All Through the Night by Suzanne Brockmann

Title: All Through The Night (Troubleshooters series #12)
Author: Suzanne Brockmann
Cover Artist: N/A
Publisher: Random House
Buy link:
Genre: Contemporary M/M, Action/Adventure
Length: Novel/240 print pages
Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Review Summary: Fast paced, lots of action, danger, and a wedding. At times I thought that there were too many characters and side trips which overshadowed the main event, the romance between Jules and Robin.


It’s Christmastime in Boston, and this year the silver bells will be wedding bells as FBI agent Jules Cassidy ties the knot with the man of his dreams, Hollywood heartthrob Robin Chadwick.

The pair plan a quiet, intimate ceremony, to be witnessed by family and close friends from the FBI, SEAL Team Sixteen, and Troubleshooters, Incorporated, including Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke. But the holiday season brings more to the happy couple than they expect.

A waterfall coming through their kitchen ceiling, a bat colony in the attic, old family tensions . . . even an international incident can’t dampen their spirits. But add to that a parade of unexpected guests, including a reporter looking for a scoop, an ex-lover hell-bent on causing trouble, and a dangerous stalker, and suddenly the wedding is poised to unravel in chaos.

But nothing will stop Jules and Robin from getting their happy ending, because along with a guest list featuring the most elite counter-terrorism force in the world, they have their own secret weapon–true love.


This is Suzanne Brockmann’s second gay romance that I have reviewed but she actually wrote this book in 2007. Because this is part of a series, if you haven’t read the other books you might be a tad confused by the number of characters, many of whom have major roles aside from the MCs, Robin and Jules. There are two romances in All Through The Night and one is het, but I’ll come to that later.

Robin, an actor, was the most complex character in the book. He met Jules years ago when he was involved with Adam, another actor, whose most recent romance I reviewed here in When Tony Met Adam. All Through the Night was written before WTMA and I guess I should have read them in order but the author provided enough of Robin’s and Jules’ backstory so that I wasn’t completely befuddled. Robin had been deeply in the closet all his life and was also a recovering alcoholic; every day was a struggle for him and his struggle was woven throughout the story. He and Jules were so in love that they both (unknown to each other) bought engagement rings a few months after they started dating. However, very soon Jules was on his way to Afghanistan and Robin was left behind wondering if he would ever see him again, a justifiable fear as it turns out because Jules and his team were involved in a firefight.

Jules, an FBI agent, is very important to the series and has appeared in almost all of the Troubleshooters books. Fans love his character because he’s the quintessential alpha hero who also cries and they hate Adam with a passion because he used to be Jules’ lover but they broke up because Adam couldn’t keep it in his pants.

Robin was very damaged early in life by an abusive mother and a father who knowingly abandoned him to his mother. He was also a klutz and a disaster waiting to happen, and his scrapes provided a lot of comic relief throughout the book. His career and Jules were the only good things in his life. I loved him because he was very open about his emotions and he was deeply in love with Jules who adored him but was exceedingly jealous and very insecure, (traits that he couldn’t seem to control and which were at odds with his FBI persona).

Adam the bed hopper has a major role in one of the sub plots involving a deranged stalker, but no one had any sympathy for him as they thought he was either lying or using the stalker to get back at his former lovers.

The plot involved many complicated issues other than getting to the church on time and I wondered how the author would wrap up the story satisfactorily. There were so many characters and so much history between SEAL Team 16 and the FBI that it was hard to keep them straight, but what was unbelievable were the number of children and pregnant women in this short novel — I counted at least four pregnant women. WOW!

The heterosexual romance in the book is between Dolphina, Robin’s assistant, and Will an investigative reporter but there’s no on-page sex between them. Of course this romance had its own trials and tribulations starting with a lack of trust, an issue that seems to be a theme in All Through the Night, but the end was left somewhat up in the air.

If you’re looking for hot action between the sheets you won’t find it here as there was no explicit sex between Jules and Robin (which to me was refreshing), although the story started only a few weeks before their wedding, but there was lots of kissing and implied sex that  Brockmann does very well.

