My Top Books in 2011 and Honourable Mentions

My criteria for the books on this annual list is they have to be not only 5 star reviews but I have to remember the stories, sometimes a year later, and have re-read and loved them just as much as the first time. Like everything else, personal taste dictates much of what we like to read and my Top Books are no exception. There’s one rule for the list. Like all the reviewers on the site I can only include on my list books I have personally reviewed, so there are many other stories that you saw on the guest reviewers’ Top 10 list yesterday that I love just as much. Bummer! 😀

The guest reviewers have very diverse tastes which is why I invited many of them to review for the site and is the main reason for our popularity. I am forever thankful that they accepted my invitation and made this site what it is today. Readers can expect to find books here to suit almost every taste and if you don’t find the types of books you like on my list please check out the Top 10 Books on the guest reviewers’ list published yesterday. They rock!

After much thought and that very long introduction, here are my Top Books for 2011. I’ve given up calling this my Top 10 list since there are 13 on the list this year and I really had to rein myself in because if I kept adding more of my favourite books Tj would have suggested that I move away from the buffet table – he’s such a drag. 🙂 These books may not be yours, but they’re definitely my DIKs. My tastes range from books with religious themes, sports, paranormals, contemporary romances, action/adventure, mysteries, horror, BDSM, science fiction and fantasy (I’m sure I have forgotten a couple). I’ve almost given up reviewing historicals since I suck at dates and other reviewers are WAY better at this genre than I could ever be. As usual there were a few surprises to me. 🙂 One author scored three places on the list and another made it twice. My biggest problem? Who’s on first. 🙂 I couldn’t make up my mind about the placement of a few books, starting at the top, but I threw the dice and No. 1 and No. 2 were in a photo finish but the ghosts beat the boyz. The placement of the books from #5 on are almost interchangeable because very little separated them in terms of how I ranked them in my mind, and as usual I squeezed in a couple of additional books on my list. What else is new?

My Top Books of 2011

No. 1 – GhosTV (A PsyCop Novel) by Jordan Castillo Price – . This book remains one of my top favourites not only in the PsyCop series but in the entire M/M genre. GhosTV had me enthralled and entranced from the very beginning and here’s part of what I said in the review: “A tour de force! Engrossing, brilliant and damn scary. Jordan Castillo Price has an amazing imagination which, added to her storytelling abilities, excellent prose and dialogue make for a brilliant combination. She doesn’t compromise, she lets it all hang out for her readers and provides a dizzying ride.”

This story is all about the characters even though as usual the plot provided lots of exciting moments and the scares came fast and furious in what was the longest, most complex and ambitious book in the series to date. Usually by book 6 a series is winding down, but Jordan seems to be winding up to throw a 100 MPH fastball in the PsyCop series. This author has proved that she is one of the most imaginative, creative and brilliant writers around in any genre as evidenced by the number of books she has on the list this year, and her fan base is legion.

No. 2 – Divide & Conquer by Madeleine Urban & Abigail Roux. The series keeps getting better and better and I fall more in love with the characters with every new book. Here’s how I summarized D & C in my review:  “Divide & Conquer is a triumph. It will make you cry, it’s fun, it will lift you up, and ultimately give you the best reason to continue reading books.” There’s not much more to say after that.

With all the intricate plots and action/adventures that are a hallmark of this series, what keeps me coming back are the characters. The authors kept their unique personalities intact and resisted the temptation to tamper with them and make them perfect. They are just perfect the way they are, flaws and all. Urban and Roux gave the fans a book for the ages in thrills, chills and emotional content and context as Ty gave new meaning to the word “dysfunctional” and Zane at last put his dead wife where she belongs – in the past. I’m hoping that book #5, Armed & Dangerous, due out in May, which will be written by Abigail Roux now that the writing partnership with Madeleine Urban is over, will see an explosion 🙂 in their romance. Of course I expect that there will be lots of hiccups along the way, which is the way it should be. If you want to read the full review I have linked it but I recommend you get the book instead.

No. 3 – Last Days of Summer by Steve Kluger. Technically this book should not be on a list of M/M books because it’s definitely not a romance. However, on this site we review memoirs, poetry, non fiction, Young Adult books and movies so why not a book about a 9 year old kid? I loved this story so much that when I read it I knew I had to include it on my list this year. Like Almost Like Being in Love by the same author which was No. 1 on my list 2 years ago, the writing is exceptional. Joey Margolis, a smart mouthed Jewish kid from Brooklyn, is the star and if you love books you should definitely read Last Days of Summer which is a heartwarming, moving, poignant, unforgettable and beyond wonderful story of the love between a conniving boy and his reluctant hero, baseball star Charlie Banks. The characters will stay with you long after you finish reading the book.

