GayRomLit Photos

Hello everyone who went to GayRomLit earlier this month. Many of you promised to send me pictures to post on the site so that those of us who could not attend for various reasons – prior commitments, lack of money, other travel plans, lack of money –  😡 would be able to bask in the atmosphere and at least pretend that we were there. If you do have pictures of authors, bloggers, people drinking in bars with naked men, dancing with Ethan, naked men, Damon’s kilt minus the cock sock, naked men  😆  (I have such a one track mind, sorry), could you please send me some in high resolution, at least 200 x 300 (the size of a book cover), so that I can post them on Sunday? Please identify the people in your pictures.

Thanks guys. I appreciate your help.

If someone would like to write a post about the highlights of the retreat please email me.


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