Unshakeable Faith

Title: Unshakeable Faith
Author: Lisa Worrall
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Amazon.com
Genre: Contemporary M/M
Length: Novel/250 PDF pages
Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5

Review Summary: A sweet romance with a twist and great characterizations that made me love this story, despite my niggles.


Of all the bars in all the towns in all the world, the stranger walks into Brody Tyler’s. With no memory and a name he chose from a newspaper, Nash is a gamble—one Brody is willing to take. It isn’t long before Brody and Nash fall in love, but then a tragic accident shatters their cozy world, resetting Nash’s memory once again.

The “new” Nash Walker is a businessman with a bottom line, and he doesn’t care what or who gets stomped on. Waking up in a hospital bed after a hit-and-run with no idea where he’s been for the past six months is bad enough, but someone trying to kill him is even worse. Enter Brody Tyler, accidental bodyguard.

Brody’s determined to help Nash remember and bring back the man he loves. Nash thinks Brody’s a drop-dead gorgeous pain in the ass. If only he could remember….


This book was a wonderful treat and I couldn’t wait to review it. I didn’t expect much when I started reading Unshakeable Faith because I have been disappointed a lot lately and I haven’t read many books by this writer, however I decided to give it a try and am I ever glad I did.

Twenty-seven year old Brody managed Tyler’s, the bar that he had inherited from his grandfather whose dying wish was that he should sell it and use the money to set up his architectural firm. However, Tyler’s was in Brody’s blood and he didn’t want to part with the bar even though his family was one of the wealthiest in San Antonio.

One evening a customer walked into the bar who seemed lost and Brody was immediately drawn to him, not only because he was great looking but he seemed so fragile. Long story short, the stranger had been attacked three months ago and left for dead. When he woke up in a hospital he didn’t know who he was – his memory was a complete blank. After spending months in the hospital recovering from his wounds he had sneaked out a couple of days ago when he heard the staff talking about sending him to another facility i.e. a place where they sent psychiatric patients to “recover” since there wasn’t anything else they could do for him. He had spent the past two nights on the streets because he had no money and no place to live.

Against his better judgment, Brody offered to let “Paul” stay with him in his apartment above the bar and gave him a job in Tyler’s.  “Paul” hated the name that the hospital staff had given him so he chose to be called “Nash.” Of course Brody’s friends thought he was crazy because he didn’t know anything about Nash. As for Nash, for the first time since the accident he felt safe.

Brody was falling in love with Nash but he didn’t know if he was straight or gay as there were no signs, but eventually Nash felt the pull of the attraction as well and two months after he walked into the bar he fell in love with Brody. Now that they were a couple they couldn’t be happier, but two months later while he was on an errand there was another “accident” and Nash disappeared. He ended up in the hospital again and this time he remembered everything about himself except where he had been the last two and a half months.

When Brody couldn’t find Nash he was beside himself with grief and spent his days doing nothing but looking for him, until a week later he saw him on television leaving a hospital and getting into a limo. It seemed that the “homeless” man he had rescued was a multimillionaire, cut throat businessman who never let the destruction of people’s lives stand in the way of making more money.

Nash’s personality had done a 180 and was completely different from that of the man Brody had come to love. He had assumed responsibility for the family business at 23 when his father died and 4 years later he was a cold fish who was only interested in the bottom line and he didn’t care who he hurt to achieve what he wanted. He definitely didn’t want to hear from Brody or anyone who knew him before his latest accident. Two sides of the same man – who was the true Nash?

What worked for me

The main characters. Brody and Nash were well developed and came across as sincere, loving men who took every opportunity to show their love for each other.

I loved the pace of the romance as Brody made sure he didn’t scare Nash with his burgeoning emotions, and Nash responded by being receptive to everything that Brody wanted.

The secondary characters. Wyatt, Brody’s straight best friend since they were children was delightful. He was focused on trying to protect his friend from being hurt and prevent his kind heart from exposing him to another schemer. The women in the bar, Kristie and tiny Willow who came up big when the chips were down. They were fully three dimensional, which was a change from the female characterizations in most M/M romances. Detective Hank Mitchum, a cop with a heart, and Nash’s mother whose only desire was to protect her son from further harm.

