Sins of the Father (Angel and the Assassin #3)

Title: Sins of the Father (Angel and the Assassin #3)
Author: Fyn Alexander
Cover Artist: Anne Cain
Buy Link: Buy Link Sins of the Father [Angel and the Assassin 3] Genre: M/M Contemporary BDSM,
Length: Novel Plus
Rating: 5 out 5 rating stars  

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Complicated issues of fatherhood, expectation, ethics and of course Daddy kink all combine in this excellent addition to the series.

Angel and the Assassin Series

Blurb: MI6 assassin, Kael Saunders, is a larger than life, dominant master who finds himself becoming a Daddy to nineteen-year-old Angel Button. Over the last year and a half Kael and Angel have settled into a loving Dom/sub relationship. But no matter how comfortable the highly intelligent and ruthless assassin and his sweet, eager, loving boy become with each other, Kael is still the boss and Angel wants him to remain so, whether in the dungeon, the bedroom, or the kitchen. Naturally submissive, Angel has learned how to be a good Daddy’s boy and a good slave, but his childlike willfulness still makes itself known now and again.

Kael has always wondered why he is able to do the work he does. Why is he so ruthless, so intelligent, so serious and rigid? Could it be that he got those traits from the father he has never met? Who is Kael’s father and will he ever meet the man whose genes he carries?


The killer opening line of Philip Larkin‘s still shocking poem, This Be The Verse,

“They fuck you up, your mum and dad.”

is unexpectedly relevant to the third and possibly last book in this series, Sins of the Father. (I reviewed the earlier books here and here.) This complex episode in the strangely heartwarming and completely kinked relationship concentrates on various and involved manifestations of parenthood. It also delivers an exciting, enjoyable and thoroughly involving story even while looking at complicated questions of DNA and free will.

Kael’s very serious take on his responsibilities as Daddy in Angel’s life is fully explored.Their delightful, if rather mind-blowing, relationship is developed with particular emphasis on Kael’s adoption of a parental role outside of all the action in the playroom. His fatherly attitude on bullying is nicely tempered by Angel’s unlucky but amusing hopes for diplomacy. For all of his precocious sexual maturity, Angel is still very young, and his resistance against Kael’s well meaning but high handed control of his university applications felt very much in character. However Kael’s forbearance in the following messy situation was a revealing insight into the strength of his love for Angel.

Moreover it is only when Kael actually questions his own certainties in relation to how controlling he is being to Angel that you understand how much Kael is changing. There are, as always, some lovely scenes with Angel, not least those when he gently tries to influence Kael’s social bluntness or just shows his sense of fun. In spite of Angel’s totally understandable rebellion I really liked the sense that their relationship is so strong. Now out in the open- in Kael’s own words as domestic partners- they are almost unassailable. It gave sure footing to the other uncertainties that Kael had to face.

In this book Kael’s complicated sense of self- past and present- is completely challenged. His childhood, his first love affair with an almost stepfather figure Shawn, and most importantly his genetic makeup are all under examination. How he tries to make sense of it all in his own inimitable manner is played wonderfully against his everyday work for MI6 and with helpful contributions from characters met in the previous books. Mattie, Jack, Conran, Freddie and his girls are all included and expanded in scenes that show unexpected affection and humour. Though at some points it felt a little like every one had an opinion on parenting and wasn’t afraid to share it- I guess that is true to life.

Kael’s warm relationship with his mother Sharon is beautifully advanced here and is used to show how Kael has grown up with at least some moral checks and balance. Moreover she still affects his behaviour; a very nice touch of nurture in the face of nature.

The introduction of Kael’s  problems in dealing with new knowledge about his biological father added a fine and sharp edge to this story. Conran tries to convince Kael that his new alarming tendency of introspection is inappropriate, that second guessing himself will make him lose his control. However I loved the complications and frustrations in this book, just as Kael tries to make sense of new revelations and hard old truths I was along side trying to understand where all this left him.

