Diverse M/M Books Update

Over 6 months ago we published our first list of diverse M/M books and I know that many of you have found it very valuable going by the number of hits. At last count over 3,000 of you have accessed this list and I’m really pleased you found it to be a useful tool in deciding on your new purchases. Now it’s time for an update and Kaija has again agreed to incorporate your new recommendations into this list. Since technology is not my friend 🙂 Aunt Lynn will be finalizing the information into the same format as before.

The categories are:

Disability & Health (Please don’t just use the word “disabled” –  include the type of disability – see previous post)

Ethnicity (MCs with different racial backgrounds)

Older Protagonist (one MC must be at least 40 years of age – this is a change)

Non Traditional Religion (includes atheists)

Before recommending a book please check the current post to ensure that you’re not recommending one that’s already on the list.

Each category follows a different format in terms of number of columns on the current list, and I would appreciate it if you would use the same format, as that would make Kaija’s and Aunt Lynn’s work less onerous.

I will be closing off this post on February 22. Thanks guys.


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  • I never saw this list before! Wow. Wave this is great.

    Cards on the Table – epilepsy
    The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks – asthma
    Just Desserts – spinal cord injury
    Fair Game – artificial knee
    Come Unto These Yellow Sands – cocaine addiction
    In a Dark Wood – alcoholism

    Over 40
    The Holmes & Moriarity series

  • At the risk of blatant self-pimpage (does that make me a whore? *ponders*)…

    Disability: The One That Stayed (Russ spends most of the story either in a coma or recovering less than perfectly from being shot in the head).

    The One That Broke Free (Travis has a bad leg from schrapnel in Iraq).

    Race: Snow & Mistletoe (X-mas story — Ty is African American).

    Mandarin Orange: Sweet & Sour (Kelly is Japanese/Irish).

    Age: The One That Stayed (both Russ and David are well into their 50s/60s).

    Berry Blue: Lessons Learned (Peter is 50).

    Also, NOT one of mine… Tere Michaels’ ‘Love and Loyalty’ has an MC who’s 45.

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. 🙂


  • I see Sonoran Heat under Older Protagonist. Thank you to whoever suggested that one and including it on the list. 😀

    Here are a few more of mine if I might suggest them:

    Ethnicity — Blue Ruin series by Katrina Strauss, Korean-American

    Disability and Health — Blue Ruin 4: Need You Tonight by Katrina Strauss, Blindness

    Disability and Health — Sleight of Hand by Katrina Strauss, Mental Illness

  • Disability and Health and Older Protagonist – The Substitute by Tionne Rogers.

    This book kicked my add quite literally… One of the hardest reads I ever had.


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