Sucks and Blows

Title: Sucks and Blows
Author: Storm Grant
Publisher: Self Published
Buy link: (Second Edition)
Genre: Paranormal/M/M Romance/Humor
Length: Short Story/19 pages
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

A guest review by Sirius

Summary: I was very amused by this meeting between a doctor and the first patient in his dental office.


No greater love has a vampire than for his dentist.

Deeply in debt to a loan shark, oversexed dentist Cary Drewel lives in fear of foreclosure and bodily harm. His new practice is missing one rather crucial element: patients. Which, terrifyingly enough, is the one thing his creditors also don’t have.

Pierce Sharpe, a powerful vampire with a drinking problem—or, more accurately, a problem drinking—can’t feed through the pain in his damaged eye teeth. In danger of losing his standing in the vampire community, Pierce seeks Cary’s dental services. When Cary extracts his canines, Pierce must turn to other bodily fluids for sustenance.

Together, Cary and Pierce find a mutually pleasurable solution to both their problems. Turns out, though, there’s more to this dentist-patient relationship than simple suction, and what began with raw hunger from each of them might just end in love.


From what I understand this story was originally published with Torquere Press and this is the new extended version. I enjoyed the two novels by Storm Grant that I read before, so I decided to try this one.

On one hand I thought this is a perfect example of well-written short story; it captures the meeting of two characters and does not try to take on too much. On the other, I am not sure what else to say about this short besides the fact that every line was hilarious for me. There were plenty of humorous moments in her longer works, so I knew this writer can do humor really well, but since this is a short story I found myself basically laughing the whole time while I was reading it because it was very funny. I think this excerpt shows off the writing in this story pretty well:

He was a man of science, after all. While others might hold on to their beliefs even in the face of new findings, Cary quickly adjusted his worldview to accommodate the undead. Especially since, according to his recent research, one-hundred percent of the vampires he’d studied were really, really cute.

“You should probably outline the replication process for me again just in case I’ve forgotten. Somehow it was not on the dental college curriculum.”

“It’s not rocket thienthe.” A little blood shimmered scarlet on Pierce’s full lower lip. “A new tooth will grow in, longer than the otherth around it.”

“That’s stretching the tooth.”

Pierce groaned, although whether from pain or pun, Cary couldn’t tell. Pierce’s stomach rumbled again.

My only niggle: While the characters definitely have great chemistry, unfortunately I did not feel that there is a lot of depth in those characters. I am not saying that I wanted to read their life story (it is a short story after all). However, I would have liked the characters to jump off the page and that did not happen for me.

Regardless, it is definitely a worthwhile read if you want to brighten your day and be entertained.




  • ok it’s my first time posting so be gentle I have only recently started reading m/m romance and has been quite a roller coaster for me but I came across storm grants works simply by accident and i am now hooked the humour and plot and general style of writing has won me over and I need more.

    any suggestions

    • I write what I want to read, so I, too, would be interested in other stories that offer the similar humour and style. I’d love suggestions, too.

      It’s a good question, ayperi. And thanks so much for liking my stuff.
      ~ Storm / Gina

    • Hi ayperi, welcome. I hope your first comment will not be your last one :). I am sorry, just asking to be sure,you are asking about Storm Grant’s other works, or are you asking for the books by different writers which are written in similar style?

      Off the top of my head I can only recommend ‘Almost like being in love” by Steve Kluger. Of course it is a different book, written by different author, not sure if topic will be to your liking, however the reason I am recommending it is because this book has a generous helpings of humor in it as well.

      • Thanks Sirius. I’ll check out Steve Kluger.

        Humor is always hard to find. I haven’t found a lot in epublished fiction. There’s some very successful “mainstream” humor authors like Terry Pratchett and Janet Evanovich, but I guess either the publishers are afraid to publish it, or it’s really hard to do.

        Thanks for the rec. Happy New Year.
        ~ Gina / Storm

        • Hi Gina, I actually do agree with you. It is hard for me to find the books which are mostly humorous, but also have a great deal of substance, if that makes sense. I mean, I have read plenty of books where humor is present to lighten up the mood, but not that many where humour is almost always there. I also have read the books, where I was wondering whether the characters are even aware that sometimes they can laugh or just smile, because at least from my experience even in the most dire circumstances one is able to find some laughter and fun, sometimes. Anyway, sorry for getting off track, here are some more recommendations for you, if you have not read them. I of course have no idea, if style, subject matter will interest you, but these books definitely have more than usual amount of humour.

          “Drawn together” by ZA Maxfield.

          “Muscling through” by JL Merrow.

          “A dance of love and jealousy” by Ronald Graeme – this is not completely humorous book, but there is quite a lot of humour in it and it just feels so natural and easy for these guys to share the comaraderie and joke a lot.

          Let me know if any of these will work for you.

          • Thanks, Sirius. I will check those out. I know ZA & JL, but I’m unfamiliar with Ronald Graeme.

            Humor is a hard sell so there’s not much out there. I’m not sure if publishers are right that nobody wants it and they can’t make any money on it. I know only a few writers do a really good job of it. (Currently re-reading Douglas Adam’s “Dirk Gently” books.)

            Happy New Year!

  • Thanks for the awesome review, Sirius. I appreciate the feedback and I’m glad I made you laugh.
    ~ Storm (but not Stormy) ;-D

  • Just out of curiosity, what novels by Storm Grant have you read? I read one work last year that didn’t really resonate with me (so much so that I no longer remember the title). However, I enjoyed the excerpt here and, of course, respect your taste. I’d be willing to give this author’s work another try, but I’d be interested in a recommendation for a novel-length work. Thanks!

    • Hi Pea, I have read Shift Happens and Gym Dandy, and if you have read Shift Happens and it did not work for you, I would *not* recommend this one, because humor is of the same variety – not the repetition but of the same style if that makes sense. I am actually not sure if she wrote any other novel (she may have, I just do not know). But I think it is likely that you may have read one of those two. I did like them both, even if I thought that ending in Gym Dandy came out of left field.

      • Neither of these rang a bell so I dug through my archives – I am so embarrassed. It wasn’t Storm Grant’s work I read last year, it was Stormy Glenn. Apologies all around. (I’m feeling good about having new weekend reading, though – I’m off to check out Shift Happens!) Thanks.

        • HAHAHA Pea, our tastes still run close enough so far. I am surprised that Stormy Glenn only did not work for you a little bit ;). I have read only two stories by her and her work is forever associated in my mind with 7.5 (I think) foot alien werewolves and tiny (exaggerating of course, but you know what I mean in comparison with 7.5 foot tall anybody would seem tiny) long haired humans. I run from her work ever since. Oh and she is very prolific too.


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