Jack Colby: Back in Action

jack colbyTitle: Jack Colby: Back in Action
Author: Dave Benbow
Cover Artist: N/A
Publisher: Palari Pubishing
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Genre: Action/Adventure/M/M Romance
Length: Novel (266 paperback pages)
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: Okay, so the guys are all physically perfect – handsome, macho and built, and have hot sex with each other – but Dave Benbow’s books are great escapist fun that completely absorb me every time, and his latest did not disappoint.

The Blurb: Jack Colby: Back in Action” by Dave Benbow is as hot as his previous novel, “Summer Cruising.” This time we follow rugged Marine Jack Colby as he is called back into military action for a covert operation in the Middle East. Along the way he is pursued by several “straight” hunks who guard their masculinity with their life. But once they meet Jack and fight side-by-side with him, they develop an attraction that can’t be denied. The action moves from Hawaii to the Middle East and back to San Francisco as we follow Jack on his mission to save the world…and find love.

The Review: I had read and thoroughly enjoyed Dave Benbow’s previous books several years back, but thought he had given up writing as it had been a few years since his last book. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his latest release pop up in my Amazon recommendations. One might feel his books are perhaps a bit… ‘over the top’ shall I say, being full of perfect specimens of gay men having hot sex, and living larger than life existances, but these books are also a lot of fun to read. If you want to lose yourself in a fun and sexy adventure, then you’ve found the right author.

As the blurb says, the story centers around Jack Colby, an ex Navy Seal who has been keeping a very low profile since being dishonorably discharged. Jack is, as Mr. Benbow describes him:

“tall, six feet, two inches, and he had the dark good looks that clearly showed the pure Polynesian blood of his mother’s side of the family. A nose that would have seemed too wide on anyone else anchored his face, square and handsome. On Jack, however, it worked. His complexion was dark, as was his shortly cropped hair. His teeth, unnaturally white and straight, gleamed in stark contrast to his dark stubble and deeply tanned skin.”

Although I wanted to hate Jack for his perfection (this usually turns me off in M/M romances), I quickly learned that although he may be perfect on the outside, he carried deep scars inside from the circumstances surrounding his discharge from the Navy. The reader gets bits and pieces of his back story, but not until later when you’ve grown to like Jack, do you get the whole story. This is primarily an action/adventure story, but there’s also a secondary story about misplaced guilt and second chances in both life and love. I love a good adventure story as much as the next guy, but I found Jack’s journey to forgiving himself his perceived failures and finding love again added some depth to the book that I hadn’t expected.

And along the way during Jack’s adventures, he meets some hot gay men (all handsome and built of course) to distract him. The sex is hot, but more importantly it was part of Jack’s journey and character growth. And actually, there are only 3 encounters in the 266 pages. So sex is secondary to the mission that Jack is on. His first encounter in the book was about having fun with a hot and willing guy, but afterward we learn that Jack is no longer satisfied with meaningless sex. This is where we see that there’s more to Jack than 8 pack abs (is that even possible?) and an incredibly handsome face.

There is of course a romance that develops along the way, and I loved reading how this improbable couple gets together. And Mr. Benbow deals with their obvious problems with an ongoing romance realistically. The majority of the story deals with the assignment that Jack accepts – taking him across the globe from Hawaii to San Francisco to the Mideast. The mission was interesting and the adventure was enjoyable, but not too over the top as could have easily happened.

If your a fan of M/M action/adventure stories, I recommend Dave Benbow’s latest adventure , Jack Colby: Back in Action.



  • Hi TJ-
    About once a month I google myself and see if there’s anything online about my books. I just came across your very kind review today, and I wanted to say thanks for the good words! Yes, JACK COLBY is the first in a series and I’m working on the next one now (even though I do seem to be avoiding the keyboard lately) and the next Jack Colby book can be summed up in one word: Amazon! (…uh, the jungle/river, not the retail site)
    As for the minor irritation that all my characters seem to be uber-hot and built, well, I write what I would want to read, and I like uber-hot, built guys. Specifically, uber-hot, built guys having really great sex. Don’t hate the playa, TJ, hate the game. 😉
    Again, thanks so much for being so kind about my book, and I’m glad to know there is some expectation for another…
    Have a great week,
    Dave Benbow

    • Hi Dave,
      I’m so glad you stopped by. As you can tell, I really enjoyed Jack Colby a lot! And it’s good to hear that you are working on a sequel. :hurray2:
      As for the super hot guys – well you made me love them despite myself. But then I also knew from reading your other books to expect the men to be larger than life, and you make it work. But I had to have a little fun with it too. 🙂

    • I hope it lives up to your expectations Jaime. As far as it being a series, it sure seemed like it was set up that way at the end, but there’s no mention of future books from what I read. I’ll be first in line if and when Mr. Benbow writes one!

  • Teej
    We talked about this book and having read your review I’m definitely getting it. You know how much I love action/adventures as a change of pace, and this will fill the spot nicely. A new author and your recommendation, what do I have to lose? Thanks Tj.

  • LOL this sounds like a fun read as well. It kind of reminds me of Hank Edwards’ Fluffers Inc. You got my curiosity piqued.

    8-pack is possible. Seen a guy with an 8-pack once. Gorgeous. Unfortunately he was a dick.

    • It was fun and hard to put down Larissa. I haven’t read Hank Edwards, but now you have me curious.

      Quite honestly 6 or 8 pack abs do nothing for me. I like my men more down to earth and willing to actually eat good food. LOL and sadly some good looking guys know it and can be jerks. I’ll take a nice, kind man over a pretty jerk any day.

  • Thanks for the review and I agree with Raine, a fun story packed with adventure and hot men sounds like a good time to me.

    I was interested in the book and will definitely check it out now!

  • When you say action adventure, I immediately think of Geoffrey Knight. Since I am one of the 2.5 people who didn’t like his series, I’m curious: it’s obvious from your review that Jack Colby isn’t a paper doll, but how about other characters? Are they more than hot and gay? Otherwise, I might skip this to avoid the disappointment.

    • Hi LadyM
      If you don’t enjoy Geoff Knight’s books then this probably won’t appeal to you. This book is less frantically paced than Geoff’s books, but still primarily an action/adventure. You do get insight into Jack’s psyche and to a lesser degree his love interest’s feelings. The other characters – you get motivation and some insight. I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking this is a character study.

      • I have to think about it. It certainly sounds better than F5. I do enjoy adventure, but I hate when there is zero character development. Thanks, TJ!


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