The Size of it: Auld Lang Syne Off

It seems as though I’ve been saying goodbye for the last month, but now the time has indeed come to sign off.

However, before I fling myself on my horse and ride madly off in all directions, I want to thank Wave and her crew. I’ve known and counted Wave among my online friends since the very first incarnation of this site — back when she was just little Jessewave asking her one thousand and one penetrating questions. In a very few short years she’s turned this corner of the web into the most respected and influential of m/m sites, and it’s due largely to her own vision and hard work.

(Largely, but not entirely — I guess the term “Wave’s crew” is a little misleading because [not counting the many reviewers who generously and regularly contribute] that crew consists of computer guru Christian and everybody’s favorite reading relation, Aunt Lynn. Despite the size and breadth of this site, this is a three man — er, person — operation. Which makes all they’ve achieved together the more impressive.)

I was flattered when Wave invited me to do a column for her, but more than that, I was energized by the possibilities. There are so many topics for discussion in our genre, so many subjects that call for open dialog, and I knew that Wave’s was the ideal forum for that conversation.  Over the past twelve months we’ve discussed everything from copyediting to financial planning. The conversations have been passionate but almost universally civil. I know I’ve frequently been enlightened and educated in the course of these dialogs, and I hope you have too.

And in fact the final thank you is to you, the readers of this site, who took the time to comment and share your insight and experience with the rest of us. The columns I wrote were only half of the equation. The other half was what all of you brought to the table. It would not have been the same conversation without you, and I thank you for your enthusiasm and engagement.

There is still lots to talk about, but it’s time for someone else to lead the discussion. I know Wave has a wonderful lineup planned for you in 2012, and I’m looking forward to the months ahead. It’s going to be my pleasure to sit back and comment from the peanut gallery.

Happy Holidays to Wave, Aunt Lynn, Christian, and each and every one of you. Here’s to a brand new shiny New Year filled with brilliant books and stimulating conversation.

And that, my friends, is the size of it.

If I can add a postscript, I would like to thank Josh for everything he has done, not only over the past year on this site, but since he decided to become a part of this genre. His professionalism, vision, kick-ass humour (I’m using the Canadian spelling, Josh) 🙂 and most of all his writing, which have energised us all who write and read books about gay men in love :god: :god: and I can’t thank him enough. It’s obvious the fans feel the same way, going by his runaway win as Favourite M/M Author in 2011.

I will miss his insight and our animated discussions (that’s euphemism for “fights”) 😆 at 1.00 A.M and look forward to his return with six guns blazing. (I understand that’s a good thing in the US but what do I know? In Canada only the criminals are allowed to carry guns). 🙂

On a personal note, Josh has done a lot for this site starting with his first interview which shall go down in history and I’m truly appreciative.

Don’t enjoy your sabbatical too much Josh. It’s a time for reflection and regeneration but also to kick start your engines. Vroom, vroom!! Au revoir Josh!

For those of you who are already experiencing withdrawal pains, Josh’s essays can be found here. He also wrote a number of articles for our Ins and Outs of M/M Romance series on Writing which I have linked.





  • Josh, I first discovered you when I downloaded and read Men Under the Mistletoe from NetGalley. I needed to know about ‘gay’ fiction for my job (buying books for library) and MUTM was a revelation. For my sins I am a very fast reader, so your backlist is now in my past, which tells you something about how hooked I was. So thanks for all the great reads and the fab intro to M/M fiction. I have really enjoyed your writing style and characters and wish that more of the high quality fiction you and your colleagues writing M/M had more opportunity to publish in the mainstream world. So many people hungry for great reads. Vaya con Dios on your sabbatical.

    • My personal favorite is this one:


      I’m not sure what emotion it’s supposed to indicate, but it’s hilarious.

    • And discover the new classics. 😛

      Thank you rdafan7! I’ve spent the last week reading gay mysteries and making notes for potential reviews, so I know it’s going to be an interesting year. For all concerned.

  • I’m glad we’ll still be seeing you around to banter with, and that I haven’t blazed thru your entire backlist, so I still have lots of new JL books to keep me happy. For now. 😉

    All the very best to you in 2012, Josh. *hugs*

  • Have a wonderful break, Josh. As much as I hate how quickly time passes these days, I’m really hoping the next 12 months or so speed by extremely fast, and before we know it, you’ll be back with some more amazing treats for us. 🙂

    • Hey there, Gaycrow. That’s a fact, and I know only too well that in what feels like six weeks I’ll be planning for Christmas again and realizing it’s time to get back to work. 😀

  • All the best for a happy, healthy and restorative 2012, Josh! *Dives into Kindle to start rereading Josh’s stories . . . *


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