Burning For You (Lovestruck #2)

Title: Burning For You (Lovestruck #2)
Author: K.T. Grant
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Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Length: Novella
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Unlikely but heated relationship between characters I didn’t feel much for.

Blurb: Patrick Medcaff is a thirty-something blue collar worker trying to make ends meet in Manhattan. He dreams of owning a condo, and in order to do that he has to work a part-time job along with his full time job as a handyman at the ritzy St. Jennings hotel. Patrick will be the newest addition to the New York City College janitorial staff where he is introduced to the shark looking handsome Dean of the Economics department, Christian Jennings.

When Christian and Patrick meet, sparks fly between the two. Patrick thinks nothing can come out of their attraction because Christian is a college graduate who comes from an affluent family made of money, while he barely has two pennies to rub together. Christian, on the other hand, can’t get Patrick off his mind, and will prove that although they are opposites in every way, their desires for one another can’t be ignored.

Soon these two are embarking on a secret love affair. But when an ex-boyfriend of Patrick’s comes back to claim him, Christian will do whatever he can to keep Patrick as his own.


This book made me think it might be part of a series perhaps possibly centred on the St Jennings hotel, but the publisher’s site didn’t give any information to back my surmise. The reason I thought this was the background to the story is quite well developed; the location is specific and Patrick’s employment was established with some detail about fellow employees and managers. We learn a lot about Christian’s family in particular his sister’s new and happy relationship, this in particular suggested to me it had been part of a previous book.

Sometimes you come across people and you know that you are not going to become friends, well, the main characters here fell into the category slightly below that. They are the casual acquaintances I won’t bother to meet again. I’ve had to label them as ‘ not compatible’ with me. I found I just didn’t really believe in them or the way they thought and that in spite of what was a fair amount of back story detail.

In particular the instant lust between them felt rushed and implausible. Previously we had heard a lot of more concentrated backfill- hopes and and fears from both guys- which just didn’t feed into this kind of pressing horniness from either character. Never mind that it is an irritating convention- I didn’t find it likely here. Nevertheless it led into some hot sex for them both.

I also found more of their behaviour improbable. Christian in particular, relative to his position as a well educated adult, does something that is both socially and emotionally inept.This plot device was clumsy. The social and class differences between the characters were mostly cliched, again for me Christian was the least convincing. Of the two main character’s I preferred the rather depressed Patrick and his property owning aspirations. I liked that his relationship with his unpleasant ex boyfriend got the closure it did.

Unfortunately this book has fallen among the nettles in the wasteland of the very subjective review. So if you have enjoyed KT Grant’s work before chances are you’ll like this one too. For me the book was a light read with pleasant background story and some sexual heat, but I wasn’t convinced by it’s believability.

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