Can’t Be His (His #3)

Title: Can’t Be His (His #3)
Author: Shawn Lane
Cover Artist: Trace Edward Zaber
Publisher: JMS Books
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Amazon: – N/A
Genre: Contemporary M/M, light BDSM
Length: 26 PDF pages
Rating: 2.75 stars out of 5

A guest review by Lasha



Summary Review: This short story only skims the surface of the characters, so much so I just couldn’t enjoy it fully.



Sequel to Accidentally His & Becoming His.

Exterminator Lonnie “Roach” Raines and ice skater Alexi Summerville have been friends and roommates for years, but they’ve never taken their relationship to the next level.

When Alexi’s coach wants him to train for the World Championship in another state, however, Roach is forced to examine his feelings before he loses Alexi, possibly for good.

His Series


Can’t Be His is the next installment in the His series by Shawn Lane. I really enjoyed the two previous novels and was eagerly looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, Can’t Be His just doesn’t have enough plot or characterization depth for me to give it a higher rating.

The premise of Can’t Be His is that opposites attract. Lonnie “Roach” Raines and Alexi Summerville seem like polar opposites. Roach is an exterminator, hence the nickname, and Alexi is a world-class ice skater looking to capture a World Championship. They are roommates and friends, but each is secretly in love with the other. With his coach wanting Alexi to move out of California to train elsewhere, Roach decides it is now or never to let Alexi know of his feelings. Will or won’t they be reciprocated?

That is the climax of the story and plot is wrapped up in 26 easy pages. While I know it is hard to delve deeply into a more intricate plot and complex characterizations in a short story, Can’t Be His just didn’t grab me the way the other books in this series did. I wanted to like Roach and Alexi, as their back-story seemed very interesting, however, it needed more…more pages, more plot…just more.

So, I can only recommend to fans of Shawn Lane or the His series and that is with reservations as discussed.



  • Lasha
    I read the other two stories but will probably pass on this one because 26 pages doesn’t seem to be enough to fully explore a relationship, even in the hands of an experienced writer like Shawn. However, I have to give her high marks for her “opposites attract” pairing – an exterminator and a dancer?????

    • I thought the ice skater and exterminator thing was cool too. Mmmm…maybe I should give up shifters, vampires and cops and focus on exterminators.

  • I read and enjoyed “Becoming His” but it was a longer story, so you had a chance to get to know the characters.
    Thanks for the review, I may check it out just because I did like the previous story.


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