Very Good-Looking Seeks Same (Gay Profiles in Search of Love)

Title: Very Good-Looking Seeks Same (Gay Profiles in Search of Love)
Author: Robert Philipson
Cover Artist: Based on Narcissus by Caravaggio
Publisher: Xlibris Press
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Genre: Contemporary GLBT/Humor
Length: Novel (128 PDF pages)
Rating: 3.75 stars out of 5

A guest review by Tj

Summary Review: An often funny, sometimes painfully real glimpse at on-line dating and the lies that people tell others… and themselves.

The Blurb: Meet the denizens of the gay personal ads: The married guy cruising for a same-sex hookup warning that he needs to “keep it simple.” Or the Dom Master who boasts that he’s a Christian and former Boy Scout. Or the happy goofball who is jealous of his dogs. In Very Good-Looking Seeks Same filmmaker Robert Philipson turns his eye to the hilarious and frequently poignant world of gay men in search of love. Always intriguing, often titillating and sometimes shocking, this gallery of profiles is sure to seduce readers of every persuasion. Find out what mathematical athletes, ex-marines, and 6’3” transvestites post on the Internet to entice the men they want to be with.

The Review: I do truly enjoy reading out of the ordinary stories, so when Wave offered me this book of, what at times read like poetry about the search for romance on-line, I happily accepted. What I found was quite a cross-section of men from the down-to-earth, straight-forward guy to the more superficial guys looking for a gym body and quick hook up. These snippets of people’s lives can sometimes be a bit disturbing, like the guy who thinks Jesus on the cross is hot, or laugh out loud funny, like the Christian, ex-boy scout, Dom Master who envisions sunset walks by the pool with “you in a dog collar with spit-shined spikes”. The images that came to mind while reading often kept me amused for hours.

Because of the episodic format of the book, I found myself reading it in snippets as one does a magazine. The writing is executed in a variety of styles so as to mimic the various men’s personalities. I really did feel like I was reading through the personal ads on-line. Here’s a few lines from one of the sections called VGL so you can get a feel for the book. The selection is too long to quote in full, so realize it’s heavily edited.

VGL – Just pondering the question, one among many

What does VGL really mean? Why do so many guys who describe themselves as VGL have no pic? Or why does the pic contradict the label?

I have another theory I think VGL means “very good liar”

…“hot hung masculine top seeks muscle bottom for dating” 9 words, 5 lies

So I don’t know about VGL

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder shouldn’t the pic make the case without the words? Let me decide; I’m the one shopping

As for me . . . I’m f***ing gorgeous

As funny as some of the sections were, I found myself often nodding my head in agreement with the less over the top parts, that poke fun at the often crazy requirements that on-line daters have, and lament the lot assigned to the less than perfect men. I loved this excerpt from the section called The Rant:

“I hate the Net. On the Net I’m some “over 30 guy”some computer-generated thing that’s less than human.  Why am I online at all? … I want to be proven wrong . . . that somewhere out there, there is a guy who is cool who is cute who is my age or close and who wants to connect with someone who knows that I’m right.”

My only niggle relates to what I mentioned earlier about the episodic nature of the collection. I would’ve found the book as a whole more compelling to read straight through if there were perhaps some kind of cohesive storyline or connecting characters between some of the sections. I imagined following one of the guys through his attempts at meeting Mr. Right, or at least Mr. Right now. Still overall, this collection is as enjoyable for what it is (funny and refreshingly different) as much as for what it is not (routine or predictable).


  • Teej

    I’m so glad that you liked some of the poems and if they stuck with you, then I guess the author did his job. You’re probably right that the sections should have been linked in some way by a storyline rather than being episodic in nature. My favourite is still the VGL poem. 🙂

    I do try to send you books that are out of the norm. 😮

    • I agree Wave, VGL was my favorite too. And I did enjoy many of the other ones as well, but I did feel like some kind of link between even a few of them would’ve made it better.

      Thanks for this book Wave. It was a nice change of pace.

  • This sounds like an interesting idea, TJ, but as you say I don’t think I could read it all in one go. Perhaps it would be good as a coffee table (or bathroom 🙂 ) book instead.

    • It was interesting Jen – and at times a bit outrageous and funny. As I said some parts stuck with me for quite a while after I finished reading.


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