Witch Hunt

Title: Witch Hunt
Author: Nick Chivers
Cover Art: Paul Richmond
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Buy Link Witch Hunt
Genre: M/M Fantasy / Paranormal
Length: 200 pages
Rating: 2.75 out of 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: An over-explained fantasy with the  general feel of a basic computer game.

Blurb: Mike thought he could escape his past. He renounced his crown as High Mage of The Council, had the Bands of Binding placed on him, and tried to start over as a normal human.

It didn’t work. And now a part of that past wants him dead, and Mike is running for his life.

With his best friend, Andrew, and Andrew’s soulbound partner along for the ride, Mike can’t help but feel lonely until he meets Rick, an all-around gorgeous man who might just be the wrong guy—again—especially since Mike can’t shake an ex-lover who’s hoping for a second chance. It’s a lot to deal with as demonic forces pursue him from Mongolia to Brazil, but Mike has to make it to the safety of The Council if he doesn’t want to be the prize trophy at the end of this witch hunt.


When I read this first book from Nick Chivers I felt quite irritated as it seemed that with some vigorous advice and content editing it could have been a fun story. There are some nice ideas but they are overwhelmed by the writer’s compulsion to over explain the magical elements of his creation. Through very few pages there were mentions and explanations of telekinensis, pyrokinnensis, cryokinensis and bio synchronization as main magical witch powers, with side order notes on the natural gifts of weather manipulation, psionic blast, cat powers and psychic solidification…..not forgetting astral projection. I rest my case.

The storie’s initial set up with the most powerful witch possible in voluntary exile, his powers bound at his own request was interesting. This was further expanded by the unexpectedness of finding that this benevolent witch while being over 150 years old, looks and sounds like a twenty something twink. ( We really are talking gay stereotypes here. ) Mike and his friends Drew and Jerome while planning to save the world get very excited about shopping. Now this mismatch- see Legally Blonde – could have been really fun, but unfortunately it just became slightly annoying. The dialogue was not sharp or edgy enough to carry it off. Moreover the writer just didn’t trust his readers intelligence enough to stop explaining every little thing and avoid repetition of the imaginary  concepts. Sometimes less really is more.

The plot followed the simple lines of a journey to colourful world wide locations with the bad guys leaping out at various points and forcing our heroe’s to use yet another convienient magical power or spell. It felt rather like a dice based fantasy board game or an expanded computer game script.

The emotional overview of this story was also quite shallow, there is a lot of crying, hugging and no sex on page. The guys’ puppyish charms are drowned by blandness.  At one point Mike’s heart broken thoughts have the maturity of an insecure eighteen year old. Yes……you can tell I was disappointed by this book.

With some help and discipline I feel the fantasy world and characters could have been developed into some thing far more rewarding.

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