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Today I’m profiling author Josephine Myles from Great Britain who is well known to most of the readers who are regulars on the site and also in her own right as an author. Profiles are different from interviews because you get to ask the questions, not me, and I think that Jo is an ideal candidate because she’s so multi faceted. She has a lot of spunk and is never short of opinions on any topic you care to introduce, which is how I met her. 😆 I wanted to profile her so that you could get to know the real Jo *not sure that’s a good thing, but what the hell* 😈

Jo is very talented and was one of the authors who spearheaded the recent Tea and Crumpet and British Flash anthologies which celebrate “Britishness” – i.e. what it means to be queer in Britain past and present. Jo had a major role in acquisition and subsequent editing of the stories, not an easy task. Here’s what she has to say about herself : 🙂


Hi there, I’m Josephine Myles, but seeing as how that’s a bit of a mouthful, you can call me Jo. I’ve been writing gay erotic short stories for the last couple of years, and now finally have my first novel coming out tomorrow. Thanks for inviting me onto the site, Wave!

So who am I? Well, I’ve never been particularly good at doing what was expected of me, as I have a rebellious streak a mile wide. I also have an insatiable curiosity about the world around me and truly believe real life is much stranger than fiction. Fortunately, these dubious qualities, combined with a rather feckless existence moving between countless jobs and addresses, have proved invaluable as a writer. The two years spent living on a narrowboat were particularly inspiring, and when at parties I still like to bore enthrall listeners with watery tales.

I’m still not entirely sure why I’ve landed myself a gay muse who insists I write him plenty of smut, but hey, I’m not complaining! At the moment he keeps muttering in my ear about how I really should write him some BDSM. I keep threatening him with a big stick, but I think the idea of getting hit excites him. Come to think of it, that’s probably why he wants the BDSM…

I live in Somerset, England, with a long-suffering husband and mischievous daughter. I have a habitual preference for comedy rather than tragedy, am addicted to tea and allergic to housework. Honest. I’ve got a doctor’s note and everything.

Hope you enjoy the stories,

Jo x

Jo has quite a backlist for someone who hasn’t been writing very long. She has written many short stories, most of them published in anthologies, as well as a couple of ‘shorts.‘ Some of her published stories are shown below starting with the two projects she spearheaded – Tea and Crumpet and British Flash. This is some of what she said when I interviewed her back in July and asked how she and a group of authors managed to persuade British writers to be part of this project where they would be donating their talents:

A combination of threats and bribery! Seriously, I was amazed and extremely grateful that so many talented and popular writers submitted stories, especially as we couldn’t offer any kind of remuneration and I’ve never edited an anthology before.”

….. and about the process

“A very steep learning curve, but an awful lot of fun. I think my favourite moments were reading stories from first time authors and discovering some absolute gems. That gave me a real buzz.”


Here are some of Jo’s stories

Tea and Crumpet (UK MAT) –  Blooming Marvellous

Respectable businessman James isn’t the type who usually ends up on a community service order, but streetwise graffiti artist Ky is more than happy to show him the ropes. Attraction blossoms over the municipal flowerbeds, but what future could there possibly be for two so very different men?

British Flash
(UK MAT) – Giving it Up

Gay men can’t donate blood without breaking the rules, can they? A student protester caught in the act is mortified to have to explain himself to the bloke he fancies.


First Impressions (TQ)

When ugly socks attract.

Surly artist Jez just can’t help staring at the brightly colored socks of the businessman who sits opposite him on the train every day. He weaves a whole history for the mysterious stranger in a vain attempt to stave off his attraction, but it only ends up feeding his bizarre obsession. Then one hot morning, Jez finally snaps and starts sketching…




Getting Better (TQ) –  Last Chance (First Impressions #3)

Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.

Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts. Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history. Steve, however, is determined to prove that he loves Jez just the way he is — and he’ll even do it before he finishes knitting his first pair of socks…



The Handsome PrinceThe Frog Prince

When diffident bookseller Simon Goodchild volunteers for the Henley Organic Allotment group, he’s only looking for a way to spend more time with its charismatic leader, Jasper Fitzroy. An evening helping frogs cross the road isn’t Simon’s idea of a hot date, but the horny amphibians bring the two men closer together…


When a Man Loves a ManHalfway Up the Stairs

When Charlie wakes up alone and remembers arguing with his boyfriend the night before, it seems like nothing will resolve the situation. Josh wants them to move, but Charlie is too attached to the house. It’s not just all the work he’s put into it, though, it’s all the memories. One memory in particular, of standing hidden halfway up the stairs, watching and wanting…




Insta Love – Dreamspinner Press

When Skip wakes up next to a naked man, his first impulse is to kick the stranger out as quickly as possible, especially when the stranger wants to stay and get to know him better. It turns out that the previous night was Wildman’s first experience with a mood patch, and Skip treats his affectionate advances with cynicism, believing them to be nothing more than the aftereffects of the Insta-Love™. But attraction and mixed emotions will fool them both as they learn more about love.