The almost forensic analysis of Kael’s peculiar and elusive psyche did reveal some certainties for him. No matter how perverse it might appear in the light of his instincts to kill, Kael has a code of ethics that keeps him from losing touch with his humanity and becoming a monster. Clearly his newly discovered paternal heritage while frighteningly apparent is not the dominant driving influence in his life. Ironically it is Angel’s unconditional but not unquestioning love that continues to keep Kael safe.


Strong BDSM, Daddy kink.



  • Raine
    I still haven’t picked up these books as yet. I know that there’s a lot more to this series and that it’s much more than the “Daddy” kink, but I have so many other kinks to satisfy. :blush:

    Since I’ll be away for a couple of weeks later this month that might be the ideal time to start it.

    Thanks for your indepth reviews on the series Raine.

    • Thank you Wave.

      I hope your going some where warm……..ok thats just projection cos it’s snowing here and you know how much I love the cold!

      I think you would like these books cos after that initial shock the Daddy kink established is so loving and the stories are very entertaining.

      So many kinks and such little time……..lucky you! 😀

  • Oh, this sounds right up my street, but I can’t read the last one first, so I’m off to check out your other reviews. Thanks!

    • Hey Hambel

      I think you are lucky to have the fun of reading about these guys to come ………but I admit my bias. 😀 It would be great to know what you think later on. 🙂

  • Hi Raine,

    I love your reviews of my books, mostly, I suppose, because you are so complimentary, but also because your in depth analysis is excellent. Too many reviews focus solely whether or not the reviewer “liked” the book as opposed to actually analyzing the characters, plot, and writing.
    I am glad you enjoyed this third book. I did state on my website that this is likely the last book. But I have had so many calls for more that, who knows, I may just write another. It’s hard to let my boys go.

    Best to you,

    Fyn. xxx

    • Thanks very much Fyn,

      I was hoping that you could clear that up for me……..I understand that it is a problem knowing when to let go of a series, usually I tend to be on the side of get out while the going is good!

      Yet in the case of these guys I’m adding my voice to the calls for more. Each book has just got better for me. :flowers:

  • I thoroughly enjoy this series as well. *Is* it the last?

    I don’t get the “daddy” kink personally but then I don’t have to. The writing is tight and the story flows smoothly, I thought. The relationship has progressed and become more stable and has been of benefit to both Kael and Angel. Kael seems to have become a better man w/o losing the necessary edge to perform his job.

    Thanks for the review!

    • Hi sfrizell,

      I’m now thinking I imagined that it might be the last one as I can’t find where I saw it :blush: …… who knows except Fyn………which means there could be hope for us A&A addicts.

      You are so right about the story flowing, its just such a lovely ride, even though the subject is sometimes quite shocking- hell of a good trick on the writer’s part. 🙂

  • I didn’t even know that a third book was in the works.
    I stumbled upon it by accident. Read it in two days. Love this series. I really hope there are more books. It has so much potential for more. Angel’s gap year, and I still want to know what happened to his father.
    Angel’s mother is a piece of work! 😮

    • There is plenty of scope for more stories and this one did really concentrate on Kael……..Angel up at Cambridge could be so sensational. 😯

      I thought Angel’s mum was more subdued in this one, which stopped the character becoming too much of a caricature, she was so easy to hate before…………

      Thanks for commenting AnnieK.

      • Raine,
        After I finished number three, “Sins Of The Father” I went back and read one and two again. I am actually reading number two right now, so I was just coming off a “bad mommy” encounter. Guess all the books are running together. 😯

  • I just want to admire your review writing skill – you know daddy kink outside of bedroom is not my kind of thing but you write so well. Thank you.

    • That is really very kind Sirius…I know I’m not going to win you over on this couple 😥 but it really was a very entertaining read. 😀

  • This has been a favorite series of mine. Kael and Angel are such complex characters. I love how their relationship develops over time. They really are perfect for each other. I don’t won’t this series to be over, but if it is, I will be completely happy with how it ended. I will say that it would be fun to have another book with Kael and Angel working together on an assignment.

    Great review Raine!

    • Hi Lisa

      they are just such original characters, with this unusual completion in their relationship which after so many books with artificial obstacles and general hysteria is so refreshing.

      It is great to hear from someone who enjoys them as much as I do. I also agree with you about the ending. Thank you. 😀


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