Friday Guys January 20


guy no. 16

guy no. 15

guy no. 14

guy no. 13

guy no. 12

guy no. 11

guy no. 10

guy no. 9

guy no. 8

guy no. 7

guy no. 6

guy no. 5

guy no. 4

guy no. 3

guy no. 2

guy no. 1


  • Hello

    Would you happen to remember where you found picture of guy n°3 in order to know if rights are free?


  • Ok… I’ve been over this post 3 times and unless I’m completely losing it – a complete possibility – #4 – Hugh Jackman – is still available. 😯 Please send him my way as it looks like he’s out where I just got back from… *dang, I knew I should have stayed there* 😉

    Great guys as always, Wave! Have a wonderful weekend, and stay warm with the person of your choice! 😀

    • Lynn
      You have sharp eyes. Hugh Jackman is still available. Incredible isn’t it? That’s a great picture of him too. So he’s on his way to spend the rest of the weekend with you.

      Have a great weekend. It’s pretty cold here — winter has arrived.


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