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As you know, I put new authors on the hot seat by having their profiles and careers to date posted on the site to give you an opportunity to ask all sorts of pertinent AND impertinent questions about their books and writing goals. Today you have the pleasure of meeting Taylor V. Donovan who is a relative newcomer to our genre and someone who doesn’t shy away from controversy.

Taylor’s most recent book, Six Degrees of Lust is a prime example of her writing style (I think) as she tries to convey how she feels an M/M character should act and how her books would and should end.

Here’s Taylor in all her *ahem* glory ready for your questions, accolades and brickbats. She assures me that she’s looking forward to hearing from you so feel free to take your shots.  :basketball: :popcorn:

A reminder that you can’t kick the fur babies. 😆


Hello everyone. I’m Taylor V. Donovan. Thank you so much to Wave for inviting me to her site!

So, about me… I’m a rookie author of gay romance and suspense, and I’ll tell you guys right off the bat that I haven’t been writing my entire life. I haven’t been making up characters for years, and getting published was never a dream of mine. It wasn’t until the summer of 2010 when my muse got a hold of me. He’s tall, gorgeous and a pain in my behind, because, well, he’s difficult.  He likes complicated issues for the most part, and always pushes me in directions not many like to go. That’s not too bad, though. I’ve always liked to break the mold and I’m not opposed to ruffling some feathers if a particular situation calls for it. Huh… now that I think about it, my muse is very similar to Sam from Six Degrees. Lord help me.

In the past year and a half my mind has been invaded by loud, pushy characters, and I’ve gotten well acquainted with my newly discovered passion for storytelling. So far I’ve published Heatstroke, a freebie you all can download from my site; Southern Winterland, a Christmas short; and Six Degrees of Lust, the first installment in my By Degrees serial (to be released in May).  Six Degrees made me realize that I’ll probably never be a conventional romance writer. I’m too cynical for my own good, and even a bit jaded. Happily Ever After is not easily achieved in my eyes, and that part of my personality is reflected in my stories. They really have to work for it, but eventually they get there. Sometimes they surprise me, though. It doesn’t take them as long as I had expected. 🙂

Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on Six Degrees of Separation, the second installment in my By Degrees serial, and plan to start working on the third one, Special Agent Logan Brandenburg’s story, soon after.

Meanwhile I’m keeping busy finishing the first book in a series called Bylaws (I promise there are no cliffhangers in this one) and a standalone story titled Disasterology 101. There’s also a project very near and dear to my heart. A special story that I’m keeping under my hat for now, but it has a tentative release date of late Summer 2012.

view from my office

I’m from New York City and still make my living here (that’s a picture of the view outside my office window), but a few years ago I moved to the beautiful mountains of Pennsylvania. You see that lake over there? That’s the beautiful view from my front porch. And no, it wasn’t difficult to give up the concrete jungle for that.The commute is killer though!

the fur babies

I share that view with my two daughters and those three furry babies pictured on the side. They are terribly


misbehaved… all of them *g* and they make the sun shine. 🙂

I’d like to thank Wave for her reviews of Heatstroke and Southern


Winterland, and Lady M for her insightful review of Six Degrees of Lust. I love to hear what my readers have to say, so if you have any comments, suggestions, book recommendations, or even a question — or ten— after reading Six Degrees, please let me “hear” them.


For those of you who would rather inflict some punishment to my writerly persona, please be advised stones and whips can be obtained by the door, but just so you know, I prefer spanking 😉

Have an awesome day you guys, and thank you very much for having me.

the view from my front porch

By Degrees Series


  • Hi Taylor 🙂
    Haven’t read Six Degrees yet, hope to, soon.

    Sam isn’t a product of my imagination. The way he looks and behaves was inspired by someone I know. I’ve always wondered what will happen the day he loses control, and he was taking so long, so I made it happen on paper and had him beta it. Let’s say, at times he wasn’t amused g.

    So, weren’t you nervous about letting him read that?

    What was most difficult in keeping the mould and the character seperate entities?

    • No, I wasn’t nervous. I was having fun… but just a little *g*.

      The sex scenes! Other than beta, he was also my to go guy for all things sexual. That became an issue when I started writing sex scenes. I kept deleting stuff because lord, what if “the mold” did that??? Know what I mean? 😉

      • I do. I really do 🙂

        You made me realise that despite having a number of close gay friends, I’ve never even thought to ask them questions or ‘observe’ (that sounds so wrong) their personality traits …

        I truly live in my own world 😀


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