GayRomLit Photos

Many of us were unable to attend GayRomLit for different reasons so I thought I would bring some of the action to you by way of a small selection of photographs. A few of  the photos have the same people in them and that’s because they were the ones who were kind enough to send me their pictures. I hope you enjoy our small attempt to capture a bit of the fun of GRL. Special thanks to Poppy Dennison, Lara Brukz, L.C. Chase, Amy DiMartino, J.P. Barnaby and Ethan Day for sending me photos and links. Thanks also to Aunt Lynn for saving my bacon with the  damn pictures. You rock Lynn :skoal:

I’m also linking to a special anthology in PDF format for GRL called Don’t Read in the Closet. It’s free, so you can share it among your friends. (Note that it’s pretty big, so it may take a moment to download)

Here are links to J.P. Barnaby’s GayRomLit post, K-Lee Klein’s album and Tracy Ward’s GRL album

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more pictures from M.L. Rhodes’ album. 🙂

ML said, and I quote “I have to say, this was, bar none, the BEST retreat/conference/writing event I’ve ever attended! Huge, huge kudos to the organizers–Lynn Lorenz, Ethan Day, J.P. Bowie, Amanda Young, and Carol Lynne. These five put an incredible amount of work into this event and they should all be awarded gold medals for it! It was a great four days!”

Geoff Knight, Ethan Day, Poppy Dennison

Lara Brukz, JP Barnaby and Ethan Stone

Damon Suede in kilt

Blake Deveraux & Ethan Stone

Treva Harte,  Damon, A.J. Kelton, Blake Deveraux


William Cooper & LC Chase

Joyee Flynn, Dalton and Jason

Rick Reed_Damon Suede

Heidi Cullinan and Marie Sexton

Barry Brennessel, Amber Kell, Amanda Young

Damon Suede and Poppy Dennison at Juke Joint

Heidi Cullinan, Amy D. & Marie Sexton

Amy & Rick R_ Reed

Terry Wylis and TD McKinney

Missy Welsh and Poppy


Geoff, Teresa, Barry, Tracy

Clare London, Amy D. & Isabelle Rowan

Rowan and Kate McMurray

Poppy and ZAM

Rowan Speedwell. Heidi C., ZAM, J.P. Barnaby, Belinda McB.

Clare London and M.L. Rhodes

Lynn, Damon Suede

Ellis Carrington & Damon groping Ethan Stone

Tracy, TA Chase, Carol Lynne, Amy

Belinda and Poppy

M.L. Rhodes, John (who used to review for the site) and two friends, Anne and Jo showing off their tats and John’s ass.

Eden Winters

Rowan Speedwell and Anel Viz

Devon Rhodes and M.L. Rhodes

Amy and Geoff Knight

E.M. Lynley, Amy, Katherine, Angel & Brandon the bartender


M.L. Rhodes

LaFittes in Exile


And that’s a wrap for GRL 2011. See you next year! :biglove:


  • It truly was the most amazing time! I can’t wait for next year! Everyone was so fun and I am so glad you liked some of the photos guys!

  • These brought back such great memories! Thanks for the round-up Wave, and thanks to all those who took pics when most of mine seem to be of empty glasses on the floor or unidentified people’s elbows! 🙂

    • Hi Clare
      You’re welcome. Glad you enjoyed them. Boy you sure got around judging by all the pictures. 😀 I know the feeling about pictures ending up as a wobbly blob or someone’s elbow. 😎

        • We understand about the economy in Great Britain right now Clare, so wearing one outfit for the entire retreat is not something you should be ashamed of. 🙁 Things will get better…. we hope. 😕

  • I think I was too distracted to take pictures, so I’ve been enjoying looking at everybody else’s. (My camera never even made it out of my suitcase.) (I’m the Kate sitting with Rowan Speedwell in that photo in the middle.)

    Man, that whole trip was a ton of fun. Plus there’s the unintended benefit of looking forward to next year and learning to spell “Albuquerque”!

      • If y’all are having too much trouble typing Albewhosiwhatsit, might I point out how easy it is to spell San Francisco? A city that typically has great weather in October. It has also been known to be gay-friendly, and easily accessible for those without cars. Just sayin’… :whistle: 😉

        Stupid question time: are Devon and M.L. Rhodes sisters or do they just happen to have the same surname and look a helluva lot alike? I’d never made the connection before, it’s a common enough name. But seeing the pictures 😮

        • Hi Jeayci! Wave is right, ML’s last name is a pen name and Rhodes is my maiden name. But I would totally adopt her as my sis in truth! 😀

          Must also take a bit of credit for helping to convince John to drop trou in the courtyard, and also being the one to take the tat picture with John’s ass-ets showing. 😉

          Great recap Wave! Sorry, I was offline this week or I’d have sent you some of my shots too. xoxo

          • Hi Devon

            I’m sorry too because I’m sure that your pics are great. Maybe you could send me a few of your best and I’ll add them. However please don’t send anything bigger than 500 x 500 pixels. Some people sent me HUGE pics which I couldn’t upload because the system refused to accept them.

            Thanks for the picture of John. He’ll never live it down now that his ass-ets are on display

          • And I’d totally adopt Devon as my sis as well! 🙂 Yes, she was the photographer…she helped lure John to the courtyard. And I was one of the guilty parties who lured John to the tattoo parlor in the first place. Hehehe! 👿

            • Hi M.L.
              Thanks for pointing me to your GRL photos. Now everyone gets to enjoy at least a few of them.

              You and Devon really do look like sisters. Are you sure there’s no relationship? 😮 Kidding!!!

              Kudos to Devon for getting John to drop trou and to you for luring him to the tattoo parlour. 😎

            • I’m not sure if those answers make me feel more or less silly for asking! Like I said, I’d never made any connection before (and I was pretty sure at least one was a psued), but wow do y’all look alike in that photo! At least enough to be sisters, anyway. Coinkydinks can be funny things. 🙂

              Wave, cold evenings just means everyone has an excuse to get all cozy! :flirt:

          • Hey, that’s my thigh, my ass is pointed the other way. Yes, Devon took our pic and I did have to be convinced to do it, but I’m glad we did. Jo was my roommate for grl. Anne and Jo first met, clicked, then I clicked with Anne. And M.L.’s son found the tat palor online. We all got a tat. It was a great experience, the tat and grl.

        • Hi Jeayci

          You’re right about SF being a lot easier to spell but I’ve been there in October and the evenings are damn cold. 😀

          I don’t believe M.L. and Devon are related since “M.L. Rhodes” is a pseud 😕


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