Kluger’s narrative style is unique and his writing is as crisp and fresh today, 13 years after this book was written, and I was incredibly engaged by the story as the 40s came alive on the pages. The world building was authentic and I could feel the war all around me. The famous characters of the time were front and center as bombs rained down on the soldiers on the front lines; the ending was appropriate for the time and inspiring. I will always remember Joey Margolis.

No. 4 – Petit Morts – The series. Jordan Castillo Price, Josh Lanyon and Sean Kennedy snuck up on me almost 2 years ago when I wasn’t looking with their wonderful Petit Morts stories, and the final 7 books added Clare London to the original team. I wrote a piece about this series last year and I have included a link if you’re interested in immersing yourself in an excellent adventure with two unlikely heroes – immortals Chance and Hunter.

This time around three stories stood out for me among the other wonderful tales – Petit Morts #15 – Loose Change by Sean Kennedy, Petit Morts #16 – Media Naranja by Jordan Castillo Price and Clare London and Petit Morts #17 – Immortal Coil by Jordan which are jointly no. 4 on my list. What made me love these stories was, as I said in the review of Immortal Coil – “All of the human characters of the series had special qualities despite being ordinary and at times extremely flawed, and they found something that most people look for but never seem to find, a sense of self and love.” Although the stars are Hunter and Chance, especially in the later books, the other characters had just as much impact on me because of their human frailties. Saying goodbye to this series was tough but I can re-read all of the stories on dark and stormy nights. 😮

No. 5 – Dead Run – Dangerous Ground 4 by Josh Lanyon. Next to  Adrien English, Dangerous Ground is my favourite Josh Lanyon series, and Book 4 saw a number of changes in our heroes’ fortunes. When I reviewed Dangerous Ground, the first book of this series in May, 2008 I fell for Taylor and Will, Special Agents with the Department of Diplomatic Security, hook, line and sinker. At that time they had been partners for 3 years and much has happened since then. A year into the relationship Will accepted a promotion to Paris and they haven’t seen each other since. Dead Run is the story of their reunion.

Will and Taylor have a synergy and charisma that’s hard to top and their love for each other is what makes them vulnerable, the opposite of the confident Special Agent persona that they portray on the job. As I said in my review of Blood Heat – Dangerous Ground 3  “a book by Josh Lanyon is like a box of dark chocolates because behind the delicious rush as it hits my tongue will be the bittersweet, melting, rich orgasmic flavour, and this series is definitely the darkest chocolate.” I can’t wait for book 5 to find out what’s next for our heroes.

HotHeadNo. 6 – Hot Head (tie) by Damon Suede. Hot Head took me completely by surprise. I knew that Damon must be a good writer or he couldn’t have survived in the writing business as long as he did, but this book gave me a ride that I still haven’t got off.

This was part of my review –  “From the ashes of 911 Damon Suede has written a novel that’s raw, dialogue that’s fresh, a plot that grips you and makes your stomach ache, prose that entices, and characters that are so incredibly complex, flawed and over the top you will have no doubt who wrote Hot Head because the author’s fingerprints are all over every page. This book has all the elements I look for in an unforgettable story – drama, human tragedy, family, heart, guts, excitement, the unexpected, and above all, unconditional love.” Nuff said. I can’t wait for Hard Head, the second book in this new series.

No. 6 – Taking You Home (tie) by Cooper Davis. This is a love story about two characters that I met in the short story Boys of Summer and couldn’t forget, so I was pretty anxious to see what Cooper Davis would do with Maxwell and Hunter since the end of the first book. Well I was worrying needlessly as this book was my first 5+ stars DIK this year and I have re-read it many times. As indicated in my review “Taking You Home breathes life into Romance with a capital ‘R’. If you think romance is dead or dying you only have to read Cooper Davis’s Taking You Home to drastically revise your opinion.”

I thought this was a most delicious and delightful romance and a fitting conclusion to Hunter’s and Maxwell’s story, (but maybe there’s a wedding in their future).  😕 I loved, loved, loved the characters and they refused to leave me long after I read this book. What better recommendation can I give you?

