The Dogs of Cyberwar

Title: The Dogs of Cyberwar
Author: Jamie Fessenden
Cover Art: Catt Ford
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Link: Buy Link Dogs of Cyberwar
Genre: M/M Science Fiction, Action/ Adventure
Length: Novella  76 pages
Rating: 4.5 out of rating stars

A Guest Review by Raine

Summary Review: Enjoyable, fast paced, dystopian adventure which felt like a short pilot for a must see TV series.

Blurb: Connor is a netrunner: a hacker who ventures into cyberspace to steal data from corporate computers. As he hides out in the slums of Seattle, he’s attacked by a street gang and, incredibly, rescued by one of the members. His rescuer is a man named Luis, who has decided Connor needs his protection.

But instead of providing safety, Luis’s presence wreaks havoc with Connor’s online identity, and they find themselves hunted by a lethal security force. While they attempt to escape the city, Connor finds himself struggling to survive with the most lethal killer ever pitted against the corporations that control the FreeCorp—and he risks losing his heart to the same man.


My music soundtrack for this short but tightly written work has been Arcade Fire‘s album Neon Bible mainly for the frantic energy of the fusion of multiple musical instruments. Jaimie Fessenden has twisted some familiar themes, into an exciting and satisfying episode of dystopian fiction.

The premise of the net-runner is one I’ve come across before, but it was revitalised by the details of Connor’s particular take on it. The rescue from rape reminded me of many a bodice ripping yarn, but Connor and Luis’ interaction grafted a new interpretation onto a familiar trope. The sleep pod close encounter was a great reworking of the two horny men in a small tent scene……..The dog eat dog world and the story thread were both revealed teasingly, layered between hot sex and the frantic- often decapitating- action scenes.

Although I found this visual, fast moving book reminded me very much of a pilot for a good TV show, the characters didn’t have that instantly recognisable quality so often found in the action genre. I enjoyed both main characters. Connor’s suspicious, thoughtful realism and Luis’ disconcerting romanticism worked really well to create an original if tentative partnership. It was very effective the way Connor’s evaluation of Luis kept changing, this fluidity was representative of the whole novella.  As the book finished a little abruptly for me- with a small underdeveloped surprise- I’m hoping that the pilot is extended into a full series.



  • Highly enjoyed it 😎 , but it was too short! I wants moah! 😥

    If I remember correctly (I have a terrible memory, please bear with me!), I think the author is trying to arrange to release the next two books of this series at the same time in the fall (after writing his other books) and maybe release a paperback with the whole trilogy.

    His exact quotes: “I’m glad you liked it! Unfortunately, “The Dogs of Cyberwar” won’t be available in paperback, because it’s so short. However, I’m working on parts two and three (the final part), and my publisher and I have been discussing packaging all three as a novel. In that case, it would be available as a paperback (not hardcover, though).”

    “It’s pretty loose, at the moment, but I’m hoping to find the time to finish the sequel (yes, part of it is already written) to Dogs this fall. Basically, I intend to get back to it after submitting book two of a YA fantasy trilogy I’ve been working on. That’s due on Sept. 15th.”

    I can’t wait! :hurrah:

  • I won a copy of this book here at Jessewave! *and read it too!*

    I thought the writing style in the early part of the book was a bit rough, but was rewarded for persevering b/c the characterizations, plot, and world-building developed very nicely. By the end, I was thinking “oh nooooo, don’t end yet!”

    A fun read, IMO this novella could easily have been expanded into a much longer (and really good) book *hint, hint* The author has alot of potential, I’m looking forward to reading more.

    • Yes you are right Denni, the beginning made me roll my eyes a little, but I really fell for Luis, he was matter of factly ( ok not a word and I don’t care) heroic, oh and just a thought rather canine in personality. Longer would have been better. 😀

  • Raine
    Thanks for this great review. I would have overlooked this book but for your review. This is the type of adventure I absolutely love. Off to add it to my Kindle. 🙂

  • I read this last week – I wish it hadn’t ended on such a cliffhanger. I will pick up the next one. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Pea,

      I guess I didn’t think of it as so much a cliffhanger….. more like sneaky added interest 😕 ……..I really liked the energy of this one, but it wasn’t at the expense of the characters.

      Jaimie Fassenden is new author for me. I’m hoping for a sequel too. Thanks for commenting.

      • I agree. I thought of this ending as sequel hook not as cliffhanger. IMO of course. Oh I really liked his historical story – a lot :). I definitely recommend it for you.

        • Oh goody I’ll check that out ……..just finished Bitterwood another of your great recommendations…….really loved it. Thanks.

          • It is called Christmas Wager, definitely check it out, and I believe Lasha reviewed his “We’re both straight, right?” and liked it. I have not read that one though.

            So glad you enjoyed Bitterwood.

            • Read em both last night………………..I liked “Christmas ( I don’t believe it ) Wager”, it was a bit vague historically I thought, and way off on the class structure, but it was very readable.

              But I loved ” We’re both Straight, Right? “……….really different non heroic, ordinary guys being silly together, great fun Sirius.

              This Jamie Fessenden is a versatile writer alright!

              • I take your recommendation and will read We’re both straight then, you are a great barometer for whether I will love the story. We have some differences in tastes of course, but I think especially in lighter stories, for me your recommendation becomes a sure thing 🙂

    • I kept seeing this on the screen, and almost started picking actors…….. 😀 Now that is a good excuse to go and check out the Friday guys……..


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