Petit Morts #11 – Happily Neverafter

Title: Bittersweet Candy Kisses (All Petit Morts Stories)
Author: Clare London
Cover Artist: Jordan Castillo Price
Publisher: JCP Books LLC
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal M/M
Length: Novelette (18,800 words, 58 PDF pages)
Rating: 4.25 out of 5 stars

Review Summary: An excellent addition to the series, giving Chance and Hunter an opportunity to reconnect in many ways, while getting the job done.


Greece is full of history, so it figures that Chance’s on-again, off-again lover would find him there. Sweets to the Sweet appears in Athens during a string of riots, and the beguiling creature who now goes by the name Hunter has insinuated himself among the staff of a nearby hospital.

Milo Alexakis is a member of the Hellenic Police—and with all the protests and the rioting, he’s ruing the crappy grades and crappier finances that kept him out of university and put him in the daily path of hurled insults, spit wads and cobblestones. American Dave Shaw is ruing the fact that he never managed to learn any Greek before he embarked on the world’s worst vacation, alone.

Cop meets tourist in a brilliant conflagration—and amidst the Molotov cocktails and burning cars, Chance finds the lure of his old flame impossible to resist.


I wrote a piece a year ago about Petit Morts which I linked, that said, in part, “This series has one thread running through each story, the enigmatic and mysterious Chance,  owner of a candy store appropriately called Sweets to the Sweet. If you remember your Shakespeare, when Hamlet’s mother talked about  ”sweets to the sweet,” she was not delivering candy but rather funeral bouquets to the grave of Ophelia, Hamlet’s former lover. Chance is the glue that holds the plots together and helps the protagonists along a path they might not have chosen otherwise.”

Petit Morts now totals 17 books and the last 7 will be released on October 25. If you haven’t read any of the books I would recommend that a good place to start would be with #1, Hue Tint and Shade. Even though these books are standalones I think that you will enjoy the series a lot more if you start at the beginning.

Chance is the heart and soul of the series and he and his shop, Sweets to the Sweet, show up in every book at different locations to help love along or ease someone’s journey into the ever after. But is that all he is, a conduit for love or death? I’m hoping to find out.

In Happily Neverafter Chance and his lover Hunter appear at the same location looking for The One. Was there a sinister reason behind why they were there together? Perhaps they really were there to help the path of true love and reconnect with each other at the same time. Maybe someone’s death was imminent and if so, would it be Chance or Hunter who would “administer” the last rites?

Chance was in Sweets to the Sweet watching the riots in the street while enjoying all the hot police officers who were whizzing by on their motorcycles. In the middle of his fun Dave Shaw burst into the shop, frantic because he had lost his tour bus; he spoke not a word of Greek and had no idea where he was or how to get back to his hotel. His vacation could not be worse – in addition to being dumped by his boyfriend before leaving home and everything else that had happened that day, he found himself lost with no means of transportation, smack in the middle of a riot by protesters against the government’s austerity policies and its economic measures. His life in the US and his job as a massage therapist really was another world away! To make matters worse, almost as if the gods hated him, when Dave ran from the shop into the street he was hit by a motorcycle policeman, Milo Alexakis, and was rushed to the hospital.

Milo was with the Hellenic Police and he always bemoaned his few job opportunities due to a lack of education. On patrol the day when the riots exploded, in the confusion and the crowds he unintentionally hit Dave with his bike and he was himself hurt when he fell, eventually ending up at the same hospital as the injured man. The overworked hospital staff was not exactly feeling charitable towards anyone and Milo soon found himself sent home, without seeing the man he was supposed to have hit with his bike. Chance would need to pull a miracle out of his bag of tricks to help these two potential lovers along, but first he would have to deal with Hunter.

As usual Jordan gave the story several unexpected developments that I didn’t see coming. In addition to flashbacks as we visit Milo’s horrible teenage years being bullied by cowards, we also see some of what could be his future. But what about his partner in the department, Nikolas, a cruel, repulsive womanizer? I wondered what his fate would be — and I didn’t have to wait long.

Milo and Dave were both looking for someone, maybe The One. Would Chance help them on their journey, despite being distracted and seduced by Hunter at a very crucial time, and would Dave accept Chance’s gift even though the packaging was foreign?

Happily Neverafter is another enjoyable and occasionally scary story in the Petit Morts series. The characters were well drawn, especially the very complex and elusive Chance, the pacing was fast and the prose was vintage Jordan Castillo Price. I’m looking forward to meeting Hunter again to see what treats he has in store for Chance. The many twists in the story are what make this such a rich and wonderful series.

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  • Great review. This series is excellent and I suggest new readers read the lot in order – especially the final three.

    • Andy

      You’re absolutely right about this series. The calibre and eloquence of the authors are what make it special. Thanks for commenting.

  • I love this series, the authors always provide fun and thrills with their stories.
    Can’t wait to read this latest batch and I hope the paperback becomes available soon!
    Thanks for the review…

  • It’s hard to comment more on this story other than what you’ve said without giving something away. My initial response to the story as a whole was O.O

    The aftershocks keep coming from that final scene between Hunter and Chance. I keep thinking of what’s going to happen in the next books.

    • I know. I had a difficult time writing the review without spoilers. 🙂 It’s hard to explain the pull of this series because each story is so different.


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