Junkyard: Gay Bordello Stories #1, Beads

Title: Junkyard: Gay Bordello Stories #1, Beads
Author: Jaye Valentine
Cover Artist: Reno MacLeod
Publisher: M & V Tailz
Buy link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: 9,900 words
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Review Summary: A dip into the hottest in gay entertainment just outside Reno, Nevada with Mistress Mercedes spinning the naughtiest and kinkiest fantasies that you won’t find anywhere else.


As headwaiter in an upscale restaurant in Reno, Nevada, Grant makes a great living, leads a comfortable life, and has a terrific bunch of friends. The only damper on his existence in “The Biggest Little City in the World” is Grant’s continued barricading of himself inside the closet. Only his roommate Kaitlyn is aware that he’s gay, and he takes great pains to keep it that way.

One Friday night, Grant and Kaitlyn host the weekly poker game held at their apartment. Too much liquor and fear of losing an unusual wager cause Grant to do exactly that, and he faces a significant dilemma. How is he supposed to obtain evidence that he has had sex in a legal Nevada brothel when he doesn’t sleep with women, ever? With the term of the bet running out, a chance meeting with a member of a special club might provide the jackpot needed to change Grant’s luck, and perhaps even his life.

Throw down your money, spin the wheel and toss the dice—anything can happen at Mistress Mercedes’ Junkyard!


Junkyard: Beads is the first of several weekly releases of short stories by Jaye Valentine that he hopes will tittilate and amuse readers whenever they have a spare hour, more and less. In Beads Grant, his roommate Kaitlyn, and their friends Shawn and Mason worked at the upscale restaurant Snake Eyes in different capacities. Grant had it bad for Mason who was straight unfortunately, but he never let on to his friends that he was gay – the only person who knew his secret was Kaitlyn. One evening they were playing poker at Grant’s and Kaitlyn’s apartment when the stakes in the game changed and Grant found himself holding the losing cards. To redeem his bet he had to have sex with a prostitute and bring back the evidence. How could he come up with evidence that he had sex in a brothel with a woman when he was gay and had never had sex with a female? But the gods were smiling on Grant when he visited the world famous Lady Diablo’s ranch and met Carlton, another employee of his company, who suggested they visit a bordello that he said contained “the best all-you-can-eat buffet in Reno …… where you’re limited only by your imagination.”

When they arrived at the location Carlton was so high on Grant thought that maybe there was a mistake because the exterior was a junkyard littered with derelict vehicles, and the building wasn’t that inviting either, but the interior exceeded his wildest dreams. The owner, the elegant and beautiful gender illusionist Mistress Mercedes, owner and head Madam was exquisite and unlike anyone Grant  had ever met and she charmed the pants off him. But there was someone else at the bordello who made him pick his tongue up off the floor –  Jaguar, the exotic creme de la creme of Mistress Mercedes’ collection. This is how the emcee described Jaguar:

“Sleek, shiny, long and firm, this Jaguar more than lives up to the sexy reputation of his automobile namesake. He purrs like a contented kitten when idling, but rev him up and this wildcat goes from zero-to-heaven in less than four seconds. Jaguar has an elegant, seven-and-a-half-inch cut cock, enjoys roleplaying and sex toys, and he adores older men”

Could Grant score a night with Jaguar, the most sought after delicious main course AND dessert in the establishment?

The Junkyard is the place of dreams for a gay man, as Grant discovered. This no-holds barred bordello provided the best in gay entertainment at a price only the wealthy and their friends could afford and was definitely not your ordinary night out with a hooker. He realized that Carlton was right – he was limited only by his imagination, as Jaguar gave him an evening between the sheets most men never experience and one he would long remember as the classy Jaguar, although barely of legal age, was obviously very skilled in the art of giving pleasure.

As always Jaye Valentine gives readers great world building and characters. The establishment is as much a star of the story as the protagonists and I thought that the safety precautions were a great touch especially the cock check. 🙂 That alone should have been worth the price of admission. I’m definitely looking forward to visiting the different rooms in the establishment

The Junkyard (I’ve linked the announcement about the series) is obviously a lot of fun and doesn’t pretend to be anything but a frolic  into an exotic fairyland. It’s not a romance (at least not yet) and there’s no angst, (trust me, I searched high and low and couldn’t find any), 😆  but there is a lot of heavy breathing. 🙂 The characters are all well drawn but I thought that Mistress Mercedes stole the show just by the mere strength of her personality and great presence even though Jaguar was the star of Beads.

There’s a story behind Mistress Mercedes’ junkyard but you’ll have to read the story to find out about it.

If you’re looking for an entertaining, exciting, kinky sexy adventure with a terrific backdrop and just a great read put on your high heels and enter the world of The Junkyard.

Coming up next is Twins, otherwise known as Taurus and Sable.

Definitely recommended.



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