Nash, who went for what he wanted at a time when he didn’t know if he was gay or straight. He saw another man putting the moves on Brody in the bar and took a chance that paid off.

Nash’s housekeeper Hannah who was fun and kept him in line. She was feisty and brought a lot of humour to the story..

What didn’t work for me

Brody was shot in the arm while protecting Nash, but the next day he was making breakfast and a day or so later he was stretching the same arm above his head? It wasn’t a life threatening injury, however it seemed rather soon to be doing that …..

What are the chances of someone being hit on the head and experiencing the same result i.e. selective amnesia, twice in 8 months? The author said that the story was inspired by her favourite movie, Random Harvest, starring Ronald Coleman and Greer Garson, so I’m probably just a cynic. 🙂

The person who wanted to kill Nash wasn’t in the book much until the end so I didn’t get to know him although I understood his motivations which were obvious. I wish his character was more fully explored.

Nash’s mother hired Brody to protect him without doing a thorough check of his references (he wasn’t asked to produce any). Given the extreme danger Nash was in with a potential killer on the loose she showed a lack of good judgment, even though she probably thought he was from the same agency as the other candidates she interviewed for the job.

It’s unusual to find so many likeable, terrific characters in one book and I thought that the author did a wonderful job of bringing them to life. They were outstanding and I enjoyed the way that Lisa Worrall did such a turnaround on Nash’s character – likeable in the first part of the book and really nasty once he recovered his memory.  There was a lot of humour in the story which was another plus, and the pacing was just right. The romance was sweet and I thought that the way it developed showed the skill of this writer since nothing was overdone.

If you’re in the market for a wonderful romance that’s a lot of fun I would highly recommend Unshakeable Faith.


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  • What are the chances of someone being hit on the head and experiencing the same result i.e. selective amnesia, twice in 8 months?

    What are the chances of it happening even once…? [wry smile] This is one of those things that we see in fiction (including TV and movies) pretty commonly, despite it being completely ridiculous. That’s not how amnesia works in real life, at all. It’s like setting off an avalanche by blowing a horn or firing a rifle — similarly bogus, but so common it’ll never be wiped out. With things like this, you just have to eyeroll and give it a pass unless the writer gets totally and completely silly with it. Sounds like Ms. Worrall kept it in bounds. 🙂

    Hey, at least she didn’t use falling coconuts! ;D


    • When I saw the premise of this story I laughed out loud because I realized how ridiculous it was, but this book really is a lot of fun. As the author said, she took the plot from a beloved movie, so I guess others believe.

      In any event the characters won me over. 🙂 As for the coconuts, I prefer to drink the juice.

  • Hi Wave – I had been looking at this book a week ago and almost bought it – I was so intrigued with the storyline. After reading your wonderful review, I’ll have to get it now. Thanks!

    • After being disappointed with quite a few books lately Unshakeable Faith was a very pleasent surprise. I hope you like the book Tj — I did have a few concerns which I indicated in the review, but the characters really rocked. 😎

  • I remember this story, it used to be fanfiction (or maybe I’ve read so much fanfic they are all blending together now? *g*). But anyway, I liked it then and so I will buy it to read on my Kindle now. 😀

    • Never having been a fan of fanfic I couldn’t say if the origins of this story started there. However, wherever it started the end here was a delight and I hope you enjoy it all over again. 🙂

      • I’ve been reading fanfic since 1993 (X-Files got me into it). There are lots of great authors, some even NYT bestselling authors, who started out writing fanfic.

        Lisa Worrall is one of those better than average fic writers who has gone pro.

  • I’ve been tiptoing around this one for a while – seeing good reviews on amazon, you definitely sold it to me. Thanks Wave 🙂

    • Sirius
      The characters are the reason I’m so high on this book. If you have an inclination for a sweet romance with some tension I think you will like Unshakeable Faith.


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