New Sheriff in Town – Riptide Publishing

On October 30 Riptide Publishing will open its doors for all those M/M readers looking for something new and different. This is what their PR announcement says:

“We are a boutique purveyor of some of the finest gay fiction, romance, and erotica available today. Riptide Publishing seeks to fill a critical niche in the M/M market.”

Riptide promises: “quality books, pristinely packaged, that will satisfy readers’ desires for rich, plotty, well-edited stories.”

The company is co-owned by Rachael Haimowitz, Managing Editor; Aleksandr Voinov, Senior Editor; and Chris Hawkins, Marketing Director.

The authors currently under contract include L.A. Witt, Damon Suede, Peter Hansen, Andrea Speed, Cat Grant, Storm Grant, Brita Addams, Bryl Tyne,  Rhianon Etzweiler, Kari Gregg and of course Rachel and Aleks. The Art Director is L.C. Chase.

Books can be pre-ordered starting tomorrow, October 1.

For more information check out Riptide’s website.



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  • Looking forward to this new publisher. I’m wishing for long, plotty, mystery and suspect, dangerous endearing gun toting guys, clever dialogue, wit and a touch of romance. Is that too much to ask for? 😉

    • Oh, I’d love a good mystery or thriller, absolutely. But yes, our books are definitely pretty plotty on average. We don’t believe that “two guys meet, falls instantly in love and fuck” is enough plot for anything but a short erotica story.


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