The first time I read M/M fiction or How I fell in love with a throbbing manroot! by Sammy

We experience many firsts in life…first steps, first kiss, first love.  And so when Wave graciously asked me to post a little note to all of you I decided I would share…

 The first time I read M/M fiction or How I fell in love with a throbbing manroot!

There I was…an innocent…quietly going through literary life with Shakespeare and John Steinbeck as my companions.  The raciest thing I had brushed up against was Lady Chatterley’s Lover—and oh my god that…well, that is a story for another time.

One day as I was trolling about online I accidentally clicked on the wrong button at Amazon, and my life was forever changed.  Yes, it’s true…for once my technological ineptitude paid off, and the gods of all things good and true dropped a little piece of literary heaven into my lap…and let me tell you my lap has been happy ever since.  Ahem…anyway.   Unfortunately before literary heaven came just a little taste of…well…of this…

As I read along in (no I am not going to tell you the name of the book, honestly Wave these people are so nosy!!) …where was I?  Ah yes…as I read along in a state of sublime giddiness I felt myself being swept along as the story approached the penultimate moment of instant gratification.  They were going to DO IT!!

That’s right two burning  hunks of love—2 MEN (squeal) were going to get it on…no namby-pamby “making love” here—ah no…this was going to be primal, fierce, passionate!  My chest literally heaved in anticipation and then, finally, there it was…THE moment…nirvana in gay prose!  With breathless wonder, I read…

“Jake stared down at Oliver’s throbbing manroot, his mind abuzz with lusty thoughts of taking the other man right then and there and thrusting into his deep dark cavern over and over and…

What the (bleep) was this??   WHAT the (bleep) was a “manroot”, WHY was it throbbing and, HONESTLY? –a “deep, dark cavern”?   I looked at my kindle in horror.  Where were the artfully written dirty words?  Where was the “in your face, hot, grinding sex that had conservative Christians beating at their chests and crying out “get thee behind me Satan”?  Where was the quintessential moment when something other than the words “he felt a stirring in his groin” were going to be uttered and I could gleefully begin password protecting my kindle so that the underage kidlings in the house would not be exposed to such base corruption?  I threw my kindle down in disgust.

What was a girl to do?? Where could I turn for comfort?  Well, of course I did what any red blooded 50 year old woman would do.  I called my best friend—my GAY best friend—my, “Oh Sammy please, of course you can totally do it in the men’s room at Macy’s” GAY best friend.  I got him on the phone.  He was transfixed as I sobbed out my entire sad and sordid little tale of woe.

After I was “spent” my dearest friend and self proclaimed world-renown authority on “all things gay”, immediately offered up sage advice.  Rick, (doesn’t his name just sound so manly and…uh…gay?) reached out over the phone lines with his magical gay fingers and soothed my frazzled nerves.  I felt my spirit calm as he dispensed his pearls of wisdom.   He said, “Honest to god, what crap are you reading???  Don’t you know any better?  Seriously you’re a 50-year old woman who is fairly intelligent and able to handle sharp knives.” (This was a recent development—there was a prior incident with a somewhat large cucumber and a…well, never mind.)  I shook myself out of my reverie and tried to keep up as Rick continued to bellow comforting epithets in my ear. “Where in god’s name did you find such drivel?  Haven’t you ever heard of Josh Lanyon??  Z.A. Maxfield??  James Buchanan??  What rock have you been living under??”

I could barely contain my tears of joy at his tender, heartfelt words.  Quietly, with love and gratitude pouring like honey from my lips, I responded saying, “Well thanks a hell of a lot for telling me about those guys NOW—AFTER I spent a buck and a half on this piece of (bleep)!  Just where were your famous “gay words of wisdom then, bucko?”

He graciously replied, “Who the (bleep) are you calling bucko?   Look, you like mysteries, right?”  I nodded.  Hope rising in my chest like a two-dollar whore after giving a blow…never mind.

