Angels on Top

Title: Angels on Top   ( Holidays 2011 )
Author: N. J. Nielson
Cover Artist: Deana C.Jamroz
Publisher: MLR Press
Buy Link: Buy Link Angels On Top (MLR Press Story A Day For the Holidays 2011)
Genre: Contemporary M/M Romance
Length: 22,000 words
Rating: 3.5 out 5 rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Sweeter than sugar- flighty, flirty, silly, instant and slightly immature OFY romance.

Blurb: All Marlowe wants to do is find his place in the world with someone to love. Someone who sees just who he is.

Thrown out of home for not conforming to his family wishes, Angelo heads to the one place he knows he will be welcome with open arms.

With a little help from their family and friends can Angelo and Marlowe figure out just who is stalking Marlowe before Christmas morning? Can Marlowe win the heart of the boy next door? Can Angelo figure out that even straight boys sometimes fall in love with their best friends?


Anyone with a sugar allergy should beware- this very sweet slightly immature romance is full of fluffy candy floss. To be honest any higher reasoning should probably be put on pause too. The main characters are very young, Angelo is eighteen and Marlowe just twenty one. They and most of the other characters seem to live in the moment and have a youthful urge for instant everything – one meeting with a stranger and they are potential BFF. Equally quickly gay Marlowe becomes desperate for forever love and straight Angelo becomes very affectionate and sexually adventurous. They felt very much to me like purely fictional characters in a romance novel; by this I mean they had little basis in real life, and their actions and thoughts were clearly the products of a writer putting words into their mouths.

In spite of this lack of finesse, the characters have a certain naive, over emotional charm. Marlowe is a cute, very sensitive- code for he weeps a lot- warm hearted, vibrantly out gay young man. Displaced Angelo is kind and tries to be responsible. He grows up quickly during the story, challenging his parent’s bigoted views and later dealing with his attraction to Marlowe in an appealing way. While indulging in a certain amount of head shaking and eye rolling- I rather liked them both.

However this is a strange histrionic Australia where parents demand that their teenage son marry a girl he doesn’t know, slap him when he refuses and disown him. It was very odd. Equally silly was the plot that involved a stalker who becomes a friend and would be clever friends who pretend to be other things in an absurd effort to get the the guys together.

Keeping all that foolishness in mind, this high spirited holiday story actually bubbled along nicely in it’s own scatterbrained way. However the clumsy link with the title did provoke yet another eye roll from me.

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