RIP Bobby Michaels

Bobby Michaels, whose books I absolutely adore and who was one of the first interviews on my old blog, passed away yesterday morning at about 3.00 A.M.

Bobby was an incredible writer and human being, and despite his many serious illnesses he continued to write those wonderful books which garnered him many fans.

Bobby had a stroke years ago and he had to relearn how to type, which made his achievements even more remarkable. Several weeks ago Bobby had a severe fall which resulted in a broken shoulder, and he was recuperating at home having been released from a care facility where he spent a few weeks.

Most of Bobby’s books have been reviewed on the site because, as I mentioned earlier, I’m a huge fan and I’m going to miss him as will all of his other fans. If you want to know more about Bobby and his books here’s his interview of November 5, 2008 which gives you a small window into his life. It’s very funny but when I re-read the interview I realized I had mentioned that his books were considered to be pushing the envelope because he was so frank about sex. : 😆 That comment probably gave him a few chuckles if he read any M/M romances written in the past couple of years.

RIP Bobby.



  • I too am sorry to hear of his passing. I’ve become an ardent fan of his of late and have read more than four of his books- hoping to read more. I’ve gone to buy ‘Rock, Pater and Scissors’ only to fine it- and others- no longer available to purchase. Frustrated.

  • While on Nifty this evening, I thought of Rimpig. He was my favorite author on Nifty and expanded my sexual interests in countless exciting ways. I Googled to see if I could find out what happened to him and sadly found this page. RIP.

    I didn’t know that he had written books, but I’ll be trying to locate them.

    • Jim
      It is sad but he was sick for a while. It’s been exactly 2 years since his passing but his books will live on because they are excellent. I’ve read them all and he was someone I admired, the first gay man who wrote romance from having lived the life of a gay man and didn’t have to depend on research to make his books sound authentic.. I also interviewed Bobby who was a very different interview subject. 😀

  • It breaks my heart to find out about Bobby Michael’s passing. That there there will be no more sequels to his Jock Dorm stories and my much awaited sequel to Second time around. I kloved his stories and will be buying the veterans series. Oh yes, top word i learned from Bobby: Smegma

  • It’s a great loss and I’m sad to hear it. My heart goes out to the family.

    He has an amazing legacy and I hope many people will enjoy his works for years to come.

  • I was extremely saddened by Bobby’s death when I received the notice from Kate Steele on Bobby’s Yahoo Group. I loved his stories, his heart and his rawness. My heart goes out to Kate and Treva who lost a valued friend.

    RIP Bobby. I will miss you.

    • Hi Mountie
      It’s amazing how many fans Bobby had and he certainly made his mark on M/M. 🙂

      Kate and Treva lost a valued friend and they should be proud of supporting Bobby throughout his life. He will definitely be missed by his fans.

      • Yes indeed he truly will be. I am awaiting, hopefully, a message from his Yahoo group with a name of charity that I can donate in his memory.

  • I remember when his editor came to me with the first book and said (in much nicer terms) WTF? I said his addy says rimpig, what did you think would happen? She said “I didn’t know what that meant!” He was an education for us all and he loved that.
    Bobby was a personal friend as well as a LI author and I’ll miss him very much.

    • Hi Treva
      He valued you highly as a friend and he mentioned how good you were to him in his interview. His books were certainly different and as someone else said, “raw,” but I enjoyed his stories. I’m SO sorry that there will be no more new releases from Bobby, but he was more than just a writer – from all accounts he was a good person and he will be missed.

  • Bobby was one of my favorite m/m authors when I started reading the genre. I was so sad to read the notification yesterday from his Yahoo group. I think I’ve read pretty much all of his stories and quite a few of Rimpig’s on Nifty. Very raw and at times left me a bit “eeked” out but always such entertaining characters and plots. He’ll definitely be missed.
    RIP, Bobby!

    • Hi Lily

      You’re absolutely right that his stories were raw. I, too, read a few of his Rimpig stories on Nifty – need I say more?

      He was an original and will definitely be missed.

  • I am very sad to hear about this. Like Kris, Bobby was one of the first authors I found in the genre. Before I found for-pay books, I was a regular over at Nifty and was introduced to him there as Rimpig. I think I’ve read almost everything of his that was out there. If I remember correctly, his Rock, Paper, Scissors was the second book I reviewed here. And like Kris, I sometimes blinked with what he put on the page with his smells and jocks and hair and cheese. Totally unique. He will be missed.

    • Hi Lynn
      I know how much you liked his writing and he was certainly one of a kind. My favourite is still Veterans: For the Love of the Corps.

      He made no apologies for his writing but I was a huge fan because he wrote from the heart.

  • Thank you for telling us about this, Wave. This is very sad news indeed.

    Bobby was one of the first male authors I read in this genre and I recall being totally astonished by how detailed his sex scenes were. I may have even tried turning the book around a few times to try and work out what the hell they were doing with their foreskins! And ‘cheese’?? Holy shit! I don’t think my eyebrows came down until a couple of days later, but that was several years ago when I was young and naive.

    Still, it is a memory which will always make me smile and snort, and I thank Bobby for that.

    Safe travels, mate.

    • Hi Kris

      Bobby was definitely unique and his writing has never been duplicated (maybe that’s a good thing). 😀

      I was always amazed at his sex scenes and the fact that most of his MCs were not “cut,” which allowed him to play with them in more ways than I can count.

      I will definitely miss his new releases — he had a style all his own. 🙁


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