Suffice it to say, I was about to get the keys to the veritable gay treasure chest of reading nirvana. Rick continued,  “Okay, get off the phone, beg that sainted husband of yours to give you another 5 bucks and go buy something written by Josh Lanyon.  And for god’s sakes stop calling me with this crap…honest to god Sam anyone listening to you would never think you have an undergrad degree in English Lit!  I gotta go—there’s a “throbbing manroot” waiting for me in the bedroom.”  (That would be Fred—longtime partner and decidedly friendlier gay best friend!)

So, there you have it dear readers.  Palms sweating, clutching the computer mouse in one hand and my kindle in the other, I ventured forth and within mere moments I was opening the door to a whole new world.  Ah but this time was so different, this time the words on the page danced and flowed as I read…

Taylor had become expert in all Will’s kisses, from the hungry, lustful kisses that always made his own cock rise so fast it hurt, to the tender, almost cherishing kisses that Will generally saved for when he thought Taylor was sleeping.  Josh Lanyon ? Blood Heat

Now this was reading nirvana…

So, do tell dear reader…what was your first time like?


I live in Canada and I love big dogs, music, movies, reading and sports – especially baseball


  • My first M/M reading experience was when I was 13 and my GBF, who was 19 (I was rather advanced for my age and he was woefully immature), worked in a bookstore. I was browsing the fiction section and settled on a Gordon Merrick novel and he was somewhat concerned that I wouldn’t be happy with it.

    I bought it anyway, then proceeded to devour every Merrick book I could get my hands on.

    After that, I slid into an obsession with SF/fantasy and consumed Elizabeth Lynn’s books, Marion Zimmer Bradley’s, Anne McCaffrey’s, and at some point, Mercedes Lackey’s.

    I guess it wasn’t that big of a surprise to anyone when I started reading, then writing, Buffy slash-fic (Spander, Spangel, Xangel). LOL


  • Other readers who have ideas for funny posts that they think will be of general interest, and are willing to write them, should email me with a brief outline of their post.

    • I think you might have already done this one but maybe you could get someone to continue with the manroot theme, the strange things authors call penis’ and other parts.
      My all time eewww is when I hear man pussy. For some reason it makes me shudder.

  • MTelle mentioned The Last Herald Mage Trilogy, and i was like OMG. I remember that. I wasn’t 12 but i was early teens and a big fantasy reader and i found those books and it was like i was the first person to ever discover that there was such a thing as same sex love. after that it was like looking for hidden treasure, there was never a section in a book store or library i could go to, and the blurbs usually didn’t say if a story included a same sex relationship. i was to shy to ask anyone for recs, but i became a sort of amatuer detective finding all the stories hidden among the fantasy. Tanya huff was a favorite i can not tell you how many times i got in trouble in grade eight because i was trying to read one of her books inside my math or french text book. I blame her to this day for the fact that i did not retain any of my school french.
    Fastforward more than ten years through a lot of good fantasy writers who’s blurbs still don’t lay out the nature of the relationships, to my first e-reader. and the vista’s that opened up OMG. But the first was Harper Fox Life After Joe.

    • OMG–Harper Fox–Life After Joe–when he copters in to the rig—ah–what an incredible book! What an incredible author!

  • I started reading M/M within the Stargate (Jack/Daniel) fiction genre, some really AMAZING authors, some of whom have since crossed over into mainstream M/M.
    I could not believe there were free stories available with so many terrific authors. Some of these authors were (and are still) better than stories I’ve purchsed.
    Then I found Josh and the rest is history 😀

  • Can I just say it’s great reading about everyone’s ‘first times’?
    I first got pointed in the right direction by a M/M/F book of Lorelei James, ‘Rough, Raw & Ready’ (hmm, cowboys!), which got me searching straight away on Amazon for more gay cowboys and lead me to The Tin Star by J L Langley (which is still one of my favourites – but then aren’t first loves always the best?)
    Of course since then I may have got a little carried away (with the help of Wave’s site of course 🙂 ) – in fact I just went on Amazon to check whether The Tin Star or The Broken H was the first M/M book I bought, and it took SEVERAL minutes for my slightly oversized library to get itself sorted by date :blush:

    • My lord–Amazon can sort by date?? Ah the things I learn…I agree Pen–it has been ever so much fun listening to everyone’s I quess that leaves nothing more than to say SEQUEL—did you hear the WAVE???

