Happy Birthday Christian

Today is Christian’s birthday and at the risk of embarrassing him I wanted to  pay homage to the man without whom this site would not have been possible. The guys in the picture are part of his present.  :biglove:  Okay, they’re his ONLY present. 🙂

Last year we threw a big party on the site for C.’s birthday, and even though he was touched I sensed he was embarrassed that we were making such a fuss over him. Well tough! Unfortunately this year I remembered again and I wanted to tell everyone who logs on how much I appreciate you, Christian. For those readers who don’t know him, he is like Clark Kent most of the time but he turns into the Man of Steel when I try to get anything past him. 😆

Christian has been the webmaster for this site and my old blog almost as long as I have been online. He works behind the scenes to make everything run efficiently every day and as you can imagine, this is a really tough gig. In between his day job he has to answer my frantic calls for help about something I’m sure he feels is trivial, but he never tells me where to go (even though I’m sure he wants to). 🙂 I frequently email him at night when he’s out clubbing with his friends and I’ll bet he mutters under his breath, but he’s always polite.  He has been dragging me into the 21st century from a technology perspective since we first said hello, but in addition to the work Christian does on the site, what I value most is his friendship. We have been online friends for 4 years and I love and appreciate him because, in addition to his other qualities, he’s the real deal and I adore him more every day. 🙂

I hope you have a wonderful day C. and I promise not to email you today no matter how much I’m tempted.

Happy birthday. Sorry the beer in the cake isn’t German. 🙂

Enjoy your vacation in Munich next week!

Lynn sends her best regards.  She wants you to come back soon since she doesn’t like to be the one “on call.”



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