Christmas with Ty & Zane

Instead of a regular Christmas greeting I thought you deserved something much better and a little different.

Because you were so enthusiastic about the last interview, I asked Abigail Roux to talk to her characters Ty and Zane of the Cut & Run series about what their plans were for the holidays and hopefully, find out what they gave each other. 🙂 Although Ty wasn’t happy, Zane persuaded him to do this for their fans. Here’s most of what he said – the rest is censored. 🙂


Abi: Happy Holidays to everyone! As a special treat, since the last interview was so… revealing, we’ve managed to convince their superiors to let us speak with Ty and Zane again.

Ty: Yeah, these PR things are getting out of hand.

Zane: And thank you to Wave for having us again. Right, Ty?

Ty: Right.

Abi: Well, since Ty has interview issues and both men are still traumatized from the last session, we’ve decided on a slightly different format. Zane and Ty will be asking each other the questions.

Ty: Fine, let’s get this over with.

Zane: Okay, I guess I’ll go first. Ty, what is your favorite holiday?

Ty: Christmas

Zane: ….do you want to elaborate?

Ty: No.

Zane: Do you want to tell the people what kind of socks you’re wearing right now?

Ty: ….reindeer socks.

Zane: With?

Ty: Reindeer noses… that sing when you squeeze them.

Zane: So, it’s safe to say that you really like Christmas.

Ty: Yes. I love Christmas. I love the snow and the lights and the decorations, and I love giving presents and having ugly sweater parties at work, and when we were stuck on that cruise ship for Christmas that year I wanted to cry because I didn’t get to see my family or decorate my house.

Zane: You basically revert to being a small child at Christmas.

Ty: Yes.

Zane: I really love that about you.

Ty: Come on, Zane, don’t make me blush in front of all these people. What’s your favorite holiday?

Zane: It used to be Halloween.

Ty: I don’t think that counts as a holiday.

Zane: Well. It was the only one that family didn’t gather for. You could be someone else and go out on your own and do your thing, it really appealed to me.

Ty: What’s your favorite real holiday?

Zane: Christmas.

Ty: Why?

Zane: Because I love to watch you enjoy it.

Ty: Okay, maudlin.

Zane: You love it

Ty: ….yeah.

Zane: What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

Ty: Okay, my family has all kinds of traditions. Some of them are fun, some, not so much. We go out and cut our own tree. We play dirty Santa, where you can take gifts from your loved ones and it can get competitive and ugly. We always go to a movie on Christmas night. We always play a game of Monopoly, and my cousin Harper cleans us out every year. No one has ever beaten him. And when all the cousins are in town beforehand, we sing in church.

Zane: Oh my God, if you could hear him sing O Holy Night.

Ty: Yes, well. They can’t.

Zane: Their loss. It gives me goosebumps. So what’s your favorite tradition?

Ty: Out of everything, my favorite thing to do every year is actually untangle the strings of lights.

Zane: Really.

Ty: Yeah. Ma and dad used to jumble them on purpose when they put everything away so I could untangle them the next year.

Zane: It’s an OCD thing, isn’t it?

Ty: Yeah, I think so. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?

Zane: When I was little, we would go to my grandmother’s Country Club for dinner. We’d get all dressed up, coat and tie, the works. And we’d ride over in my grandfather’s Rolls Royce. It was all very fancy. Decorated trees everywhere, full course meals, the men wore hats and smoked pipes. As a kid, I loved that. It felt like I was living in one of the old movies. Then when I realized that it was just a status thing for my mom, I started to resent the coat and tie.

Ty: That’s kind of sad, Zane.

Zane: Well….

Ty: You’re such a buzzkill. People are here to be happy and Christmassy and you go and depress everyone!

Zane: Well, then ask me a happy question!

Ty: I can’t think of a happy question now, I’m all first world problem depressed.

Zane: Squeeze a reindeer nose, you’ll feel better.

Abi: Okay, let’s focus a little better, shall we? Quit. Playing. With your socks.

Ty: Sorry.

Abi: Carry on.

Ty: What’s your most memorable Christmas… memory.

Abi: Really? That’s how you’re wording that question?

Ty: Get out your thesaurus and fix it afterward.

Zane: My best Christmas?

Ty: Sure.

Zane: Well. I was stuck in this holding cell, staring at a fake plastic wreath, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. And you told me you loved me.

Ty: That’s… is that really your best Christmas memory?

Zane: Of course.

Ty: Mine too.

Abi: Okay. Since the readers sort of know about that one, let’s try second favorite Christmas.

Zane: My second favorite. I had just moved to Dallas after graduating from the Academy. I had to work because I was the rookie, and I missed going home. I hadn’t decorated or anything because it was just me, but Becky surprised me and called to say she was coming to stay with me so I wouldn’t be alone. I had to rush around on Christmas Eve to find a tree, and it was the ugliest half-dead little thing I’d ever seen. I bought car air fresheners as ornaments, you know the little tree-shaped ones? Nothing went right. The apartment smelled like old car. The tree wouldn’t stand up. I didn’t have her gift because I’d already mailed it home. So we huddled under a blanket on the balcony because it reeked inside, drinking champagne, and the only thing I had to give to her was the engagement ring I’d bought. So I proposed to her that night, and she said yes.

Ty: That’s sweet, baby. I never heard that story before.

Zane: What about you? What’s your second favorite Christmas memory?

Ty: One year I had this Marine buddy who’d been shot in the leg. We were coming from Landstuhl, Germany because he’d been in the Medical Center there. We weren’t supposed to make it home in time for Christmas, but I bribed our way onto an earlier transport. I went with him to help him get home so he could surprise his family, and I got to watch as his little boy opened the door when we knocked. His reaction was… well, you can imagine how happy he was to have his daddy home for Christmas. I ended up in tears.

Zane: You’re just a big softy, aren’t you?

Ty: Not all the time.

Abi: Well, our time is running out, but I have one last question for you both. What are your plans for this Christmas?

Ty: All I’m going to say is that they involve a fireplace, a thick blanket, and a Santa hat.

Zane: I don’t really think I need to comment further on that one. I just… let’s go, Ty.

Ty: But, I don’t think she’s done with –

Zane: We’re leaving now.

Ty: Okay…. If he has a Santa kink, I’m out. See y’all later.

Abi: And the boys are gone. Off to do… things. Wow. Well, thank you for having us again, Wave. As always, it was a pleasure. We’ll see you again in May!


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