In summary: I thought that there was too much action packed into this short novel and not enough time spent with Jules and Robin. There was a firefight in Afghanistan that lasted a few days; an investigation by the President’s Intelligence into one of Robin’s friends who had raised concerns; Adam’s stalker who proved to be a real threat; all sorts of disasters that befell the house that Adam and Robin were renovating and hoped to have completed in time for the wedding; a romance between Dolphina and Will; Adam’s last ditch efforts to sabotage the wedding; and even more sub plots.

If you’re a Troubleshooters/SEALS/FBI fan you may not love this book because of its focus on Jules and Robin as a couple and what seems to be on the surface a somewhat corny Christmas story. If you’re not familiar with the series you will have to wade through many characters from previous adventures who have a lot of history, before you get to the main event for M/M readers – the romance and wedding. It seemed at times that everyone had a POV. This is not a criticism, just a comment. What saved this book for me was the writing which was vintage Brockmann but I wish she had either left out some of the side trips or made the book longer so that the story didn’t seem rushed. Despite my concerns I still recommend All Through The Night, but if you do get it you have to pay attention because of the number of characters who made cameo appearances and the many sub plots.

In the end Jules and Robin got their HEA but they had to work very hard for it as everything seemed to be against them getting to the church on time.





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  • @ wave – of course, she is quite open that her son’s coming out led her to honor him in print. but she has been also open about her support in a way other mainstream romance authors have failed o do. **hat tip to her!**

  • Not sure how familiar you are with Suzanne Brockmann, but she tends to write in blocks. This couple pages about this person/couple, then several pages or a chapter about the other person/couple. She often writes two relationships per book, and her block style makes it surprisingly easy to skim pieces if you’re not enjoying one of the relationships. It was more difficult when Jules was a smaller character and readers had to watch for him amongst the secondary characters.

    Jules & Robin’s relationship starts in Hot Target, moves through Force of Nature, and All Through the Night is kind of the HEA icing.

    With the block style, in Hot Topic it’s fairly easy to skim (or skip) Costmo & Jane’s (Robin’s sister) romance and mostly concentrate on Robin & Jules. Same with Force of Nature…not terribly memorable romance between Ric & Annie.

    • Thanks Denni. That’s great to know. So you’re saying it would be pretty easy for me to skip whole chapters of het romance and go for what I want. I really would like to read about Jules and Robin and what happened with Robin and Adam (the scum bag) 🙂

      • Very easy Wave! There is a kiss between Jules and Robin in Hot Target that is better then any sex scene I have read in any other book, it was awesome! In Force Of Nature they had a very hot sex scene! :hot:
        I highly recommend that you read HT and FON.

        Great review of ATTN.

  • Forces of Nature is the book to read in my opinion, as it is the pivotal point not only in Jules and Robin’s relationship but their personal lives as well. There’s the hetero pairing/storyline (which I skip every single time I read the book) and there is more explicit sex, but it is also where significant character development happens for our heroes. I also like the fact that some of those misconceptions about gay men are addressed in this installment. It was refreshing (and fun!) to see ubber macho main character totally impressed by Jules 🙂

    • Thanks for the tip about Forces of Nature Taylor. I don’t know about my tolerance for explicit het sex since it’s been long, long time since I read het romances. It’s not that easy to skip the explicit het sex as I found out from books that are supposed to be M/M and then the authors slip in a couple of explicit het scenes before I realize that’s where they’re going. :blush: I really would like to read Jules’ backstory and maybe I’ll ask my personal het sex filter Lasha to guide me about which parts to skip since she has a Kindle too. I’ll probably have to pay her for this in blood. 😆

  • I LOVE Jules :loveyou: from early on in the series I would skim Brockmann’s new releases to find mentions of Jules.

    All through the night is a very nice touch of icing on the cake of a long awaited and sweet romance for Jules :my2cents:

    • Hi Denni
      This is only the second book in this series that I’ve read and I wish that the other books weren’t het romances sio that I could enjoy Jules evolution. However, as you said, this story is a nice touch. 🙂

    • Hellya
      On balance, this is a lot better than many books I’ve read. My main disappointment was the number of sub plots, which in effect relegated the romance to almost another sub plot rather than the main event.