No. 8 – Zero Hour: A Dystopian Adventure by Jordan Castillo Price. I can’t say enough about this talented writer who has given us many wonderful stories this year and came in at #2, behind Josh Lanyon, in our first ever Favorite M/M Author contest.

I summarized Zero Hour as “an incredibly complex dystopian adventure that’s reminiscent of one of my favourite science fiction movies, Logan’s Run.” The story is set in the 24th century and Ernest, the main character, was not human but was so nuanced that he could have been homo sapiens. The universe was wonderfully crafted, the characters were all three dimensional and flawed, and the plot was ingenious. Ernest proved that one individual could indeed change the world in which he lived.

If you need to know more about this book you will have to actually read it. 🙂

No. 9 – One More Soldier by Marie Sexton. Marie is another very talented author in this genre whose books I inhale; I have read and loved all of her stories and I reviewed two of them this year, both of which are on the list. One More Soldier touched me on so many levels when I reviewed it that I said this: “A powerful love story that broke my heart but made me incredibly grateful to the author.”

This is a tale of love and loss. Because the period in which this book was set was a time of war, happy endings were almost non existent so there’s no HEA or HFN, but if you pass on One More Soldier you will miss a powerful love story that’s all of 69 pages. Some writers don’t need a lot of word count to make an impact and Marie Sexton falls into that category.

No. 10 – Sins of the Messiah (tie) by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod – This story is an incredible journey with a lot of symbolism, combined with a mind blowing adventure, in a world where anything goes. Sins of the Messiah is the re-edited version of two previously released books: Messiah I & II – 3 of Cups and Page of Wands. The book is set in the near future and the main character is Malcolm Wilder, a brilliant MIT student who became the Messiah by harnessing hydrogen power and distributing it cheaply in order to eliminate the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. But was he solely responsible for this shift in world fortunes or were there more sinister forces at work?

This novel has some of the most impressive and awesome world building I have ever read. The characters were complex, unusual and conniving, and just when I thought someone was not redeemable he showed qualities that made him seem capable of love. Valentine and MacLeod have become my “go to” writing partnerships when I’m looking for a book that will challenge and excite my brain, and they never fail me because their characterizations are original and creative and I think that their world building is some of the best in any genre. If you like extraordinary stories and have no problem with religious themes or violence, I highly recommend this book.

No. 10 – Between Sinners and Saints (tie) by Marie Sexton. Marie Sexton is so multifaceted, from her Coda books to One More Soldier and now Between Sinners and Saints. B S and S is another book on my list with a religious theme and this one tackled religion and homosexuality in the Mormon Church. I read it in one sitting even though it was 98K words, something that’s most unusual for me. 🙂 B S & S was so engrossing and the MCs and secondary characters were so complicated that I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to understand the Mormon religion and its belief structure that would make a family reject a loved one because of his sexual orientation due to the fear that his “lifestyle” would deny him a place in heaven.

Leviticus Binder left his family and his religion behind when they ostracized him because he was gay. He worked for the next 10 years as a bartender in the hottest bar in Miami called “The Zone” which supplied him with as many sex partners as he wanted to take into the back room, until he met Jamie Marshall and fell for him. Massage therapist Jamie had been damaged emotionally and physically, having been raped at a very young age by a family member. Because of the trauma Jamie was afraid of personal contact with people, had no friends except for his dog Dolly, and he was cautious about men like Levi. He was extremely vulnerable and scarred yet so funny he made the book come alive and at the same time my heart ached for the boy and man he could have been. He was the catalyst throughout the book. This plot could have become a quagmire because of the themes of faith, homosexuality, rape, and a family in crisis, but the author wove them into a tapestry for a wonderful and moving story

If you’re not put off by the theme I hope you will get this book which had a lot of humour, mainly Jamie’s version of fun as he pitted himself against Levi’s family and won them over.

No. 12 – Wishing on a Blue Star edited by Kris Jacen. This list would not be complete without a book that was inspired by Patric Michael’s fight against cancer. Patric wrote a series of online journals chronicling his battle with a rare form of cancer, and they touched everyone who read them, most of whom he had never met face to face. The blogs formed part of this anthology, together with stories contributed by Patric’s friends and fellow authors.

The depth of this man’s courage in the face of his daily struggles to live with cancer while coping with the treatments (which were almost as bad as and in some cases worse than the disease), made me realize how cancer destroys someone’s spirit and turns the brain to mush.

