Happy Thanksgiving Canada

Today is the Canadian Thanksgiving. We’re all proud of our country and thankful to be living here. There’s so much to enjoy and each province is unique and beautiful –  from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador in the east to Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon in the north and west. No, this is not a geography lesson, 😆 – we just want to invite you to visit and sample the best that Canada has to offer. 🙂

Most Canadians won’t be able to tell you what they most enjoy about living here, whether it’s skiing in Whistler, British Columbia or the Quebec Winter Carnival, the breathtaking view of the Rockies in Alberta, Edge Walking on the CN Tower in Toronto or whale watching in New Brunswick. Maybe it’s hockey? Canadian football? Baseball? The food? Oh yes, the food!! Whatever it is, we love it here and we are all thankful. There may not be a lot of us compared to other countries but that means there’s more food to go around come Thanksgiving time. 🙂 We’re going to give that turkey the best time of her life and stuff her until she bursts. Seconds anyone??


    • Hi LC
      Your flag doesn’t show maybe because you’re moving around. 😕 I have no idea why but I know you’re Canadian.

      We had a wonderful day weatherwise. It’s the best I can remember in a long time, 25C and sunny. Sorry you had rain but I thought it always rained in BC – except when it snows in Whistler. 😆

      Happy Thanksgiving. 🙂

  • Just popped in to read your reveiw on Dead Run, also one of my fav authors and spotted the Happy Thanksgiving up there….as im full of turkey as well and its amost bed time in Alberta, ill just say it back. Happy thanksgiving! and great digs you got here…Ill be back to explore when im more alert!

    • Hi
      Thank you for dropping by and checking out both Dead Run and the Thanksgiving post. Did you know that we’re interviewing Will and Taylor? There’s a post on the site asking fans to submit questions.

      I’m so glad your Thanksgiving went well and today you and I will suffer the consequences. 😀

  • Living in a border city, I feel a great connection to Canada and want to wish all of my neighbors to the north (and west 🙂 ) a happy Thanksgiving. My mouth is watering at the thought of turkey and we down here have to wait another month and a half. 🙁

    • Jeff
      Thanks. You’re like a native because you’re always visiting, so you should enjoy some virtual turkey. 😀

      Still trying to get you on the Edge Walk on the CN Tower. 😯

      6 weeks is not a long time to wait for your Thanksgiving and I’ll celebrate with you.


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