  • thanks for reviewing what is one of my favorite books and my first intro to m/m romances.

    suzanne brockman rawks my socks hard and her being one of the first mainstream writers to have the impetus to write for rights is incredible. she went there in the mainstream.


    • kkm
      I know that Brockmann is the first mainstream author to have a gay couple in her books, but I’m not sure she would have gone there if it weren’t for being supportive to her son. Anyway, whatever her motive, she’s helping to bring credibility to this genre.

  • Great review Wave!!!
    I had a similar reaction when I read it, and I’ve read most of the series. Lots of stuff going on, it was rather comical to me. I bought the book looking forward to reading about Jules of course. But, I think this book was designed intentionally to have “something for everybody”. A Happy Holidays gift to fans ingeneral. I think getting 4 stars for a “something for everybody” book is quite a feat! It’s a tribute to Brockamann’s writing ability that she could make it work so well.

    You do so well at presenting multiple factors and then bringing it all back together again. Great review!!

    • Thanks Reggie. 🙂 I try to highlight in my reviews those aspects of a book that might be of interest to different readers.

      I did think that this book “covered the waterfront” and maybe this was deliberate since a lot of fans have criticized Brockmann for her shift in focus to what seems to be an emphasis on gay romances and gay characters, although Jules has been in the series from the beginning. She did a really good job on All Through The Night, considering the amount of content, because of her writing ability.

  • I just got my hardback copy of Hot Target today. (I ordered a bunch of them after the RWI debacle because I thought what Brockmann said about that mess was spot on.)

    I can’t wait to re-read the series. Although I am sure I will hate Adam again…then have to forgive him when I get to WTMA. 😀 But Jules and Robin’s wedding is my favorite.

    • Hi Lasha
      I haven’t read any of the other books so when you finish Hot Target let me know how much het action there is under the sheets before I decide whether I want to read it.

      I really like Jules and Robin but like you I will probably end up hating Adam. 🙂

      BTW I can’t remember the last decade I bought a hardcover other than photography books. 🙂

      • I’ve read the whole series when it came out, so I know in Hot Target there is a a lot of het action, but you could skim it for the Jules/Robin/Adam stuff.

        Adam was a d-bag in most of the books, as was Robin in Hot Target (although Robin was more of a hot closeted mess), but I’m not sure how Suzanne did it, but when Adam got his own book, I wound up liking the guy. Who knew? 😀

        • She doesn’t seem to write a lot of explicit sex – gay or het, going by All Through The Night, although there is a bit in When Tony Met Adam. Are you saying that the on- page sex in Hot Target is explicit, unlike ATTN? I stopped reading het romances a long time ago.

          • Let me get back to you this weekend after I re-read Hot Target. In most of Brockmann’s books I seem to remember hot m/f sex, but I could be wrong since I still read het stuff, it usually doesn’t bother me. :sex2:

  • I’m happy you loved this story. I guess it was a matter of expectations for me. I liked the book but wouldn’t say I loved it.

    I expected there would be more of Robin and Jules and less of the other characters, but I do understand that this book is part of the Troubleshooters series so it would have to be as much about the other characters.

    I suppose Brockmann felt she had written enough about Robin and Jules in Hot Target, Force of Nature and When Tony Met Adam, all of which featured them, so there really was not a whole lot left to write about them outside of the wedding.

    Just so you know, WTMA is only 61 PDF pages.

  • I LOVED this story and for me it had a perfect combination of action and romance, I was not familiar with any of Suzannes other books so all the characters were new to me. I enjoyed getting to know them through Robin & Jules.
    I would also love a sequel with Robin & Jules…have yet to read “When Tony met Adam”

    I Highly recommend this story!

    • I think you will love When Tony Met Adam, I know I did. I never thought Brockmann could redeem Adam in my eyes, I hated him with a passion from the other Troubleshooter books…but Suzanne was actually able to make me feel sorry for the guy and wish he gets his own HEA. She’s an amazing writer.


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