I don’t mean to make Patric out to be a saint or a hero because he sure isn’t. In fact he will tell you that he’s all too human. However, his journey over the past 3 years has been so horrendous I wondered how he could have remained sane, and why his spirit has not been broken. His journals made me salute anyone who is living with cancer or a similar disease.

The impact that this one man has had on all of us who know him, is profound. He is a writer just like so many others, but the amazing thing about Patric is his ability to crawl inside your heart and stay there. That he influenced so many others to think about someone other than themselves is what’s so amazing, and the fact that his author friends did something to remember him in a way he would appreciate – words – is fitting for someone as creative as Patric. Patric is still here, still fighting for his life. Wishing On A Blue Star is available free as an ebook from Dreamspinner Press.

No. 13 Muscling Through by J.L. Merrow absolutely enchanted me. On many occasions I read a book that I don’t have high expectations for, but it blows me away because the characters are so wonderfully portrayed and the story is both simple and complex on another level. This is what happened to me with Muscling Through.

J.L Merrow has a keen sense of comedy and writes such incredible dialogue that the characters were a joy to know. Al and Larry are opposites – physically, socially, educationally and in every way possible, but they were made for each other and their romance was believable. The humour in Muscling Through is not slapstick – far from it – this is understated Brit play upon words, masterfully delivered by Al, and the story made me appreciate all over again what good writing is all about.

The romance was well paced, imaginative, incredibly funny, hot, and so heartfelt and sensitive in the way that Larry and Al dealt with their own insecurities I marveled at the author’s skill in writing such well crafted characters. The book has an incredible sense of place which was facilitated by the British slang used throughout that maintained its authenticity. Definitely a “keeper”.

Honourable Mentions

Bad Company by K.A. Mitchell
Bad Boyfriend by K.A. Mitchell
Paper Planes
by M. Jules Aedin
Visible Friend by K.Z. Snow
The Closer You Get by L.A. Witt
Blue Ruin 1 – Some Kind of Stranger by Katrina Strauss
Purple Hearts by Jaye Valentine and Reno MacLeod
Out of Focus by L.A. Witt
Star Crossed – Opposite Ends of the Spectrum by Jaye Valentine & Reno MacLeod
Twelve Days (sequel to A Note in the Margin) by Isabelle Rowan
Petit Morts #12 – London Eye by Clare London
Second Helpings by Scarlet Blackwell
Breathe Me In by Lex Valentine
Anything for You by Ethan Day
Precious Boy by K.Z. Snow
Petit Morts #14 – Just Desserts by Josh Lanyon
Talker’s Redemption by Amy Lane
Foundation of Love by Scotty Cade and Z.B. Marshall

I wish I could have included more of the many books I reviewed this year – I was actually surprised at how many I did review and I’m thankful I can re-read the ones on this list again and again.

Now you’ve seen my list. What are your top books of 2011?


  • Oooooo the chance to list more of my favorites ;).
    So in no particular order, my first one was also in no particular order actually, I have not necessarily reviewed the book and it was not necessarily published in 2011, but I read it in that year.

    1. Ann Sommerville “Hidden faults”
    2. Ann Sommerville “Walk the lonesome road”
    3. Carole Cummings Aisling series.
    4. Heidi Cullinan Dance with me.
    5. Libby Drew “great restorations”.
    6. Heidi Cullinan “Nowhere ranch”.
    7. AM Riley “Death by misfortune”
    8. Sarah Madison “Crying for the moon”
    9. Felicia Watson “Where the alegehny meets the Monongahella”.
    10. Elliott Mackle “It takes two”.
    11. Ann Sommerville “Somatestesia”
    12. PL Nunn “Bloodraven”.

    Do I have to stop? 🙂

    • Hi Sirius
      I’ve read and loved some of the books on your list including Dance With Me, Death by Misfortune and Crying for the Moon. You’re a much more voracious reader than I could ever be. 🙂

      Thank you for these additional recommendations.

  • Nice list Wave but for me other books have made my fav 2011 list.

    In no particular order:
    Nothing ever happens – Sue Brown
    Reverb- Jet Mykkles
    Out of the woods- Syd McGinley
    Prisoner & Bound- Megan Derr
    Cop Out – DC Burns
    Himiko bonding – CB Conwy
    Anchored belonging- Rachel Haimowitz
    Unacceptable Risk- Kaje Harper
    One Real thing – Anah Crow
    Divide & Conquer – Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

    • Hi Ingrid
      I could only list the books I reviewed 🙂 but I have read some of the others on your list including Nothing Ever Happens, Unacceptable Risk by Kaje Harper, and One Real Thing. I reviewed Cop Out and Himiko Bonding — I have Himiko Warrior on my review list for the upcoming weeks.

