Discovered: Little Boy Lost #4

DiscoveredTitle: Discovered: Little Boy Lost Book Four
Author: J.P. Barnaby
Cover artist: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Buy Link: Genre: Contemporary m/m, young adult
Length: Novel (200 pages)

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

A guest review by Leslie

In a nutshell: Jamie and Brian’s angst-filled journey continues in this fourth book in the series, told (for the first time) from Jamie’s point of view.

Little Boy Lost is the story of Jamie Mayfield, a golden-haired fallen angel. Dumped into a gay rehab center and shunned by his parents, the once-adored son of small-minded, small town people has had to find his own way in life.

Jamie is astonished and dismayed when Brian McAllister, the boy he knows is the other half of his soul, explodes back into his precarious life. In the nearly two years they’ve been apart, not a day has gone by that Jamie hasn’t thought of Brian, no matter how hard surviving has been. How can Jamie protect Brian from the pain and brutalization in his life when he can’t even protect himself? Brian and Jamie will put every bit of themselves into saving each other, but Steven O’Dell isn’t the only obstacle keeping the boys apart. Jamie’s own self-hatred may prove to be their undoing.

I discovered the first book in the Little Boy Lost series, Enlightened, eighteen months ago when it was a self-published indie title. Based on positive word-of-mouth (and I like to think, modestly, my enthusiastic review), the series was picked up for publication by Dreamspinner Press, which started publishing the books in 2011, releasing a new book approximately every two months. Discovered is the fourth book to be released this year.

For the first time, the story is told from Jamie Mayfield’s first person POV. It was good to finally get into Jamie’s head; it’s too bad that it didn’t happen until his life was in a horrible downward spiral. While that spiral was what gave this book its dramatic arc, it was not an easy read.

The story opens exactly where book three, Vanished, left off. Jamie and Brian have come face-to-face after almost two years apart. Trouble is, the setting is not what either of them expected—the set of a porn shoot—and it is obvious that Jamie is not in a good place—obviously stoned and obviously abused. Brian is horrified but Jamie is moreso. Thus the story begins.

The first line: “My name is James Daryl Mayfield, and I am in hell,” is a pretty good synopsis of the story. Through present day narrative and relating of memories, Jamie tells the story of his life from the day he was ripped out of Brian’s arms just weeks after Brian’s 18th birthday (the ending of the first book). Now he is living with Steven O’Dell, his manager/drug dealer/abuser/psycho boyfriend. Jamie is frightened, insecure, and more than a little paranoid, although flashes of his sweet personality come through at times. Unfortunately, the latter moments are all too infrequent.

Barnaby paces her stories as a day-to-day narrative which is effective at immersing the reader in Jamie’s life but it is also unrelenting and pretty grim. It also has the effect of making the story a little repetitious (I noticed the same thing in book three). Fortunately, the driving need to find out what is going to happen and the overall good writing keeps the story from getting boring.

Given what Jamie, Brian, and the other characters are doing to make money (making porn films) there is lots of sex in this book and much of it is not romantic or pleasant. There is one heartbreaking scene where Jamie and Brian are put together for a shoot. Despite their wish to remain detached and dispassionate, they can’t, and end up making love in front of a roomful of onlookers and cameramen. I needed more than a few tissues to get through that part.

My quibbles are few and minor. Steven was a fairly major character and I thought he was sort of two-dimensional. I realize that psychopaths might not be the most nuanced people in the world but I had very little sense of him beyond the fact that he was “a big man” with black hair and dark eyes. A little more embellishment of the character would have strengthened the story—although he was such a villain, part of me didn’t really want to know him better. But therein is the paradox of his two-dimensionality. Second, all the characters had their real names and their pornstar names which were used interchangeably. At times it was a bit of a challenge keeping track of who was who.

The following is personal and not meant to be a criticism but more of an observation. As a mother, I cannot comprehend parents who would cast their child out of their lives because he came out to them. I know it happens—I watch the news after all—but on a certain level, this is just unbelievable to me. So, in that respect, a certain dimension of the story requires some suspension of belief. Like I said, this is personal but I imagine I am not totally alone in this feeling.

All in all, this is a very good addition to this very compelling series. The angst keeps ramping up—I cannot imagine what is in store for me in book five but you can be sure I’ll be reading it.

Definitely recommended. Note: If you are new to this series, you absolutely need to read the books in order. They are not standalones. Also, if you don’t like cliffhanger endings, then you might want to wait until all six books are out before getting started. On the other hand, if you were left hanging after book three, like I was (and books one and two, too), you’ll absolutely want to read this one post haste. Two hundred pages and I read it in about five hours. Yup, I couldn’t put it down.


  • Since Sherry already went there, I’ll add my fervent desire for a HEA. These are two of my favorite characters, and I’m trusting you J. P., but that last title scares me!

  • This series is the cause of my love-hate relationship with J.P.! ( I love to hate her for awhile after I read one!) *waves to J.P.* Almost done LBL #4 and love it, as usual, even though the whole series rips my heart out! Thanks for another wonderful review, Leslie!!

  • I am going to wait until all 6 are out, I think….and after reading all the excerpts from 1-4 just now, there sure as hell better be a HEA!!! :curse:

  • Got it bright and early Monday morning and could not put it down all day until I finished.

    I really like this series and I am dying to read the next one. I think I saw that it comes out in January. I was happy to read Jaime’s POV even though it broke my heart.

    I did not have the same problem believing a child was kicked out because he/she is gay. I think it happens everyday. As a mother of three I would never let that happen but all those shelters with gay youth are not there for the fun of it. I just hope that our society will progress enough one day for it to be unbelievable.

    • Hi Glori, thanks for your comment.

      Re: the getting kicked out–it’s not so much that I don’t believe it (I know this happens), it’s more that as a mother, I can’t imagine behaving that way. While Steven is a villain, I think Jamie’s parents are worse. Because they are off-page, they don’t get raked over the coals the way they should. Maybe in a later book…

  • I was hoping to read this series when it concluded because your reviews have been so positive. I want to thank you for the insightful review, but it looks like I’ll be skipping this series due to the topic in book #4.

    BTW, how did the MC get involved with his psycho bf who pimps him out? (You can email me if that reveals spoilers. Thanks.)

    • I don’t think it is too much of a spoiler as it comes out fairly early in the story. Jamie ran away from the gay rehab center where his parents sent him, then ended up living on the streets. He was frightened and in danger. Steven came along as his “protector” and things went downhill from there.

  • I read the first and than stopped because I need the whole series before I can continue. I read all your reviews and I will cry for a whole weekend when I read them straight through. Great review!

    • Thanks, Lisa. I imagine that reading the books in one fell swoop would be easier on my nerves than this roller coaster ride of waiting for each new book to come out. LOL! Glad you enjoyed the review.

  • Leslie –

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Discovered, and for taking such an interest in the series. The fifth book is with Dreamspinner and I’m working on the final novel now. It’s been an absolutely fantastic ride.


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