      • I hear you Sammy. Coming to a theatre near you SOON … is Sammy the Sequel 😎

        I’m glad you had fun and I think we can do this again in a couple of months. Start thinking of a new topic that will energize the readers as much as this one. :bravo:

        • Yay!
          I don’t know if I chuckled more from the original post or the follow up comments.

          Sammy you are fabulous 😀

  • My first glimpse of MM were Jules & Robin in the mainstream Troubleshooters series by Suzanne Brockmann. Then when I started skipping pages just to read about Butch & V in the Brotherhood series by JR Ward I knew I had to go looking for more. (Boy, was I disappointed that Butch & V did not get together). So my first official MM books were the Soul Mates series by Jourdan Lane and the Master Chronicles by Jamie Craig. I read those books back to back and had many sleepless nights and loved every minute of it.

    • I cannot tell you how many times I have dragged myself into work because I stayed up finishing a book–suffice it to say–too many times! And this is not the first time I have heard mention of the Master Chronicles…hmmm…

      Sammy slips the credit card from hubby’s wallet and cracks open the computer with a gleeful cackle!

    • Maria
      I have a fanfic of Butch and V getting it on, so if you’re interested email me. I hope your email address has been fixed. 🙂

      If anyone else would like a copy, the same offer stands.

        • Hi Kathy
          Would you mind emailing me? That would save me going through all the comments to find your email address. My email address is jessewave at gmail dot com

      • Wave can you thank who ever wrote the fanfic for me. It was brilliant! I am an even more pathetic V fangirl now… I know you didn’t think that could be possible, right LOL!

        • Natasha
          It was my pleasure. Glad you liked it.

          I can’t remember who wrote it but readers send me all sorts of interesting stuff to share with you guys…. which I do 🙂

  • Years ago I was on Amazon looking up the movie Brokeback Mountain (still haven’t seen it)and Bareback by Chris Owen came up, so I bought it, then it did that “you might also like” thing and A Bit Of Rough by Laura Baumbach came up so I bought that too. Then I went actively looking and found all kinds of publishers, authors, sites, blogs, and an awesome review site (hint). haven’t looked back since.

    • OMG–A bit of Rough–Let’s all repeat Laura Baumbach’s name with a bit of gleeful gratitude in our voices—ah the things that woman did for my sex…er…never mind.

  • My FIRST experience was when, as a voracious fantasy-reading twelve-year-old, I was handed paperbacks of Mercedes Lackey’s Last Herald-Mage series by my dad when I asked him for something to read. He had read them, but had only a rather vague memory of what was actually in them. I was a big fan, in a confused twelve-year-old-girl kind of way.

    After that, though, and for the next 15 years, I didn’t read any m/m OR any romance, period. I don’t like m/f romance and I REALLY don’t like fanfic (just a weird personal preference!) so I didn’t have those to get me into it.

    Then, about a year ago, I got a Kindle. One day, I was on Amazon, looking for free books, and found Oleander House, by Ally Blue. “Why not?” I thought. “It looks better than some of this other free stuff.”

    … and I think you know how it goes from there. 😀

    • Ally Blue, Josh Lanyon and so many more–sweet addictions that I, for one, have no intention of trying to break!

  • Mine was an ongoing journey. There were the same-sex married couples in Julian May’s Pliocene books. There was the Arthur/Lancelot scene in The Mists of Avalon.

    Then came the internet and Elf Sternberg’s Journal Entries on Double fisting, Wrestling where the winner fucked the loser. Centaur sex. Awesome. Also still available, so google.

    Fanfic came on the scene with Buffy, and I was hooked on Angelus/Xander noncon. And then there were other fandoms. (over a dozen when I gafiated)

    Torquere’s MONSTERS was a GLBT anthology, not strictly m/m but I read it all. I think the first m/m book I bought (as opposed to a trib copy) was Kiernan Kelly’s “A Change of Heart.”

    • SO much free stuff out there–so much fiction that waits for us all–and let’s face facts–where else can you get centaur sex–I mean–really! Thanks for commenting Angelia!


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