      Thank you for your list and happy New Year.

  • Happy New Year!

    I love reading people’s favourites.

    Each year I open a Word document to keep track of the books I read, and each year I completely forget to add the books. I just checked my 2011 book list, and there are only two books recorded. 😀

    So I had to go to my eBook folder and go through all the books I purchased/downloaded in 2011.

    Here are some favourites I came up with, in no particular order:

    ALL of Parhelion’s books. :hearts02: They are all written in Parhelion’s unique style, and I can’t get enough of them. “Faster than the Speed of Light” gets an honourable mention.

    “GhosTV” by Jordan. I see it made your list at No. 1, Wave, so this one needs no explanation. 🙂

    “The Definitive Albert J Stern” by Julie Bozza. I actually managed to rec this on my LJ, which is amazing, because I haven’t felt like posting much this year.

    “Fly Up Into the Night Air” by John Houser. This is just a delightful book. I’m hoping to see more stories by this author.

    ALL of Tamara Allen’s stories. It was joy to discover Tamara this year. Hoping to see more from her too.

    Muscling Through, by J L Merrow. This is another of your favourites, so I don’t need to add any more squee.

    I find most of the stories I buy from recs from this site. I’d be lost without it! 🙁 So a BIG “thankyou” to you, Wave, and all the hard working reviewers. All the best for 2012. 😛

    • Great list Gaye. Now I’l be spending even more money. 🙂

      Parhelion is an unusual writer and I love his books.

      I never did get around to reading Fly Up Into the Night Air and I’ll definitely be checking that one out. As for the others on your list, Tamara Allen’s books have had me hooked since I first started reading them – she’s outstanding.

      Happy New Year Gaye.

  • Great list Wave!

    Here’s mine:
    10. Hot Head by Damon Suede
    9. Blood Heat by Josh Lanyon
    8. Jack Colby- Back in Action by Dave Benbow
    7. Behind Iron Lace by Mercy Celeste
    6. Moonlight Becomes You by Piper Vaughn and MJ O’Shea
    5. Bulletproof by Mary Calmes
    4. Bear, Otter, and The Kid by TJ Klune
    3. Blood and Tears by Ethan Stone
    2. Something Like Summer by Jay Bell
    1. :hurrah: Divide & Conquer by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux :hurrah:

    Honorable Mentions:
    John Goode’s Tales of Forster High series
    Maybe With a Chance Of Certainty and End Of The Beginning.

    • Jaime

      You’re a prolific reader. I have Something Like Summer on my Kindle and I must get to it soon because from all accounts it’s a wonderful book. I love Ethan Stone’s books but I never get to review them because Buda always grabs them before I have a chance.

      Thanks for the rec. on Maybe with a Chance of Certainty – I’ll definitely be reading it soon.

      Happy New Year. 😀

      • Something Like Summer is a must Wave….Jay Bell announced on Goodreads that someone(I totally forget who he said)bought the rights and is making a Something Like Summer movie. :happydance:

        • I received an announcement which I am enclosing: 🙂

          Judas Kiss’ Director, Producer Re-Team for ‘Something Like Summer’ Adaptation

          SEATTLE — The makers of this year’s acclaimed scifi fantasy, “Judas Kiss,” are teaming with Seattle-based Jade Knight Productions to adapt the bestselling coming-of-age love story, “Something Like Summer,” for the screen.

          The new project will be helmed by director J.T. Tepnapa, with screenwriter Carlos Pedraza penning the screenplay, based on the book by author Jay Bell. Tepnapa’s and Pedraza’s Los Angeles-based company, Blue Seraph Productions is a co-production partner.

          “I’m honored that Jay Bell and producer Tom Ly have asked Blue Seraph Productions to turn the critically acclaimed novel into a movie,” Tepnapa said. “The life of the main character, Ben, mirrors so many moments in my own life, I cannot help but want to treat his own journey with care. I love this story, and I want to see it come to life.”

          “Something Like Summer” traces the tumultuous relationship of Ben and Tim, secret high school sweethearts who grow over the years into both adulthood enemies and complicated friends.

          The novel is Bell’s second and most acclaimed, earning a spot in Amazon’s Best Books of 2011 list, with a customer rating of 4.7 out of 5, and outstanding reader reviews on the popular literary site Goodreads.

