Favorite M/M Author 2011

The votes are in and you have decided that your Favorite M/M Author, by a wide margin is …….

Josh Lanyon

Congratulations Josh. You are a most deserving winner in a very competitive field of excellent writers.  Jordan Castillo Price who came in second was a tough competitor who really gave Josh a run for the top spot but fell short of the title. We would like to congratulate Jordan for being such a worthy opponent. Everyone is a winner here because it was an honour to be nominated by the readers.

Based on the votes your favorite M/M authors are:


Josh Lanyon – 40% winner
Jordan Castillo Price – 18% 2nd place
Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux (writing partnership) – 11% 3rd place (tie)
J.L. Langley – 11% 3rd place (tie)
Marie Sexton – 9% runner up
K.A. Mitchell  – 7% runner up
Abigail Roux – 4% runner up

We have some wonderful writers in this genre and I hope that next year you will again nominate your favorites. In my book all of the writers in this competition are winners because they are exceptional

Thanks for voting everyone.




  • How lovely dear authors that this choice was such a difficult one for us readers–you are all deserving of the prize!!

    Josh–how lovely–congratulations dear man!

  • Congratulations Josh, well deserved, but what a list of great authors. Every year that passes there is more and more quality in the m/m field. I love it.

  • Wow! I’m honored to be chosen this year. Especially out of a field of so many talented — and popular –authors.

    I’ve read and admire every writer on that list, so I’m beyond flattered.

    And I agree with Wave, just to be acknowledged like this by readers is to make every author on that list of finalists a winner!

  • It absolutely was an honor to be included in this fine company. If I had voted, I certainly would have cast my ballot for one of the other amazing, talented and fan-friendly authors. But it would have been tough picking on that list. 🙂


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