with me when I go. I seem to be on a bit of a fantasy bent when I’m not reading m/m romance because all the paperback books I read whilst on holiday were fantasies!

    This year I read:
    The first 3 books in Lynn Flewelling’s Nightrunner series.
    Lord of the White Hell 1&2 by Ginn Hale.
    Melusine by Sarah Monette
    Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner
    Storm Front by Jim Butcher

    It rained a lot this year, especially when I went last week, but I still enjoy it because we go with friends and it’s nice to socialise.

    • Hi Jen
      I know that you enjoy camping and go as often as you can. Obviously that hardy British spirit. 🙂 What I found amazing about the responses to this post is the difference (except for France) in most of the holidays mentioned in the comments.

      Thanks for your book recs. I only read the first book in the Nightrunner series but I did read both Lord of the White Hell books as well as Swordspoint and absolutely loved them. I’ll make a note about the others for the future since fantasy was one of the first genres that I read. Other readers will enjoy your suggestions as well.

      How can one enjoy camping in the rain? Aren’t flies and being bitten bad enough without being wet all the time? 😆


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