Jo’s first novel Barging In will be released by Samhain Publishing on Tuesday, September 20 and she’s going on a blog tour to celebrate this event. Here’s some information and a link to the tour.  All comments during the tour will be entered into a prize draw for a 10 x7 signed and mounted print of her photograph of the Kennet and Avon canal, near Bath –  used on the cover of Barging In! The draw is on October 2nd and to enter you need to leave your email address in the body of your comments so that Jo can get in touch with the winner. This site does not do blog tours but it seems that timing is everything, so unofficially I guess this is the first stop on the tour.

Jo will be giving away a copy of Barging In to one of the commenters on her profile. I know you have lots of questions – she lived on a damn boat for chrissakes!!!

Ever the opportunist, Jo asked me to remind you to visit her website for saucy free reads and regular blog posts.

Jo’s Contact Information



I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • “When ugly socks attract” has to be the best blurb hook ever! And the story lived up to it.

    I did the tourist “river trip” in Bath about 100 years ago (ok, 17) and never suspected a network of canals attached. Silly American. Must read and learn. And drool. I know someone who’s been looking smug about having read “Barging In” already. Can I smack her for gloating?

    • Thanks Pam – it was my most inspired blurb writing moment ever, I think. Wish I could come up with hooks like that every time…

      Actually, 17 years ago the canal system might not have been in very good shape. It was allowed to fall into disrepair for a long time, before a concerted effort was made to maintain them in the 80s and 90s.

      And yes, smack away. Was it Chris? or Tam? I dunno, these book bloggers who get sent ARCs… 😉

  • Congrats on the new release, Jo. I just have to say Barging In has the most exquisite cover. Just, wow! Can’t wait to read it now. (I know, I know. I’m easy–I mean easily influenced.)

    • Thank you Buda! It’s so good to hear that about the cover – isn’t it hot?! I was amazed to see such a raunchy picture on there when I was sent the proof – not that I’m complaining or anything… 😉

  • Congrats on tomorrow’s release! :hurrah: I so loved First Impressions. I’ve thought of that story several times when I caught a glimpse of a particularly flashy pair of socks. Who knew socks could bring two people together?

  • I can’t wait for the release tomorrow! My questions: what do you like most and least about writing? And do you have a ritual you perform to get in the zone when you write a smutty scene? Deets please. 🙂

    • Thanks Ella!

      What I like most and least… Hmm – I think the excitement of a new idea has to be the best bit. Before you begin writing the story looks so perfect. I also love it when my characters take control of a scene, even if it is alarming at times.

      What I like least about writing is staying focused on longer pieces, and working through the difficult part where the crisis is building towards the end. Sometimes it’s so painful to have to drag the characters through it – I don’t like seeing them suffer, but it’s necessary for a really satisfying read.

      Uh, smut rituals? I make a cup of tea to help relax (I drink a lot of tea), then I spend a long time sitting there in front of the computer with my eyes closed, trying to feel the scene in every last little detail. I want to know all the sensory feedback the character would be getting, and exactly how it makes them feel. It can be intense and I usually find writing the smutty bits mentally exhausting. I end up having to go and lie down to recover 😉

    • Hi Lou! :hug:

      Ah, Jane Austen. She hated Bath, yet they have a museum to her there! 😕

      The idea of all that research is so daunting, yet I have to admit the urge is there. I have an idea for a novella set in the 1970s – I’m not sure if that’s long enough ago to qualify, but I’m fairly certain I’ll write that one over the next year or two. It calls to me…

  • Great to see you here Jo and congrats on the new release! I’m looking forward to welcoming you on my blog next week, too, you’ll be all Blogged Out at this rate :).

    I’ve spent several holidays on narrowboats though I’m not sure I’d want to live on one full-time. But what I love is the way it forces us (i.e. me!) to slow down and move at a more relaxed pace. See the world as you pass by!

    What I love in your fiction is the blend of romance, drama and wit – especially British wit! Do you really think there’s a vast difference in humour in different countries, or are the principles the same? Also, do you ever find yourself holding back because you’re worried your readers won’t understand a joke that’s too specific to the UK?

    • Hi Clare – lovely to see you too! Yeah, I’m feeling blogged out today, all right!

      The canal does force you to slow right down, doesn’t it? I love that way of life. Boaters have a totally different concept of time, and hardly any of them seem to wear watches.

      As for the humour – yes, I have had to hold back on certain gags when they’ve been based on very British word usage or aspects of our popular culture. I’ll let the odd one slip through now and then (it was fun doing that in Tea and Crumpet), but on the whole I think it’s offputting to readers from other countries so I do resist the urge. Fortunately, and awful lot of humour translates across international boundaries. Slapstick in particular, and all kinds of absurdist humour.

      My favourite kind of humour is situation comedy, where your expectations are built up for one scene outcome, and then it’s something completely different and possibly ridiculous. I’m fairly sure that type of comedy is universal, especially if everyone knows the genre conventions. I like leading people in one direction and then pulling the rug out from under their feet 😀


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