Recommended Reads January 2012

Here are the Recommended Reads for January 2012. If there are incorrect links, please leave a comment in the post. Enjoy!

Packing Heat by Kele Moon — 4.75 stars (Wave)
The Island by Lisa Henry — 5 stars (Jenre)
Bonds Of Earth by G.N. Chevalier — 5+ stars DIK (Feliz)
Indigo: The Cat’s Meow by Lucius Parhelion — 4.75 stars (Sirius)
A Chip in His Shoulder by l.a. witt — 5 stars (Lasha)
At His Throat, A Promise by Lilith Grey — 4.75 stars (Jenre)
Boats in the Night by Josephine Myles — 5 stars (Cryselle)
Secret Light by Z.A. Maxfield — 5 stars (Feliz)

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