      • I dont know what had me thinking about Jay Bell today. I went to his site earlier and read that release. Ive had SLS on my kindle for too long to even say. Ive started reading it today and Im hooked.

  • Abigail Roux and Madeleine Urban are no longer writing together? Say it ain’t so.

    My top books (that I didn’t review here):

    1.) The Locker Room by Amy Lane
    2.) Long Tall Drink by LC Chase
    3.) Crying for the Moon by Sarah Madison
    4.) Hot Head by Damon Suede
    5.) Natural Instincts by SJ Frost
    6.) Imperfect by Cassidy Ryan
    7.) Into the Woods by ML Rhodes
    8.) Unspeakable Words by Sarah Madison
    9.) A Thread of Deepest Black by Finn Marlowe
    10.) A Chip in His Shoulder by LA Witt

    Happy New Year, Wave. 😀

    • Hi Lasha

      Great list. There are a few books here that I haven’t read including ML’s Into the Woods and LA’s A Chip In His Shoulder. Maybe I’ll ask you to review them for the site. 🙂 I liked most of the others. Sarah Madison has become one of my “go to” authors.

      I hope that 2012 is a lot better for you than 2011 Lasha. Happy New Year. 😀

  • If I could suggest a late entry, I also really liked Secret Light by ZA Maxwell, which is from Loose Id. I read that recently and it was really good.

  • Muscling Through would definitely be high at the top of my list, I loved that book — but you know, the problem with these lists is that now I have so many titles to add to the to-be-read pile! Happy New Year!

    • Happy New Year Tripoli.
      You have all year to get the books on the list (until the next one comes out). 😮

      Wasn’t Muscling Through terrific.?

  • “Tj would have suggested that I move away from the buffet table – he’s such a drag.”

    But at least I can count! As Buda would say – you and your Canadian math! :grumble: 13 top 10’s and 18 honorable mentions – that’s a top 31 list Wave!

    I’m actually happy to see that you have such a long list this year. I see many of my own favorites there, but also a lot that I’d like to get to. *sigh* There’s just never enough hours in the day for all the reading I’d like to do.

    Thanks for a really great list of recommendations.

    • Teej

      This is a shorter list than last year’s. I checked. I had 21 Honourable Mentions last year and I believe either 11 or 12 on the Top 10. 😎

      I so can count — I just don’t want to. would you believe I deleted a few books off the list?

      What are your Top 10 books this year other than books by your favourite author, Josh Lanyon? 😕

      • Yeah Wave, I so hear you. I can count to, just dont want to ;). Awesome list. I so have to read Taking you home and Sins of the messiah. I think I have read everything else from your top 10 – 13 😉

      • With the kind of year I had I read way fewer books this year than in previous years. But if we eliminate JL’s books, which I loved all of them BTW, I’d probably pick these:

        One More Soldier – Marie Sexton – there are no words for how great that was
        Hot Head – Damon Suede – sooo hot and a great love story
        Hell’s Pawn – Jay Bell – loved the fresh take on mythology/religion
        Summit City Christmas – Ethan Day
        A Ghost on My Couch – LA Gilbert – so sweet and it made me cry like a baby, but so worth the tears, it was so wonderful
        KLT 23 – Missy Welsh – hot and funny short – need I say more
        Falling Off the Face of the Earth – JF Smith
        Heatstroke – Taylor Donovan
        GhostTV – JCP
        Zero Hour – JCP

        • Teej

          I still haven’t read Hell’s Pawn but you reminded me and I have today placed it on my Kindle to read very soon. You know how much I love books with a religious slant. 😮

          KLT was one of my faves. I reviewed a Christmas book by Taylor Donovan and she seems to be a terrific writer. She has a new book just released through MLR Press called Six Degrees of Lust that I might try. You might not like it but Buda probably will because it’s about a serial killer. 🙂

          I’ll definitely get Heatstroke also A Ghost on my Couch. Thanks for the recs Tj.

    • Canadian math strikes again, huh, TJ? At least you’re getting closer to correct, Wave. Progress is always important. 😀 There are so many on this list I haven’t been able to read. Hopefully some day soon I’ll get spare time again. Happy New Year, Wave and everyone.

      • Happy New Year Buda! Did you get the gift I sent you? 😀 🙂

        There’s nothing wrong with my math. My calculator is perfect. It’s the same one I use to balance my cheque book. 😕 You guys are the ones who can’t count. I know exactly what I’m doing. 😎


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