Hot Head nominated for Goodreads Readers’ Choice Award for Best Romance in 2011

HotHeadHi Guys

Damon Suede’s Hot Head has been nominated in the Goodreads Readers’ Choice Award for Best Romance in 2011. This is the only M/M romance nominated in this category and the competition is pretty tough. I think it’s up to M/M readers to ensure that the book  makes a good showing and isn’t knocked out in the first round of voting.

The competition includes books by authors like Sherrilyn Kenyon, J.R. Ward, Larissa Ione, Kresley Cole and Nora Roberts so you can see how much your support for our only nominated book in this category would mean, not only for the book which I think would be a well deserved honour, but also for the genre as a whole.

If you have read Hot Head and would like to vote for the book because you think it deserves to be nominated (I voted) 🙂 here’s a link. Voting for this round ends November 13.


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  • This site is so helpful! I wouldn’t have known about the voting otherwise. Adored this book! It’s in the couldn’t-be-put-down-and-who-cares-about-sleep category. Well deserving of a vote, and it got mine.

    Thanks for heads up!

  • You know, I’ve seen several blogs pimping this and telling people to vote for this book purely because it’s m/m, but I haven’t seen anyone saying they should vote because they read it and it was a great story. Just that they should vote because it’s the only M/M book. This is very disingenious and comes off as “stacking the deck”. It’s kind of disappointing to see people being encouraged to vote for a book they haven’t even read.

    • Kirsten
      If you check my post I said that IMO the book is well deserved of being nominated, in addition to supporting the genre. I reviewed Hot Head and gave it 5+ stars which is the highest rating on this site. I don’t know if that counts.

      However, I see what you mean so I will make a small change to the post because I wouldn’t vote for a book if I hadn’t read it.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean to come down on you, as this wasn’t the only blog where I saw this happening. I do remember reading your review and putting it on my to-read list because of that. I just wish everyone was saying “pick up this book and read it then go vote.” But I think you understand what I was trying to say.

        • I do understand your point Kirsten. BTW I also voted for Dan Savage’s book “It Gets Better” which I read and loved. That book was reviewed by Leslie on the site and she gave it 5 stars.

  • I usually ignore asking to vote for books things anywhere (my thought is that if the book is good it should make it without additional asking for votes on its own), but then I thought about it and realized that those who would have wanted to vote, may just not know about the competition. I certainly did not know and I loved Damon Suede’s book so much that I did it with absolute pleasure :). And will go vote for “It gets better” too, thanks guys.

    • Sirius
      You should only vote for a book if you really think it deserves to be nominated and I’m sure that’s the only reason you did. I don’t want to give the impression that I’m pushing the book solely because it’s M/M — I really think it’s a terrific book and well deserved of being nominated.

  • Could someone please clarify the rounds of voting? It sounded like we need to vote after Nov 14. The votes now are for write ins?


    • Hi Reggie
      The votes tabulated now are for the actual nominated books. All you have to do is click on the cover of the book you want to vote for and the word “Vote” will come up; once you do that your vote will be registered.

      The Write ins are for books that weren’t nominated and if they get enough noms. I guess they will put them in the hat in a special category. In almost all cases the write in books never get sufficient votes.


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